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Classic Lobby

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Gameicon-Classic Lobby.png This is the main page for Classic Lobby. To find more articles of this category, click here. Classic Lobby.png

The Classic Lobby is a multi-game lobby, similar to the Arcade Lobby, however it contains multiple "older" games of Hypixel that were deemed to have a low player retention (meaning players who had it as their first game were unlikely to stay on the server,) and have a much lower playercount than other games.

Classic Tokens[edit]

Classic tokens can be gained by playing classic games. For every 10 you collect, you can roll for a prize for one of the Classic Games. These include, cosmetics, coins and network experience.

List of Games[edit]


  • The original design for the Classic Lobby was a modified version of Hypixel's first main hub.
  • In both the original Classic Lobby and the current version, there is a hidden party room.
    • In the original lobby, it was down a staircase hidden in a building.
    • In the current version, it can be accessed either by a trapdoor in one of the buildings, or by going down the small well in the town.
  • Although all games in the Classic Lobby currently use humanoid NPCs to access games, only VampireZ used one before the Classic Lobby was made.


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