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Mega Walls Achievements

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There are 184 Achievements in Mega Walls, giving a total of 2,150 Achievement Points.

Tiered Achievements[edit]

Name Description Points
Advanced Strategies Win a game of Faceoff without your wither dying 5
Happy Participate in an Happy Hour game 5
Chest Finder Find a chest while mining 5
Strategic Mind Attack an enemy's Wither 5
The Gatherer Unlock your first Gathering Skill upgrade 5
Blood Lust Deal 700 damage to withers in one game 5
Cake Hunter Find 150 different cakes in chests (as any class) 5
Going to the Gym Unlock your first Skill upgrade 5
Save your stuff Buy an Enderchest upgrade 5
Herobrine Super Saiyan Max out all Herobrine skills 10
Time to feast Harvest 40 Steaks from killing players in a single game 10
Untouchable Melee 7 different enemies consecutively without taking damage as Enderman 10
Taking the heat Kill an enemy wither while on fire as Golem 10
Skeleton Supremacy Max out all Skeleton skills 10
Moo Brawl Have 600 buckets of your Bucket Barrier break to defend you 10
Constructor Place 15,000 total blocks in preparation time as Moleman 10
Terminated Script Siphon 3000 energy from killing enemies 10
Into the Future! Kill a wither using your Sharpness 1 Pants 10
Mass destruction Break 3,000 blocks with detonate as Creeper 10
School Cancelled Slow enemies for a cumulative 7200 seconds with your Blizzard ability 10
Not a Golem Win a game as Herobrine wearing a Diamond Chestplate and Diamond Boots 10
Stayin' Alive Win a game without dying and get THE final kill with a Jukebox as Shaman 10
Zombie Leader Max out all Zombie skills 10
Masterpiece Kill an enemy wither with a painting as Pigman 10
King of the Springs Activate Burning Soul 4 times within 21 seconds 10
Ninja 7s Craft an iron sword and get 7 FK's with that sword without dying as Spider 10
Max render distance Land a fire arrow from 100 blocks away as Blaze 10
Gotcha! Final kill 2 enemies with one ability use as Moleman 10
At least he tried Get a defensive final kill 10
Timber! Chop 5,000 pieces of wood as Golem 10
Cruising flames Have one Sun Ray hit 5 teammates as Phoenix 10
Thunder Get 2 Final kills with one wrath while playing Herobrine 10
Don't Blink Hit 1200 enemies while coming out of Shadow Cloak 10
Frosty Friendship Build 500 snowmen 10
Greedy Louis Drink 500 Ultra Pasteurized Milk as Cow 10
Whirlpool Damage 4 different players with one Tier V Splash as Squid 10
Breadlord Craft 617 bread as Dreadlord 10
Night's rest Heal teammates for 1000 total HP using Sun Ray as Phoenix 10
Whirlwind Damage 6 players with one tornado as Shaman 10
High on ores Head 2000 HP from mining iron ore as Blaze 10
Rushlord Deal 20,000 wither damage total as Dreadlord 10
Revenge of the Wolves Get 5 total FK's or FA's with your wolves as Shaman 10
Maximum Effort Get 3 Final Kills in 12 seconds as Dreadlord 10
Avalance Refill 200 energy from Snowman Companion within 40 seconds 10
Team Player Effect 5 allies with a singl refreshing sip during deathmatch as Cow 10
Bow Down Get 7 melee FK's or FA's as Skeleton in a single game 10
Geronimo! Fall a total of 25000 blocks as Spider 10
Seasons Greetings Give away 1000 pieces of iron armor to your team during the month of December (party members excluded) 10
Hug me Heal at least 150 hearts to your teammates as Zombie in a single game 10
Ashes to bashes Win a game as Phoenix with yourself and a teammate who you've resurrected, still alive 10
Lucky Sunny Find 1000 chests while playing Herobrine 10
Competitive Get top final kills at the end of the match 10
Speedy mineman Have shortcut activated for 5 minutes non-stop during deathmatch 10
Big Leap Final kill two enemies at once with a single leap 10
Death from above Get 12 total FK's or FA's with Parrots as Pirate 10
Skeleton's best friend Mine 50 diamond ore as Skeleton 10
Fire in the hole Hit an enemy with your cannonball from over 50 blocks away Pirate 10
Chill Sniper Have a single bolt from your Ice Bolt skill damage 4 enemies 10
It's all Ogre now! As golem, kill the last Wither in the game and win within 12 minutes 10
This Is Not Even My Final Form Max out all skills for a non-starter class 10
Thanks Connor Catch 30 arrows in a single game 10
Great White Cast From the Depth on 7 players at once 10
You shall not pass! Get 10 total defensive FK's or FA's as Squid 10
Born Talented Extract 15 arrows from a single Rend 10
Speedrun Attack all three enemy withers within 3 minutes after the walls have fallen as Enderman 10
Inventory Management Hold 12 looted potions in your inventory as Renegade 10
BA-BOOM! Get 5 FK's or FA's with Animal Companion as Hunter 10
This is my final form! Unlock a Prestige upgrade for a class 10
Alchemy: 100 Regenerate 1000 hearts with the Master Alchemist ability 10
Yeehaw! Kill a wither while riding a pig as Hunter 10
Multi-kill! Get 5 FK's or FA's in a period of 15 seconds as Herobrine 10
On Point Land twelve successful arrow hits in a row on twelve different enemies as Hunter 10
Trust me I'm a doctor Heal 2,500 total HP as Squid 10
Peacekreeper Win and survive a whole game as Creeper, without ever using your detonate ability 10
Front Line Mine Diamond Ore 10
Hard as Steel Collect 5,000 iron ore with your Arcane beam as Arcanist 10
Potions of Death Get 8 Final Kills with Arcane Explosion as Arcanist 10
Surprise! Teleport to 2500 total players as Enderman 10
Skitterama Trigger Skitter 4 times within 2 minutes 10
Collector Find 500 armor sets in chests as Pigman 10
Hammer down Damage 5 different players with one Iron Punch as Golem 10
Laser Precision Damage ten different players with ten consecutive arcane beams without dying as Arcanist 10
Marksman Get 25 FK's from over 30 blocks as Skeleton 10
Captain Combo Regain 20,000 energy total from Grappling Hook 10
ESC Have sea legs activate 10 times during deathmatch in a single game as Pirate 10
Much dogs Spawn 500 wolves as Shaman 10
Sleepytime Craft and place a bed in 50 games as Zombie 10
I Am Cow Heal 8 players with 1 Soothing Moo 10
Morra Shadow Step to an enemy from exactly 20 blocks away 10
Sneak attack Get 100 total FK's or FA's from behind as Enderman 10
Soul BBQ Target 8 players with a single Burning Soul 10
Hunting season Travel 50,000 blocks with Speed as Werewolf 10
To Infinity Activate Tempest 3 times in a row, without losing Speed III 10
Failed Experiment Cast A-23 Protocol on 2 enemies with 0 energy during deathmatch 10
Time to diet Eat 750 Steaks as Werewolf 10
Remote detonation Get 5 total FK's or FA's with your Minion as Creeper 10
Blaze party Have 6 blazes active at once during deathmatch as Blaze 10
Moodsetter Craft your own jukebox and play a tune 10
Coming through! Hit 5 enemies while charging forward in deathmatch as Moleman 10
Tiger Shark Trigger Food Hunt 4 times within 40 seconds during deathmatch 10
I feel sick Gather from your mining ability and consume 8 absorption potions in one game as Squid 10
ALOTv1 Kill a wither as Zombie while being the last player alive on your team 10
Hammerhead Kill 100 players while both you and them are in water 10
Recycling Gather 300 total arrows back from Rend 10
EMP Affect 6 enemies with a single A-23 Protocol 10
Treasure hunter Find 300 Golden Apples total from your gathering skill as Hunter 10
Bird's Eye Hit an enemy with Shadow Burst from over 35 blocks away 10
Throwing hot coconuts Get 3 Final Kills with Fireballs as Blaze in one game 10
Bull Shark Hit someone with your full Blood Rage buff active 10
Grave robber Have the treasure looter ability activate 100 times as Pirate 10
Gone vegan Survive a whole game as Zombie, while eating nothing but bread, and win 10
Dirty dog Get 15 total FK's while under 10 HP as Werewolf 10
Ready.. Set.. Boom! Collect 2 stacks of TNT from your gathering talent 10
What's the big idea!? Final kill an enemy after splashing them with a regen potion as Phoenix, before the potion expires 10
Legendary Snowman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Snowman 15
Legendary Pigman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Pigman 15
Legendary Arcanist Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Arcanist 15
Legendary Renegade Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Renegade 15
Legendary Golem Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Golem 15
Legendary Shaman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Shaman 15
The Blood of My Enemies Win with your Wither still alive 15
Exchange Purchase 10 Mythic Favor at once 15
Legendary Blaze Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Blaze 15
Easy Mode Win before the Deathmatch, without dying 15
Legendary Cow Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Cow 15
Veteran Unlock 12 Classes 15
Legendary Moleman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Moleman 15
Legendary Dreadlord Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Dreadlord 15
Legendary Herobrine Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Herobrine 15
Wunderbar Unlock a Prestige III upgrade for a class 15
Legendary Creeper Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Creeper 15
Legendary Zombie Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Zombie 15
Legendary Assassin Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Assassin 15
Legendary Shark Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Shark 15
Legendary Phoenix Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Phoenix 15
Legendary Enderman Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Enderman 15
Legendary Werewolf Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Werewolf 15
Legendary Spider Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Spider 15
Legendary Skeleton Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Skeleton 15
Legendary Pirate Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Pirate 15
Legendary Hunter Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Hunter 15
Legendary Squid Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Squid 15
Legendary Automaton Get 14 FK's or FA's in a single game as Automaton 15
Magnate Unlock a Prestige IV upgrade for a class 20

Tiered Achievements[edit]

Tier Cake Hunter Tiered Jack of all Trades Mega Walls Banker Mega Walls Champion Mega Walls Guardian Mega Walls Rusher Mega Walls Slayer Moctezuma Points(each)
I Find 3 different types of cakes while mining as any class Collect 6 classes Earn 5,000 coins in Mega Walls Win 10 games Get 5 defender kills Deal 250 damage to withers Kill 10 players Unlock 2 Prestige upgrades 5
II Find 10 different types of cakes while mining as any class Collect 10 classes Earn 10,000 coins in Mega Walls Win 50 games Get 50 defender kills Deal 2,000 damage to withers Kill 50 players Unlock 4 Prestige upgrades 10
III Find 25 different types of cakes while mining as any class Collect 15 classes Earn 35,000 coins in Mega Walls Win 100 games Get 250 defender kills Deal 5,000 damage to withers Kill 250 players Unlock 8 Prestige upgrades 15
IV Find 75 different types of cakes while mining as any class Collect 20 classes Earn 55,000 coins in Mega Walls Win 250 games Get 500 defender kills Deal 15,000 damage to withers Kill 1,500 players Unlock 12 Prestige upgrades 20
V Find 150 different types of cakes while mining as any class Collect 24 classes Earn 75,000 coins in Mega Walls Win 500 games Get 1,000 defender kills Deal 50,000 damage to withers Kill 4,500 players Unlock 16 Prestige upgrades 25


  • Mega Walls has the highest percentage of 10-point Challenge Achievements, as well as the most achievements and points available out of any gamemode on the Hypixel Network.