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</image> <label>Game Type</label> <label>Players</label> <label>Time</label> <label>Status</label> <label>Menu Icon</label> <label>Release Date</label> </infobox> Duels is a gamemode where players can battle each other in various different modes. It was released in the Prototype Lobby on January 19, 2017,[1] and had a v1.0 release on March 2, 2018. Modes have a different selection of items given to each player, along with different maps to duel on. The objective is to damage the opponent until the opponent loses all of their health in order to win.



  • UHC Duel
  • MegaWalls Duel
  • OP Duel
  • Bow Duel
  • Classic Duel
  • NoDebuff Duel
  • Combo Duel
  • Skywars Duel
  • Sumo Duel
  • Blitz Duel
  • TNT Bow Spleef Duel


  • UHC Doubles - 2v2
  • MegaWalls Doubles - 2v2
  • Skywars Doubles - 2v2
  • UHC Teams - 4v4
  • MegaWalls Teams - 4v4


  • Sumo Tournaments - Max 32 players
  • Skywars Tournaments - Max 32 players
  • UHC Tournaments - Max 32 players


Tags can be obtained upon winning duels.

UHC Duels[edit]

  • UHC Rookie
  • UHC Rookie II
  • UHC Rookie III
  • UHC Rookie IV
  • UHC Rookie V
  • UHC Iron I
  • UHC Iron II
  • UHC Iron III
  • UHC Iron IV
  • UHC Iron V
  • UHC Gold I
  • UHC Gold II
  • UHC Gold III
  • UHC Gold IV
  • UHC Gold V


January 19, 2017[edit]

Duels accompanied the release of the Prototype Lobby, along with UHC Deathmatch, BedWars, and Survival Dash. Duels originally had 4 different modes, those being Bow Duel, Classic Duel, Vanilla Duel, and OP Duel. Duels also had a single map to play on named "Courtyard".

~January 27, 2017[edit]

Duels v0.2 released, which included 2 new modes, those being Soup Duel and Potion Duel, as well as a redesign of the map "Courtyard" named "Courtyard v2" replacing the older Courtyard map.

March 22, 2017[edit]

Duels v0.3 released, which introduced various different features. These features include a Mega Walls duel mode, 2v2 and 4v4 modes for both UHC Duels and Mega Walls Duels, and a new map for the 4v4 modes named "Courtyard 4v4". Soup Duels, a mode introduced in the v0.2 update, was removed due to lack of popularity. 

Guild tags were added to the daily leaderboards in each duel mode, while a seperate new weekly leaderboard was created for guilds, which was only available for 2v2 and 4v4 duels. The guild leaderboard would count both wins and losses, adding points for winning and deducting points for losing. The guild leaderboard would only count points for the guild if all players in the team were from the same guild. Additionally, a weekly solo win - loss leaderboard was added to all solo modes, which added points for winning and deducted points for losing. Several bugs were fixed in the update.[2]

August 22, 2017[edit]

Duels v0.4 released, which revamped the lobby menu to seperate solo and team modes, while also adding a player's last 3 played modes below. Additionally, the update added a rematch system, which allowed players dueling each other to vote on if they'd like a rematch in the same mode up to 3 times. The update made some changes to the gamemode, and fixed bugs.[3]

December 11, 2017[edit]

Duels v0.5 released, adding 2 new maps called "Neon" and "Arena", as well as 4 new modes, those of which being SkyWars duels, OP doubles duels, Combo duels, and NoDebuff duels (replacing Potion duels). The update also introduced the /duel command, which allowed players to duel another player by typing /duel [Player] [Duel mode], or by typing /duel [Player] and clicking on one of the modes shown in the menu. Skywars, Mega Walls, and UHC duel NPCs were added to their respective lobbies, and other changes + bug fixes were made.[4]



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