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Blitz Survival Games

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This is a free for all survival game with many maps varying between 12 and 32 players per round. Use your kit to take out your enemies in your fight for victory!

But be aware! After 4 Minutes the Blitz Star will be released. The one who finds it can use its power to use one of the many Blitz Attacks! In the end only 1 person or team can win and survive

Blitz Survival Games is a minigame inspired by the original Survival Games. It has many twists such as kits, the Blitz Star, and the Deathmatch. It is one of the oldest minigames on the Hypixel Network.


Blitz Survival Games is a free-for-all battle royale that sees players dropped into an expansive map, using nothing but kists, kits, and wits to fight each other off in an effort to be the last player left standing. All players are also given a player tracker that will only function after thirty seconds have passed in a game.

Chests are generously scattered across the map, containing various weapons, armor, food, and other equipment, with a large concentration of them at every map's spawn. Less frequent are crafting tables and enchanting tables, where a player can create new weapons and equipment or improve upon their existing gear. Once in a blue moon, one of the chests in a map will become a Coin Chest, which will give 500 coins to whoever finds it.

There are two distinct modes within Blitz Survival Games. Solo sees players fighting on their own, while Teams arranges players into pairs, and both modes have a set timeline of events.

Time Event
00:00 Game start
00:30 Compass starts working
01:00 Kits given
03:00 Blitz Star released
04:40 Chests refilled
06:40/(see below) 45 seconds to Deathmatch
+0:15 Blitz Stars disabled
+0:45 Move to Deathmatch enclosure
+1:00 Deathmatch begins
+4:45 Game end


When a Solo game is whittled down to three survivors or when a Teams game is whittled down to six, a message in the chat will announce: "X players remaining. Deathmatch in 45 seconds." Fifteen seconds thereafter, all Blitz Stars will surrender all function, and 45 seconds after the announcement, the remaining players will be teleported to a Deathmatch enclosure, a much smaller space that sees many a game end.

Some maps have their own custom-built enclosures, while others will have theirs randomly selected from one of three presets. Many enclosures feature a world border that shrinks as the Deathmatch progresses, a few of them will have chests or other such blocks, and an even smaller amount have holes in them leading directly into the void. Combat is turned off upon teleporting to the enclosure, and fifteen seconds thereafter, fighting resumes.

Tracking Compass[edit]

A tracking compass being used to show players and the middle of the map.

The tracking compass is given to players from the beginning of the game. After 30 seconds, you are able to use it to find players, and the middle of the map. The needle will always point towards the closest player. Once the first 30 seconds have passed, you are able to find other players on the map. When holding the compass in hand, a purple boss bar will show at the top of your screen. All players in the direction you are facing are shown, and as you turn, more players are exposed. Players at a higher/lower/equal Y-level relative to the holder will appear as a ^/v/x, the middle of the map is denoted with a , and your teammate is denoted with the first character of their username in light green.


These loadouts of equipment will be given out to all surviving players one minute into a game. Players can choose from a variety of different kits, each one sporting a different set of items, and they can be upgraded in the lobby to bestow more/better items.

Show all Kits

There are three distinct classifications of kits. Basic Kits, represented in light gray in the table below, are available from the very start to all players, while Advanced Kits, denoted in light yellow, must be bought with coins. Lastly, Ultimate Kits, displayed in light blue, have tiered achievements as a prerequisite.

Name Description Tier I Equipment Cost
Bow.png Archer Ranged attacks. Bow.png Bow Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Leatherboots.png Leather Boots Arrow.png Arrow (x16)
Steak.png Meatmaster Harvest those mobs! Woodensword.png Wooden Sword (Looting I) Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Leatherboots.png Leather Boots Spawneggcow.png Cow Spawn Egg (x2) Steak.png Steak (x2)
Ironpickaxe.png Speleologist It means you like caves Ironpickaxe.png Iron Pickaxe Ironhelmet.png Iron Helmet Leatherboots.png Leather Boots Spawneggmooshroom.png Mooshroom Spawn Egg Bowl.png Bowl
Cake.png Baker Mmm, food! Woodensword.png Wooden Sword Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate Bread.png Bread (x4) Cake.png Cake
Goldensword.png Knight Keep fighting! Woodensword.png Wooden Sword Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Goldenboots.png Golden Boots
Potionfireresistance.png Guardian Guarding for eternity. Stoneaxe.png Stone Axe Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate Potionfireresistance.png Potion of Health Boost I (20:00)
Potionswiftness.png Scout Keep running! Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate Potionswiftness.png Potion of Speed (x3) (0:15) Potionslownesssplash.png Splash Potion of Slow II (0:06) Potioninvisibilitysplash.png Splash Potion of Invisibility II (0:10)
Grass.png Hunter Chase down your prey! Bow.png Bow (Unbreaking I) Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings Arrow.png Arrow (x8)
Minecart.png Hype Train Can't stop this! Stoneaxe.png Stone Axe Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Minecart.png Minecart Rail.png Rails (x16) Poweredrail.png Powered Rail (x3) Redstonetorch.png Redstone Torch (x3)
Fishingrod.png Fisherman Here - fishy fishy. Fishingrod.png Fishing Rod (Sharpness II, Unbreaking I) Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Cookedfish.png Cooked Fish (x2)
Leathertunic008000.png Armorer Not quite a bodyguard Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate (Protection I, Blast Protection I) Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings (Protection I, Blast Protection I) Leatherboots.png Leather Boots Cookie.png Cookie
Saddle.png Horsetamer It's a real horse I ride Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe (Infinity I) Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Leatherboots.png Leather Boots Spawnegghorse.png Horse Spawn Egg Apple.png Apple (x3) Saddle.png Saddle 100,000
Ironboots.png Astronaut One mini step for man. Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Chainboots.png Chainmail Boots (Feather Falling III) Potionregeneration.png Potion of Resistance I (x2) (0:10) 30,000
Spawneggwitch.png Troll Trololololol. Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate Spawneggocelot.png Ocelot Spawn Egg Stick.png Stick (Sharpness II, Smite II, Bane of Arthropods II Snowball.png Snowball (x32) 35,000
Ironhoe.png Reaper Lurking in the darkness Ironhelmet.png Iron Helmet Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings Stonehoe.png Stone Hoe (Sharpness III) 10,000
Flintandsteel.png RedDragon You saw it here first Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leathercap.png Leather Helmet (Fire Protection III) Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate (Fire Protection III) Spawneggmagmacube.png Magma Cube Spawn Egg Potionfireresistancesplash.png Splash Potion of Fire Resistance II (0:17) 50,000
Potionpoisonsplash.png Toxicologist Make them taste their own medicine Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings Potionpoisonsplash.png Splash Potion of Poison II (x2) (0:03) Potionregeneration.png Potion of Regen II (0:06) 30,000
Woodensword.png Rogue Sneak attack! Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate Leatherboots.png Leather Boots 30,000
Potionharming.png Warlock Draining is existence. Woodensword.png Wooden Sword (Unbreaking X) Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate 20,000
Slimeball.png SlimeySlime It's kinda Slimey Stoneaxe.png Stone Axe (Knockback I) Chainhelmet.png Chainmail Helmet (Projectile Protection IV) Spawneggslime.png Slime Spawn Egg Potionslownesssplash.png Splash Potion of Slow II (0:06) 20,000
Spawneggghast.png Jockey Spawn a friend, to fight a foe! Woodensword.png Wooden Sword (Smite X, Bane Of Arthropods X) Leathertunic191919.png Black Leather Chestplate (Unbreaking I) Leatherleggings191919.png Black Leather Leggings (Unbreaking I) Spawneggghast.png Skeleton Jockey Egg 5,000
Goldenapple.png Golem May the ancient rise again Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate (Unbreaking III) Leatherboots.png Leather Boots (Unbreaking III) 25,000
Boat.png Viking Fear my axe. Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate Leatherboots.png Leather Boots Boat.png Boat Cookedfish.png Cooked Fish (x2) 10,000
Witherskeletonskull.png Shadow Knight I'm not batman. Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings Leatherboots.png Leather Boots Witherskeletonskull.png Wither Skeleton Skull (Protection I, Feather Falling I) 15,000
Cookedporkchop.png Pigman Bacon from Hell. Goldensword.png Golden Sword (Unbreaking X) Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings (Unbreaking I) Leatherboots.png Leather Boots (Unbreaking I) Spawneggzombiepigman.png Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg (comes equipped with Goldenhelmet.png Goldenchestplate.png Goldensword.png) Potionharmingsplash.png Splash Potion of Harming I (0:01) 10,000
Ironchestplate.png Paladin Justice. Woodensword.png Wooden Sword Leathercap.png Leather Helmet (Unbreaking I) Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate (Unbreaking I) Potionhealingsplash.png Splash Potion of Healing I 20,000
Rottenflesh.png Necromancer Living dead mobs Bow.png Bow Chainhelmet.png Chainmail Helmet Chainboots.png Chainmail Boots Spawneggzombie.png Zombie Spawn Egg Spawneggskeleton.png Skeleton Spawn Egg Arrow.png Arrow (x10) 30,000
Cactus.png Florist Every rose has its thorn Stoneaxe.png Stone Axe Leathercap.png Leather Helmet (Unbreaking X, Thorns I) Leatherboots.png Leather Boots (Unbreaking X, Thorns I) Poppy.png Rose (Knockback I) Melon.png Melon (x4) 10,000
Diamondboots.png Diver Dive deep into Blitz. Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leathercap.png Leather Helmet (Respiration I, Aqua Affinity I) Leatherboots.png Leather Boots (Depth Strider I) 10,000
Spawneggspider.png Arachnologist Some people might be scared Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leathercap.png Leather Helmet Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings Leatherboots.png Leather Boots Spawneggspider.png Spider Spawn Egg 30,000
Blazerod.png Blaze Burn, baby burn. Stoneaxe.png Stone Axe (Fire Aspect I, 0 uses) Woodensword.png Wooden Sword Leatherboots.png Leather Boots (Fire Protection II) Spawneggblaze.png Blaze Spawn Egg 20,000
Bone.png Wolftamer Howl at the moon! Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Chainboots.png Chainmail Boots Spawneggwolf.png Wolf Spawn Egg Rottenflesh.png Rotten Flesh (x10) 40,000
Bottleoenchanting.png Tim The Enchanter Woodensword.png Wooden Sword Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings Bottleoenchanting.png Bottle o' Enchanting (x3) Apple.png Apple (x2) 40,000
Egg.png Farmer Me chicken be layin' eggs Woodensword.png Wooden Sword Chainboots.png Chainmail Boots Spawneggchicken.png Chicken Spawn Egg Egg.png Egg (x3) Cookedchicken.png Roast Chicken (x4) 10,000
Tnt.png Creepertamer Explosions are tasty. Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Goldenchestplate.png Gold Chestplate (Blast Protection II) Spawneggcreeper.png Creeper Spawn Egg Tnt.png TNT 30,000
Snowball.png Snowman Full of festive spirit Woodenaxe.png Wooden Axe Leathercapffffff.png White Leather Helmet Spawneggblank.png Snowman Spawn Egg Snowball.png Snowball (x16) Carrot.png Carrot (x4) 385,000
Arrow.png Ranger Gone beyond the wall Bow.png Bow (Power I) Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate (Protection I) Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings (Protection I) Chainboots.png Chainmail Boots (Protection I) Arrow.png Arrow (x16) Ranged Combat V
Chest.png Donkeytamer The finest loot Stoneaxe.png Stone Axe Spawneggdonkey.png Donkey Spawn Egg Wheat.png Wheat Mob Master V
Feather.png Phoenix Reborn from the ashes Bow.png Bow Goldenhelmet.png Gold Helmet Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate (Unbreaking I) Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings (Unbreaking I) Goldenboots.png Gold Boots Arrow.png (x3) Kit Collector V
Stonesword.png Warrior Pure combat Stoneaxe.png Stone Axe (Sharpness I) Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate (Protection I) Leatherboots.png Leather Boots (Protection I) Potionswiftnesssplash.png Splash Potion of Speed I/Regeneration I (0:04) Steak.png Steak Fighting Expert V

Basic and Advanced Kits are levelled up using coins, while Ultimate Kits require Kit EXP instead.

Tier Cost (Basic/Advanced) Cost (Ultimate)
II 80 100
III 400 250
IV 1,000 500
V 3,000 1,000
VI 12,000 1,500
VII 50,000 2,000
VIII 100,000 2,500
IX 250,000 5,000
X 1,000,000 10,000

Kit Customizer[edit]

This tool allows you to change where in the inventory a kit's items will appear upon recieving them. It also features an option to automatically equip a kit's armor if it's better than what is currently being worn. Additionally, all items save for potions can be renamed for 10 Mystery Dust apiece.

Hide all Kits


The Prestige system in Blitz Survival Games provides further upgrades after attaining to Level X with a kit. Prestige I for any kit costs 2,000,000 coins and grants +1 coin per kill, the names of the kit and its items turn a golden color, and unlocks the Prestige Finisher for use by that specific kit.

Netherstar.png Blitz Star[edit]

A powerful artifact for which the game is named, the Blitz Star grants a special ability to whoever can find it. When three minutes have elapsed in a game, all players are given a 5% chance to find it in a chest, which increases by 5% for every chest that they open. A well-used Blitz Star can turn the tide of a game in the bearer's favor, however, all are disabled in the thirty seconds leading up to a Deathmatch.

Show all Blitz Stars

All Blitz Stars denoted in light orange activate their powers instantly, while all those in light blue bestow upon the user an item that can be used at their leisure.

Name Description Cost
Obsidian.png Nocturne For 15 seconds, you recieve Speed IV while everyone else recieves Blindness II. When these effects wear off, it becomes nighttime. Available from start
Apocalypse Fireballs rain from the heavens for 30 seconds; all the while you have Regeneration III and Fire Resistance III. Available from start
Lucky Charm Gives 40 enchantment levels over time! Available from start
Jedi Knight Throw a player far, far away from you! Available from start
Redstone.png Vampire Drains HP from nearby players every time you go below 10 hearts; lasts 15 seconds. Available from start
String.png Assassin Teleport to the nearest player and remove half their health. 10,000
Ironbars.png Stasis No players can move except you for 15s. 20,000
Chest.png Vault Hunter Spawns an incredible chest only for 8 seconds. 15,000
Endstone.png Wither Warrior Every hit for 20 seconds after activation applies Wither III for 3 seconds. 10,000
Waterbottle.png Gremlin Clears the inventory and armor of the person with the most kills. 5,000
Diamond.png Roulette Kill a random player, might be you! 10,000
Paper.png Invoker Gives you three random powerful incantations. 10,000
Ironchestplate.png Ironman Reflects all damage onto your attacker for 30 seconds, while Iron Man is active gain Fire Resistance, Resistance and Weakness I. 10,000
Anvil.png Nuke Gives you a laser visor to drop a tactical nuke. 15,000
Book.png Ninja Silently go invisible for 2 minutes and gain incredible speed, your first hit while invisible makes you visible, reduces your speed and blinds the target for 3 seconds. 5,000
Bow.png Robinhood Instakill the first player your arrow hits within 30s. 10,000
Arrow.png Supplies Gives you one of three rare items randomly. 10,000
Redstonecomparator.png No country for old men Gives you a shotgun with 6 pellets. 20,000
Hayblock.png Sweg Move Teleports everyone back to spawn. 20,000
Barrier.png Lockdown All chests, enchantment tables and crafting tables are being locked and cannot be opened anymore. 5,000
Eyeofender.png Time Warp Brings you back to where you were 10 seconds ago, heals 10 hearts. 10,000
Melonseeds.png Acid Rain It starts to rain for 30s and damages your enemies if they don't find cover. 15,000
Brewingstand.png Infection Your bare fists have the ability to apply poison and slowness to your enemies. 15,000
Blazerod.png Pickpocket Gives a chance of disarming an enemy on hit. 5,000
Skull.png Ragnarok For the rest of the game all players have only 5 hearts! 10,000

Hide all Blitz Stars

Kill Effects[edit]

These abilities bestow a small buff upon killing another player, only one of which can be equipped at a time. Speed is available from the start, and all others cost 5,000 coins.

Name Description
Feather.png Speed Gain Speed II for 15 seconds and 1.5❤!
Ironchestplate.png Resistance Gain Resistance II for 15 seconds!
Goldenapple.png Regeneration Gain Regeneration II for 8 seconds!
Arrow.png Flaming Arrows For 20 seconds, your bow shoots flaming arrows! You also gain 1❤!
Bottleoenchanting.png Level Up Gain 3 enchantment levels and 1.5❤!
Rottenflesh.png Gravedigger Spawn a Zombie that helps you defeat your enemies!*

*Comes equipped with Ironchestplate.png Stonesword.png, and does not burn in daylight.



Taunts are a minor ability that players can call upon in a gamble for more coins. Running /taunt will put the user in a Taunt state, which takes 2 seconds to charge, lasts 15 seconds, notifies all survivors of your Taunt, and can only be used once per game. Getting a kill with a Taunt active will award the Taunter with extra coins, but being killed while Taunting will bequeath the bonus to the killer instead, and display in the chat as: "PLAYERNAME humiliated themselves while taunting. But why ?"

Unranked players will only have the Default and Prestige Taunts available for them to buy with coins, while donators will be able to choose from a selection of several.

Name Description Rank
Magmacream.png Taunt Ability (default; unlocks the rest of them) 1,000
Fireworkrocket.png Firework Explosion Ooh, so many colors! VIP
Redstone.png I Refuse! While taunting, you will be grumpy. VIP
Rawchicken.png Chicken Dance While taunting, two chickens fly around you while you cluck like a chicken. VIP+
Rawporkchop.png Pig Dance While taunting, two pigs walk around you while you squeal like a pig. VIP+
Whitewool.png Sheep Parade While taunting, 3 randomly colored sheep walk around you while you bleat like a sheep. VIP+
Spawneggblank.png Bat Dude While taunting, four noisy bats fly around your head. VIP+
Bone.png Wolf Pack While taunting, two wolves sit by your side while you howl like a wolf. VIP+
Emerald.png Villager Music Band While taunting, 4 Villagers panic around you, attempting to make music. MVP
Diamond.png Rich James While taunting, you flaunt your greed by showing off your diamonds. MVP
Cookie.png Cookie Taunt While taunting, you throw up some still-edible cookies. MVP
Goldingot.png Prestige Show off your prestige status. 1,500


Auras are arrangements of particles that appear around donators.

Name Description Rank
Redwool.png Red Particle Aura It's like it's almost blood, but it's not, plot twist! VIP
Bluewool.png Blue Particle Aura Poof! VIP
Greenwool.png Green Particle Aura Show that you support going green! VIP
Whitewool.png Rainbow Particle Aura Sorry, it's only a single rainbow, can't do a double rainbow due to budget cuts! VIP+
Slimeball.png Slime Particle Aura Slime Particle to make you look slimy! VIP+
Obsidian.png Portal Particle Aura For when you're feeling out of this world! MVP+
Redstone.png Rainbow Dust Particle Aura Its all colorful and happy and dusty! VIP+
Enchantingtable.png Enchanting Particle Aura Show off your intelligence! MVP+
Lavabucket.png Lava Particle Aura Lava Particle to make you look hot! VIP+
Snowblock.png Snow Particle Aura Show off your cold hearted side! VIP
Waterbucket.png Water Particle Aura For when you're doing a little too hot! VIP
Daylightsensor.png Daylight Sensor Particle Aura In case your phone dies mid-battle! VIP
Mycelium.png Mycelium Trail Now just some red and white colored cows and we're all set! VIP+
Netherrack.png Netherrack Trail You're officially a demon. VIP+
Whitestainedglass.png Rainbow Tron Trail Great. Can it send me to Hawaii? MVP
Redstainedglass.png Red Tron Trail The trail of blood! VIP+
Bluestainedglass.png Blue Tron Trail The trail of blue? VIP+
Greenstainedglass.png Green Tron Trail The trail of future grass! VIP+
Poppy.png Flower Trail Aww, I bet you have a crush!! MVP
Wheat.png Wheat Crops Trail Mooooooooooooooooooooo. MVP

Victory Dances[edit]

Victory Dances are cosmetic items that trigger upon winning a game, all of which are donator-exclusive.

Name Description Rank
Dragonegg.png Dragon Rider Dance If you win, celebrate by riding a Dragon capable of destroying the map. MVP
Fireworkrocket.png Player Firework Dance If you win, celebrate by having your very own fireworks show with your name in the sky! VIP+
Grassblock.png Earth Dance After a victory, an earth appears above you. "Today Blitz and tomorrow the world!". VIP
Creeperhead.png Creeper Dance If you win, celebrate by having creepers explode around you! VIP
Blazepowder.png Blazing Speed Dance If you win, celebrate by running around the map with extreme speed, leaving a trail of fire behind you. VIP+
Firecharge.png Meteor Shower Dance If you win, celebrate by calling down a destructive meteor shower. MVP


Finishers are short animations that trigger upon killing a player. All of them save for Prestige must be bought with Mystery Dust, and are not restricted exclusively for donators.

Name Description Cost
Tnt.png Boom Show your dominance by nuking the place. 20
Blazerod.png Lightning Strikes Strike even more lightning on your victim. 20
Fireworkrocket.png Creeper Firework Launch a creeper firework where your victim stood. 20
Bone.png Infestation Silverfish jump out of your victim's body and eat its remains. 40
Cobblestoneslab.png Gravestone Pay your respects to your victims with a sweet gravestone. 40
Inksac.png Squid Missile Launches a squid missile straight to the moon. 40
Sugar.png #rekt Hologram Spawn a hologram in the air with #rekt written on it. Much salt. 100
Goldenapple.png Prestige Four rings of golden dust wreath your victim's corpse! Can only be used by a kit with at least Prestige I

Kill Counters[edit]

The default Kill Counter displayed in the chat.

Determines how your total kill counter next to one's name appears.

Appearance/kill requirement


Name Creators Solo Teams Other Players
Aelin's Tower ? Yes No 16
Alexandria HP Build Team Yes No 24
Alice HP Build Team Yes Yes 24
Bastion HP Build Team Yes No 24
Caelum Mithrintia Yes No This map was inspiration for SkyWars 12
Caelum v2 HP Build Team Yes No 16
Cattle Drive ? Yes Yes The first teams map to have less than 24 players. 16
Citadel Mithrintia Yes No 18
City HP Build Team Yes Yes Formerly removed 24
Dark Stone HP Build Team No Yes 24
Despair v1 Mithrintia Yes No 24
Despair v2 Mithrintia Yes Yes Formerly removed 24
Docks v1 Mithrintia Yes No 24
Docks v2 Mithrintia Yes No Formerly removed 24
Enthorran Mithrintia Yes No Formerly removed 16
Egypt HP Build Team Yes Yes 24
Greece ? Yes No 24
Gulch ? No Yes Removed 24
Hamani ? Yes No Formerly removed 24
K'Tulu Island CephyrMC No Yes Formerly Solo 24
Mithril Mithrintia Yes No Removed 12
Mithril Revived ? Yes No 24
Mirador Basin HP Build Team No Yes 24
Moon Base HP Build Team Yes Yes 24
Pandora RumbleCrumble Yes Yes Formerly removed 24
Peaks ? Yes No 16
Persia ? No Yes Originally built for Hypixel Mobile 24
Pixeville HP Build Team Yes No 32
Proxima HP Build Team Yes Yes 24
Rainforest HP Build Team Yes No Removed 28
Riverside HP Build Team Yes No 24
Sea Floor HP Build Team Yes No 24
Shroom Valley HP Build Team Yes No 24
Stoneguard HP Build Team No Yes 24
Thorin Mithrintia Yes No 24
Valley ? Yes No 16
Winter Mithrintia Yes Yes 24


  • Prior to the historic revision to Minecraft's EULA in June 2014 that forbade giving gameplay advantages to donators on multiplayer networks, donators were able to gain exclusive access to certain kits. After the revision, they still kept those kits that were opened to them solely because of their rank.
    • The Snowman kit was originally sold on the Hypixel Store in a limited run to 50 players with real life currency. EULA changes made it so that Snowman could be purchased by any player, though it's unlock price is very high to compensate.
  • Advanced Kits formerly required a Hypixel Level requirement alongside a standard price tag. It is unknown when the level requirement was removed.