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Achievements are challenges or actions that a player can perform to receive Achievement Points. Achievements are divided into three groups: Challenge Achievements, Tiered Achievements, and Legacy Achievements.

A Challenge Achievement is a quick action that can be performed only once. When the achievement is not completed, it shows up as coal stacked to the number of achievement points it earns. When completed, it turns into a diamond stacked in the same amount.

Tiered Achievements are achievements that have multiple tiers. They require reaching goals with a certain statistic to earn achievement points.

Legacy Achievements are achievements that can no longer be obtained. They count towards points, but not leaderboards. Legacy Achievements consist of holiday event achievements and achievements for removed games.

Achievement Points obtained from achievements count towards Achievement Rewards, which are rewards given for reaching certain Achievement Point goals. Some rewards given include Hypixel EXP, Mystery Boxes, and the Achievement Totem companion.


There are over 2,088 Achievements, giving a total of 23,025 Achievement Points.

Game Achievements Achievement Points
Gameicon-Arcade Games.png Arcade Games 117 1,340
Gameicon-Arena Brawl.png Arena Brawl 64 710
Gameicon-BedWars.png BedWars 73 795
Gameicon-Blitz Survival Games.png Blitz Survival Games 131 1,650
Gameicon-Build Battle.png Build Battle 48 560
Gameicon-Cops and Crims.png Cops and Crims 69 780
Gameicon-Crazy Walls.png Crazy Walls 71 785
Gameicon-Duels.png Duels 109 1,310
Gameicon-PC.png General 35 410
Gameicon-Housing.png Player Housing 11 55
Gameicon-Mega Walls.png Mega Walls 184 2,150
Gameicon-Murder Mystery.png Murder Mystery 74 805
Gameicon-Paintball Warfare.png Paintball Warfare 62 685
Gameicon-Quakecraft.png Quakecraft 92 940
Gameicon-SkyWars.png SkyWars 112 1,265
Gameicon-Skyblock.png Skyblock 123 995
Gameicon-Smash Heroes.png Smash Heroes 45 430
Gameicon-Speed UHC.png Speed UHC 44 485
Gameicon-The TNT Games.png The TNT Games 146 1,580
Gameicon-The Walls.png The Walls 48 525
Gameicon-Turbo Kart Racers.png Turbo Kart Racers 57 600
Gameicon-UHC Champions.png UHC Champions 75 855
Gameicon-VampireZ.png VampireZ 54 610
Gameicon-Warlords.png Warlords 110 1,380

Seasonal Achievements[edit]

Game Achievements Achievement Points
Christmas 2019 Achievements 65 655
Easter 2020 Achievements TBA TBA
Halloween 2020 Achievements TBA TBA

Legacy Achievements[edit]

Game Achievements Achievement Points
Gameicon-SkyClash.png SkyClash 68 715
Gameicon-Speed UHC.png Speed UHC Legacy ? ?


  • Achievement Points used to reward "perking," which gave a chance to receive double coins in a match. Each hundred of AP, up to twenty-nine hundred/2900 AP added a 1% chance to get this multiplier (example: having 755 AP would give a 7% chance of gaining double coins in a match). This was removed on July 31, 2014, due to complications with the EULA.