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King Of The Hill

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Get on the Hill in the middle of the map and earn points for your team!

King of The Hill was[1] a Prototype minigame that pitted teams of players against each other as they sought to seize and secure an area in the center of the map, with plenty of modifiers to complicate and intensify gameplay.


Every map bore a central control zone, colloquially called "the hill," ringed by team spawn areas and Altars. Each team recieved 3 points per second for every player they had within the hill, and blocks were not able to be placed in it.

All players were equipped with a sword, a bow, twelve arrows, and an unlimited amount of team-color-matching wool blocks, that could be broken instantly by hand. Upon death, a player immediately respawned in their team's spawn area, which housed villager NPCs that let them access the Shop and their Perks.

The first team to amass 1,000 points was declared the winner. Once a team earned 999 points, the game would enter Overtime, whereby said team had to clear the hill of enemy players for a certain amount of time in order to recieve the final point and win the game.

On occasion, birds appeared around the map carrying a random Consumable, who the player could attack or shoot to claim the item.

There were two distinct modes within King Of The Hill, 6v6 and 3v3v3v3. Core gameplay mechanics remained identical between them, but other differences of theirs are outlined in the table below.

6v6 3v3v3v3
Formal name Two Teams Four Teams
Released v0.1 v0.2
Teams, spawnpoints, and Altars 2 4
Players per team 6 3
Overtime clear requirement 4 seconds 2 seconds

Various in-game actions rewarded players with Gold, a currency that could be exchanged for a variety of items. This is explained immediately below.


Do this... ...to get X Gold
Exist for 0.5 seconds 1
Get an assist 8
Get a kill 15
Capture an Altar 50

The Gold that players recieved over the course of a game could be used to purchase a variety of different items. These items were divided into two groups: Upgrades, consisting of improvements to the player's weapons and armor, and Consumables, single-use utilities that could assist the user or hinder their opponents.


Note: Those numbers signify how much Gold each upgrade costed.

Default Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2 Upgrade 3 Upgrade 4
Woodensword.png Wooden Sword Stonesword.png Stone Sword


Ironsword.png Iron Sword


Diamondsword.png Diamond Sword


Diamondsword.png Diamond Sword, Sharpness I


Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate, Protection II


Leathertunic.png Leather Chestplate, Protection IV


Leatherleggings.png Leather Leggings Goldenleggings.png Golden Leggings


Chainleggings.png Chain Leggings


Ironleggings.png Iron Leggings


Leatherboots.png Leather Boots Ironboots.png Iron Boots


Diamondboots.png Diamond Boots


Diamondboots.png Diamond Boots, Protection I


Bow.png Bow Bow.png Bow, Power I


Bow.png Bow, Power II, Punch I


Bow.png Bow, Power III, Punch I


Bow.png Bow, Power IV, Punch I



Name Description Cost
Enderpearl.png Ender Pearl³ Teleport to where it lands. No surprises here 20
Tnt.png Special TNT² Auto Ignition, big knockback effect 30
Firecharge.png Fireball¹ Large explosion and knockback 50
Bricks.png Instant Wall³ Build a wall in front of you 10
Goldenapple.png Golden Apple*¹ Regeneration II (0:05), Absorption (1:00) 30
Pumpkin.png Snowman² Shoot snowballs for 7 seconds. 15
Potionswiftness.png Potion of Swiftness* Speed II (0:20) 20
Potionhealing.png Potion of Healing* Restores 4 HP 20
Potionleaping.png Potion of Leaping* Jump Boost II (0:30) 20

*Instant usage

ⁿWas limited to holding n of this item at a time


Unique to King Of The Hill, this system allowed players to choose from a suite of modifiers that could change how they play the game. Only up to three could be equipped at a time, and the player could also save and load up to three unique perk combinations, called "builds," of their own making.

Name Description
Ghasttear.png Arrow Deflection Reduces arrows damages by 75%
Rabbitsfoot.png Hit and run After a successful bow hit, you gain Speed II for 5 seconds*
Blazepowder.png Rampage After every kill your melee hits will deal 2 extra damage for the next 3 seconds
Chainchestplate.png Damage reduction Below 70% HP you have permanent Resistance I
Goldingot.png Gold Rush You gain 30% more Gold during the game
Apple.png Healthy lifestyle You permanently have +4 HP
Goldenapple.png Victory rush Gain back 4 HP on kill
Reddye.png Regeneration Permanently gain Regeneration II
Feather.png Double Jump You can double jump (5 seconds cooldown)
Leatherboots.png Speed +15% base movement speed (works on top of Speed effects)
Eyeofender.png Sniper Your arrows dealt 3% more damage per travelled block*
Fireworkstar.png Explosive arrow Every 6s your next arrow will explode on impact*
Redstone.png Vampirism 15% of your total damage is converted into healing
Enderpearl.png Enderman You gain one Ender Pearl on death
Creeperhead.png Creeper revenge Summon a creeper on death
Whiteterracotta.png Hard Block Your wool blocks are harder need three hits to be destroyed
Beacon.png Altar Specialist You gain 50% of the Altar buff when you are close to it
Chest.png Looter You get 1 random gift on kill**

*Passive: You gain 1 arrow back every 8 seconds

**With this, the player could gain any Consumable from the Shop, even in larger quantities than it formally allowed

Additionally, there were three premade builds: "Fighter," with Damage reduction, Victory rush, and Regeneration, "Archer," with Hit and run, Sniper, and Explosive arrow, and "Builder," with Gold Rush, Hard Block, and Altar Specialist.


Altars were additional control zones located away from the hill. Although capturing them yielded no points, teams who held onto them were granted a substantial buff. Like the hill, blocks could not be placed within the Altar.

Two different types of Altars were selected at random for 6v6 games, and four different types were likewise selected for 3v3v3v3 games. If one team's altar was being attacked by another, all of the first team's members were notified about it.

Name Description
KOTHDash.png Dash Every 5 seconds, you could dash forward*
KOTHGold.png Gold Recieve 35% more gold
KOTHHealing.png Healing Heal 2 HP every 3 seconds
KOTHHealth.png Health +6 maximum HP
KOTHPower.png Power Deal 25% more damage
KOTHResistance.png Resistance Take 20% less damage
KOTHSpeed.png Speed Move 25% faster
KOTHZombie.png Zombie Every 8 seconds, a zombie spawned on the hill and attacks opponents**

*For how this ability was controlled, see Lobby Settings. Scoreboard display also showed how many seconds were left on its cooldown

**Upon switching control of this Altar, all of the previous controlling team's zombies disappeared. Scoreboard display also showed how many of your zombies were currently on the hill


6v6 Maps[edit]

  • Grove
  • Garden
  • Sector

3v3v3v3 Map[edit]

  • Atun

Lobby Settings[edit]

Other than being the bridge between the Prototype lobby and the game itself, the King Of The Hill NPC that was once in the Prototype Lobby offered a handful of functions:

  • Displayed these statistics for each mode
    • Games Played
    • Wins
    • Best Win Streak
    • Current Win Streak
    • Kills
    • Best Kill Streak
    • Assists
    • Most Hill Points
    • Average Hill points
    • Captured Altars
  • Let you change your current perk loadout right there in the lobby
  • Let you choose between one of two options for controlling the Dash Altar's ability:
    • Right-click with sword in hand or left-click with bow in hand
    • Press Q with anything in hand
  • Let you hop back into a game if you were recently been disconnected from it


  • King Of The Hill was the third Prototype Minigame to be removed, and its forum was also archived[2] and is still viewable. It is also the most recent removal of a gamemode since SkyClash.
  • In another Prototype Minigame, The Pit, there is an event for King Of The Hill.
  • By default, the Regeneration, Gold Rush, and Speed Perks were equipped for a new player.