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</image> <label>Game Type</label> <label>Players</label> <label>Time</label> <label>Status</label> <label>Menu Icon</label> <label>Release Date</label> </infobox> Football (Soccer, although the game is called Football) is a competitive Minigame in the Arcade Games lobby. There are two teams: Red and Blue. In order to win the game, one of the two teams need to score the most amount of goals before the game time ends (5-10 min).

General info[edit]

Football is a hypixel minigame that was released in June of 2016, as part of the arcade games. It is inspired by real football/soccer of course, and has a lot of similarities with Rocket League. The difference with normal football is that instead of playing with your feet, you punch the ball to shoot/pass. The length of the game is 4 minutes, with a 7 second pre-game timer added recently to load the resource pack for players who joined last second. If a player scores when 30 seconds or less are left, the timer gets reset to 30 seconds, however this will only happen once. The 'goal' is simple: score more goals than the opponent to win. The teams are divided in red and blue.

History of events[edit]

There have been numerous events organised by the football community themselves, most of them are found in the community discord, which is unfortunately not open for the public at the moment The events before that have been hosted by Kosher.

Football guild[edit]

There is currently one guild that mainly focuses on football, called Goal currently led by Kaoh, after Kosher retired(previous owner of Goal). They are one of the top guilds for arcade/general. All info can be found here https://hypixel.net/guilds/Goal/

Football guide[edit]

If you are interested in becoming a football pro player, I recommend you check out this guide: https://hypixel.net/threads/guide-football-beginner-to-master.1761990/ made by the owner of the Goal guild. If you want to see some examples of pro players, check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKdyRmmoy4kyu3Y70g0LJ-g, a channel managed by members of the community.


  • This is Minecraft Football.


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