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Galaxy Wars

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Choose your loadout and battle through a city in this epic attack / defend scenario. Sci-Fi weapons include Beamswords, Blasters, Turrets, and other special abilities!

Galaxy Wars is a team-based shooter Arcade Game that was officially released on April 3rd, 2015. Galaxy Wars pits two teams against one another: the Attackers, who must escort their droid throughout the map, and the Defenders, whose job it is to stop the droid's advance. Both teams have a selection of three playable classes to choose from, each sporting their own unique weapons and abilities.


Galaxy Wars is one of a handful of games on the Hypixel Network to make use of a resource pack.

The Droid moves on a set path throughout the map as long as Attackers are near it, but it stops when Defenders are near. The Droid is unaffected by attacks from players of either side.

The game starts with six minutes on the clock and the Attackers add four minutes to the timer by reaching the next point. Upon clearing the final point the Attackers win. However the timer itself cannot exceed six minutes, and if time runs out before the Attackers reach another point the Defenders win.

Although the Attackers have time on their side, the Defenders have another factor working towards their cause: NPC troopers. NPC troopers (or troops for short) spawn all over the map and slowly fire at Attackers. Despite troops being easily dispatched due to having only 30 health, they can cause serious trouble for the Attackers if left alone.

When a weapon runs out of ammo it will automatically reload, but only if the weapon is actively being held. If the player switches to another weapon while reloading the weapon's reloading progress will be paused. Weapons can also be manually reloaded by pressing left-click.

All classes have 100 health and no difference in armor. Respawn times are different for each team. All dead Attackers respawn in waves of 5 seconds, and all dead Defenders respawn in waves of 25 seconds.

The Classes[edit]

From left to right: Brawler, Soldier, Knight, Marauder, Trooper, and Bounty Hunter, with each side's Turrets overhead, and the Droid in the middle.



Rocket Launcher[edit]

...longest reload time of all weapons.


...It has a 1.5-second fuse but also explodes upon hitting a block/player. Anyone within its blast radius will recieve XX damage and be blinded and nauseated for six seconds.


When placed, these autonomous sentries bob up and down in midair, dishing out quick three-round bursts to any nearby enemy targets.



This is the Knight/Marauder's primary weapon, and it comes with several different functionalities and uses. First and foremost, as a melee weapon, it deals 35 damage in a single swipe.

Additionally, it can be thrown by pressing Q, and it will travel straight out several blocks before returning to the player, wherever they are, in a fashion similar to a boomerang. This deals 35 damage to all enemies it passes through, and can potentially hit someone twice for up to 70 damage. The player can move around after throwing it to change the beamsword's trajectory when returning to its thrower, which will always phase through blocks on the way back, but it must also be taken into account that they will not have access to the beamsword until it returns to their hand.

Furthermore, holding down right-click will reflect laser beams back in the direction the player is facing, dealing 10 damage each. This functionality even persists into Minecraft 1.9 and beyond, when blocking with swords was removed.

Knights will spawn with either a blue or green beamsword, and Marauders will spawn with either a single or double-bladed red beamsword.


...10 damage per shot...


...3 seconds of super speed with a 15-second cooldown.

Brawler/Bounty Hunter[edit]

This class is a somewhat more flexible one, being able to effectively fight at both longer and shorter ranges.


...identical to the Soldier/Trooper's Blaster, except with a 15-round clip instead of 25.


...appears to fire several

...a single well-placed point-blank blast is enough to kill an opponent with full health.

Frag Grenade[edit]

A throwable explosive like the Flashbang, however, unlike its cousin, it bounces when it hits the ground instead of immediately exploding. It is unknown precisely how ... but a full-health player standing next to one when it goes off will always die.

Beast Slam/Electro Blast[edit]

The Map[edit]




Theed Generator Complex[edit]


  • The game's elements present an overall unmistakable similarity to the Star Wars franchise.
  • A handful of the game's elements made appearances in later games.
    • The model used for the Soldier's Rocket Launcher is identical to that used by Smash Heroes' General Cluck.
    • Both of the Bounty Hunter's guns, the laser models/sounds, the Electro Blast texture, and possibly even a voice actor were all carried over into Smash Heroes' Tinman.