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Murder Mystery

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Gameicon-Murder Mystery.png This is the main page for Murder Mystery. To find more articles of this category, click here. Murder Mystery.png


 <title source="title1"/>
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</image> <label>Game Type</label> <label>Players</label> <label>Time</label> <label>Status</label> <label>Menu Icon</label> <label>Release Date</label> </infobox> Murder Mystery is a minigame where every player is assigned one of three roles: Innocent, Detective, or Murderer. Roles may differ depending on the mode. Each role has a different objective. In the classic modes, Innocents must try to survive as long as possible without getting murdered, the Detective must find and shoot the Murderer with their bow, and the Murderer must try to kill all of the other players without getting shot before time runs out. Gold randomly spawns around the map, and it can be used to earn certain items. Each person has a certain chance of being the Murderer or the Detective. These chances are shown in the waiting lobby.


Active Modes[edit]


File:Mm classic.png
Classic Mode NPC

In Classic Mode, players take on the role of Murderer, Detective, or Innocent. The Murderer must kill as many innocents as possible without being killed. The Detective and Innocents must work together to protect each other and figure out who the murderer is before time runs out.

Double Up[edit]

Double Up is a variation of Classic mode, released on March 17th, 2019. Double Up has 2 Murderers, 2 Detectives, and 20 Innocents. Double Up is similar to Classic mode, with the addition of a command for the two murderers to talk with each other.


File:Mm assassins.png
Assassins Mode NPC

Assassins is a mode where all players are assassins and have a sword. Each assassin receives a kill contract (or a wanted poster) showing their target's name and skin, who they must kill to receive a new target. Assassins can also kill their own assassins. When an assassin is near a target, the target will be notified with a beating heart symbol and sound. The last two assassins standing will win the game and be listed by their kills.

Random identities are assigned to each player who joins. The 16 identities include 8 girls (Tania, Simone, Alex, Vinny, Robyn, Dany, Sam, Eli) and 8 boys (Bruce, Bobby, Ben, Josh, Aaron, Tim, Connor, Nick).

Infection V2[edit]

Infection V2 is an updated rendition of Infection V1. Unlike V1, which was purely survival-based, Infection V2 features an Alpha, who is randomly chosen at the start of the game to infect others. The Alpha appears similar to a standard player, though they wield a sword. When the Alpha kills someone, they become an Infected player. Unlike V1, Infected can gain the ability to throw their swords once they reach 10 gold in a single life. Infected infinitely respawn as long as the Alpha is still alive. However, once the Alpha is killed once, they are exposed as an Alpha until their next death, where they can no longer respawn. Once that happens, the Infected lose their respawn ability and can only die once.

Removed Modes[edit]


Hardcore was one of the three modes at Murder Mystery's launch. Functionally, it was identical to Classic save for two major differences.

  • All skins were replaced with the skins from Assassins.
  • Parties were not allowed.

Hardcore was removed on January 9th, 2018.


Players are divided into 2 teams - Sheriffs (Blue) and Outlaws (Red). Players have bows and can shoot other players (like other MM modes). When you kill an enemy team member your team gets +1 points. The person who is killed respawns elsewhere on the map after a few seconds. First team to 30 kills or the team with the most kills by the game's end wins.

Showdown was removed on March 17th, 2019.


In Infection mode, there are 16 Survivors. After a few seconds, one of the Survivors is selected randomly and becomes Infected. Survivors have a Bow and arrow, Infected have swords. The Infected player must spread the infection by finding and killing any remaining survivors.

Every time a Survivor is killed by an Infected, they respawn as an Infected - growing the Infected's numbers. If a Survivor kills an Infected, the Infected respawns somewhere on the map - the Infected don't stop coming. Infected move faster and jump higher than Survivors. They cannot throw their swords.

Infected also have a green particle effect and the same skin. The Survivors bow has a cooldown, so be careful with those shots. All Survivors have helmets on to help differentiate (these have no gameplay effect). Most map features are still enabled, though some have been disabled or tweaked as they broke the game e.g Kali blessings and curses.

Infection V1 was replaced with an updated version on March 17th, 2019.



Gold is dispersed across the map during a game and can be used to purchase/activate various features on each map. Gold can also be used to buy:

Bow: Costs 10 Gold (5 in Assassins), and is automatically bought when the required amount of Gold is collected. It is used to shoot the Murderer in Classic and Double Up, and to kill your target or assassin in Assassins. It functions as a normal vanilla Minecraft arrow.

Arrows (Infection): Costs 6 Gold, and is exchanged automatically when the required Gold is reached. Only available to Survivors, and awards 24 additional arrows.

Knife Throw (Infection): Costs 10 Gold, and is granted automatically when the required amount of Gold is collected. Allows the Infected to throw their knife, identically to the Murderer in Classic and Double Up.

Map-Specific Features: Extra uses of Gold are specific to each map. See list of Murder Mystery Maps for more information.


Most players are assigned this role. They must survive until the Murderer is killed or runs out of time. Innocents can collect gold, which can be used to buy certain things. Every thirty seconds an Innocent survives, they will gain 12 coins. If they shoot the Murderer with a bow and kill him/her, (number here) coins will be gained. If the murderer kills the innocent, the innocent lose the game. Find the bow for a chance to kill the Murderer.

The Detective starts off with a bow and has unlimited arrows, unlike Innocent players. However, the bow has a short cooldown time before it can be used again. The Detective will gain coins if he/she kills the Murderer, and coins for each Innocent that is alive after the Murderer is killed. If the detective kills the murderer, the detective won the game. If the detective kills the innocent and murderer kills the detective, the detective lose the game

The Murderer receives a knife. It can be used to kill innocents and detective, either by left clicking when they are within the knife's range or by right clicking and throwing the knife. The Murderer gains coins for each Innocent killed, and must kill all of the other players before the time runs out or he/she is shot with a bow. If the murderer kills all of innocents, the murderer won the game.

A role exclusive to the mode Assassins. Unlike Classic, all players spawn as Assassins and play the same role. They receive a knife like Murderers, and use it in the same way. They also have a Kill Contract that displays another player's skin, as well as some information about the crime they committed, (Though this information is cosmetic.) The goal of the Assassins is to kill the player displayed on their Kill Contract. Hitting any player other than the one displayed on your Contract or the player who has you will stun you for a few seconds. Unlike other roles, Assassins get bows at 5 gold rather than 10, though this causes them to be unable to use certain map features.

A role exclusive to Infection, (both V1 and V2.) The Infected have swords, similar to Murderers, but are unable to throw them until they collect 10 gold in a single life. The goal of Infected is to kill as many Survivors as possible. Unlike most other roles, the Infected have infinite lives until the Alpha is eliminated, and can continue to throw themselves at enemies with little concern of getting killed. Infected can be differentiated from Survivors by them having their own skin, not wearing a chestplate (unlike Survivors), and having permanent Speed and Jump Boost. When the Infected kills a player, they will respawn as another Infected.

A role exclusive to Infection V1 and V2. It is largely the same as Innocent, but starts with a bow and a handful of arrows. Unlike Classic, Survivors cannot kill one another, so shooting teammates can be used to determine if they are the Alpha or not. Upon collecting 6 gold, 24 more arrows are awarded. The goal of the Survivor is to detect the Alpha to shoot them two times while defending themselves from any Infected. The Survivors win when either all the Infected and the Alpha are eliminated, or by surviving until time runs out.


A role exclusive to Infection V2. The Alpha plays most similarly to the Murderer from Classic. The Alpha has a sword that they must use to kill Survivors while being sure to avoid being shot and exposed. When the Alpha is killed once, its skin will change to that of an Infected, making it very easy for Survivors to determine your goals. Once the Alpha kills a player, they will respawn as an Infected. Once the Alpha is killed two times, the Alpha will be permanently dead and the Infected will lose their ability to respawn.

Map Features[edit]

Each map has unique features, some of them can be purchased/activated using Gold. You can find detailed information on each feature on the individual map pages. For example, Ancient Tomb's altar to Kali works on a gift/reward system. The more gold you gift to the gods, the better chance you have of being blessed by Kali. This chance is indicated by the swirling smoke above the altar. Red is bad, Green is good while orange-yellow is "not bad".

Map Feature Cost (Gold Ingot.png Gold)
Ancient Tomb Kali At least 0
Aquarium Potion At least 1
Piranha trap 2
Shark trap 1
Bridge trap 1
Archives Gift to the Gods 1 - 4
Archives Top Floor Instant Transport 5
Mars Potion 4
Soda 2
Cattleridge Farm Hay Bales 1
Tractor 1
Egg 1
Food 2
Cruise Ship Whack Me 1
Punching Ball 1
Darkfall Torches 2
Spawn Zombie 3
Gold Rush Horse 3
Cactus Clearer 2
Headquarters - -
Hollywood Toy Gun 2
Zipline 0
Hypixel World

Easter World

Monorail 1
Rollercoaster 1
Haunted House 1
Library Mystery Potion 1
Mountain Shovel 1
Lift 0
San Peratico "Break the bridge!" 2
Water Repellent 3
Skyway Pier Magical Ice Cream 2
Trapdoor 3
Security Guard 4
Snowfall Shovel 1
Igloo Teleport 0
Pond 2
Fireplace 2
Gifts 2
Snowglobe Snowman 2
Avalanche 2
Pond 2 or 3
Spooky Mansion Porch 2
Water Barrel 2
Elevator 2
Secret Passage 1 per side
Towerfall Trap Activation 1
Transport Shield Generator 3
Rapid Transport


Widow's Den Cobweb Shield 4
Potion At least 1


In Assassins and Hardcore modes, skins and names are randomized to give them each a special description on their Assassin's kill contract. Instead of a player's real identity, one of the following is assigned to them:

Your player will automatically convert to the proper skin model when playing the appropriate modes.

Changes During Events[edit]

  • During the yearly Christmas updates, all Murder Mystery modes will have special presents spawn partway into the game, accompanied by a chat message. These presents spawn randomly in any number of preset locations (50 per map total,) and can be collected by clicking on them. Collecting one will award coins based on the rarity. There are four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. There are also four present skins based on the rarity, although the skin does not always match the actual rarity. It is unknown whether that is a bug.


Murder Mystery Shop[edit]

Loot Chests[edit]

Unlock new in-game cosmetics by opening Loot Chests. Loot Chests can contain Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary cosmetics. Loot chests can be purchased from the Hypixel Store or earned from completing weekly quests or other events.

Some cosmetics can only be purchased or unboxed from Loot Crates during certain events pertaining to the season of the year. Every cosmetic with this restriction costs three times the normal amount of coins.

Previously, there were cosmetics exclusive to bundles in the Hypixel Store. All of these have since been turned into normal seasonal cosmetics.

NOTE: On February 10, 2021, all cosmetics from Lunar New Year events were changed to be year-round cosmetics, and Lunar chests taken off sale. Cosmetics introduced in previous Lunar New Year events still cost three times the base price of cosmetics, and Lunar New Year cosmetics introduced since the change cost the standard cosmetic price.

Projectile Trails[edit]

Projectile Trails change your projectile particle trail effect.

Name Description Rarity Availability
Slime Selects the Slime Projectile Trail. Common
Ender Selects the Ender Projectile Trail. Common
Lava Selects the Lava Projectile Trail. Common
Potion Selects the Potion Projectile Trail. Common
Water Selects the Water Projectile Trail. Common
Black Smoke Selects the Black Smoke Projectile Trail. Common
White Smoke Selects the White Smoke Projectile Trail. Common
Notes Selects the Notes Projectile Trail. Rare
Blue Dust Selects the Blue Dust Projectile Trail. Rare
Red Dust Selects the Red Dust Projectile Trail. Rare
Purple Dust Selects the Purple Dust Projectile Trail. Rare
Snowball Selects the Snowball Projectile Trail. Rare
Orb Selects the Orb Projectile Trail. Rare Battle Pass: Season 1
Lunar Dust Selects the Lunar Dust Projectile Trail. Rare Formerly Lunar Chests
Fire Selects the Fire Projectile Trail. Epic
Magic Selects the Magic Projectile Trail. Epic
Green Star Selects the Green Star Projectile Trail. Epic
Angry Villager Selects the Angry Villager Projectile Trail. Epic
Firework Selects the Firework Projectile Trail. Epic
Bone Selects the Bone Projectile Trail. Epic Spooky Chests
Pumpkin Pie Selects the Pumpkin Pie Projectile Trail. Epic Spooky Chests
Hoops Selects the Hoops Projectile Trail. Epic Spooky Chests
Spooky Wind Selects the Spooky Wind Projectile Trail. Epic Spooky Chests
Bubbles Selects the Bubbles Projectile Trail. Epic
Snowball Rain Selects the Snowball Rain Projectile Trail. Epic
Rocket Selects the Rocket Projectile Trail. Epic
Let There Be Leather Selects the Let There Be Leather Projectile Trail. Epic
Rainy Selects the Rainy Projectile Trail. Epic Easter Chests
Hearts Selects the Hearts Projectile Trail. Legendary
Bloody Selects the Bloody Projectile Trail.

The blood keeps pouring from arrows after hitting

Legendary Spooky Chests
Rainbow Selects the Rainbow Projectile Trail. Legendary
Bee Selects the Bee Projectile Trail. Legendary Easter Chests
Random Selects the Random Projectile Trail. Legendary
Jack O' Lantern Selects the Jack O' Lantern Projectile Trail. Legendary Spooky Chests
Fiery Wind Selects the Fiery Wind Projectile Trail. Legendary
Twin Dragon Selects the Twin Dragon Projectile Trail. Legendary
Magic Wind Selects the Magic Wind Projectile Trail. Legendary Merry Chests
Wingman Selects the Wingman Projectile Trail. Legendary Spooky Chests
DNA Selects the DNA Projectile Trail. Legendary Spooky Chests
Twisted Selects the Twisted Projectile Trail. Legendary Spooky Chests
Merry Selects the Merry Projectile Trail. Legendary Merry Chests
Cheese Selects the Cheese Projectile Trail. Legendary Formerly Lunar Chests
Peep! Selects the Peep! Projectile Trail. Legendary Easter Chests
Tinsel Selects the Tinsel Projectile Trail. Legendary Merry Chests
Present Selects the Present Projectile Trail. Legendary Merry Chests

Victory Dances[edit]

Victory Dances change the way that you celebrate when you win a game.

Name Description Rarity Availability
Fireworks Celebrate with a splendid fireworks show! Common
Cold Snap Chill an area around you to absolute zero. Common
Love Aura Emits twirls of love out of you. Common
Yeehaw Ride a horse like it's 1876. Common
Raining Knives It's raining knives! Hallelujah! N/A 100 Ranks Gifted Reward
Meteor Shower A meteor shower will rain down from the sky. Rare
Guardians Perform a Guardian summoning ritual. Rare
Night Shift Set it to day, set it to night, repeat, like a god. Rare
Floating Lanterns Spawn floating lanterns to brighten up the night. Rare Formerly Lunar Chests
Raining Pigs The sky will rain with pigs. Rare Formerly Lunar Chests
Wither Rider Ride a Wither straight from the end - click to shoot Wither Skulls. Epic
Veggy SpringLazor™ Fire a huge Pumpkin Laser that destroys everything in its path! Watch out for the recoil. Epic
Rainbow Dolly Spawn Dolly the sheep. When you hit Dolly, she clones herself. Epic
Bat Storm Spawns a swarm of bats around you! Epic Spooky Chests
Chinese Dragon Spawns a chinese dragon. Epic Formerly Lunar Chests
Easter Bunnies Spawns a bunch of easter bunnies laying eggs. Epic Easter Chests
Haunted It's spooky time! This victory dance releases the souls of a bunch of poor players you killed in past games to celebrate your victory. Legendary Spooky Chests
Twerk Apocalypse Spawn tons more of yourself and have them twerk. Legendary
Snowman Army Spawns a snowman army to celebrate your victory. Legendary Merry Chests
Toy Stick This humble baton sold at "Sticks R Us" is actually a magic wand. Also, it blows up islands. Legendary
Abominable Snowman Strike terror into the hearts of enemies as the Abominable Snowman joins your side! Legendary Merry Chests
Weatherman A nearby storm strikes lightning all around you! Legendary Battle Pass: Season 1
Puppy Party Spawn a hoard of wolves. (I'm gonna fill out a bug report of that typo. -DarkiusMC) Legendary Formerly Lunar Chests
Swarm Unleash the swarm! Legendary Easter Chests
Chicken Rider Ride a flying chicken and shoot exploding eggs! Legendary Easter Chests

Last Words[edit]

Last Words change the words that display above your corpse on death.

Name Description Quotes Rarity Availability





Pirate Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr matey. Some scallywag hit me

Now in a meeting with Davy Jones

The black spot is claimed aye

Stay safe me hearties

Philosophy To buy or not to buy. I'd rather die a meaningful death than live a meaningless life

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die

One death is a tragedy, 15 is a Murderer win

Don't send me flowers when I'm dead. If you like me, send them while I'm alive.

Glutton Remind everyone how much you like food. I like pizza

I like corndogs

I like burgers

I like donuts

I like fries

I like cake

Mr. Obvious State the obvious. I died

I'm not alive

Someone killed me

Fact: You are reading this

Fashion OMG, I love your outfit! This hat was to die for

I'd never be caught dead in double denim

I look drop dead gorgeous

This competition was fierce!

Condescending Make people hate you even after you died through these condescending remarks. Wow good job you just missed the murderer

I probably died because of whoever is reading

That took you long enough

I died but I'm the best so win for me

Protips Show off your mastery of the game by teaching others some useful tips. Protip: Use the minimap to find the detective bow

Protip: Hiding is a legitimate strategy

Protip: Use the map to your advantage

Protip: If you see a murderer, stay calm and run

Don't care Meh. Meh. Rare
Jolly Get into the festive spirit. Jingle belled



Lit up



Rare Merry Chests
Naughty Someone has been naughty this year. Someone is getting coal this year

Well well well, look who's on the naughty list

I'm telling Santa!

Rare Merry Chests
Spooky Happy Halloween! Boo!

Trick or Treat!

Let's carve a pumpkin!

Don't eat too much candy!

Rare Spooky Chests
Woof Who's a good boy?! Arf Arf!

Woof Woof!

Yip yip yip!

Bow wow wow!

Relatable These are so funny and relatable! I can haz cheesemurder?

snek got booped

Wow much ded, very sad

I don't always die, but when I do I do it with dignity

Buzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzz off!

They stung me!


The swarm will rise.

Rare Easter Chests
Chicken Cluck cluck ba-gawk. Cluck Cluck

Puk Puk Pukaaaawk!!


Bawk Bawk Bawk

Rare Easter Chests
cRyBAbY plz pick me plz will you? why kill me :'(

kill murderer plz


plz win for me

Hypixel Fan Show everyone how much of a fan you are. I love Hypixel

Hypixel is life


I own a pet sloth

Meow Things your cat would say if you stepped on its tail. MeeeOUUCH




Trick or Treat My Halloween costume this year will be a Murderer! I guess this time it was a trick!

Trick or Treat!

Where is my candy?

Final words: Ghost


I'm going to haunt you!

Am I a ghost?

Epic Spooky Chests
Squeak Yo where's the cheese at? As quiet as a mouse.



Slipped right by.

I was caught by the tail.

Yo where's the cheese at?

Epic Formerly Lunar Chests
Rats Gosh dang it. Rats, foiled again!

Been there, done rat.

To be, or not to be, rat is the question

My rats are coming for you!

Epic Formerly Lunar Chests
Eggy Scrambled. I've been scrambled!

Well, isn't this egg-cellent.

I'm sunny side up.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Epic Easter Chests
Wrapped Up Tied into a bow. I've been wrapped up!

It seems I was glued down.

Quick, tape me back together.

They tied me up like a bow.

I'm as delicate as tissue paper.

Epic Merry Chests
OX-ymorons Who doesn't love a good pun? Happy Moo year!

The steaks have never been higher.

That was udderly ridiculous.

Well that's just bull!

I am not amoosed.

Maybe I should have taken cow-culus.

Eggstraordinary Puns Aren't they eggcellent? For Peep's sake!

What an egg-citing day

I'm eggs-hausted

Don't egg-nore my death

Omlettin' this slide

Epic Easter Chests
Death Count Proudly display how many times you died in murder mystery. I died X times. :( Legendary

Knife Skins[edit]

Name Description Rarity Availability
Default Iron Sword Selecting this option disables your Knife Skin. Common
Cheapo Sword Nothing wrong with simple living. Common
Shovel WACK EM. Common
Stick A primative man's weapon. Common
Wooden Axe Might as well just punch the tree. Common
Stake Can also be used to support plants. Common Spooky Chests
Chewed Up Bush Who's been gnawing on thes poor bush? Common Formerly Lunar Chests
Stick with a Hat A gentleman's weapon. Rare
Blaze Rod Some say this is a blaze's spine. Rare
Only the Best The most powerful weapon. Rare Merry Chests
Feather Perfect for tickling. Rare
Pumpkin Pie Delicious and deadly. Rare Spooky Chests
Gold Digger $$$. Rare
Healthy Treat Cut down on those sweets with this red, sparkly, healthy treat! Rare Spooky Chests
Mouse Trap Gotta catch that rat. Rare Formerly Lunar Chests
Cheese Shouldn't leave this lying around, some unwelcome visitors might show up. Rare Limited Time Quest
Carrot on a Stick Truly a silent assassin's weapon. Epic
Big Bone Taken from one of your past victims. Epic
Rudolph's Favorite Snack Use as a weapon, not as food. Epic Merry Chests
Sparkly Snack Looks better than it tastes. Epic
Sweet Treat Kids will never want to visit your house again. Epic Spooky Chests
Timber Cutting trees in style. Epic
Prickly Quite sharp to the touch. Epic Easter Chests
Ice Shard Also works great as a popsicle! Epic Merry Chests
Grilled Steak Straight off the grill, but also good for vampires. Epic
VIP Gold Sword Show off your VIP rank with this fancy golden sword. Legendary VIP Rank or higher
MVP Diamond Sword Show off your MVP rank with this marvelous diamond sword. Legendary MVP Rank or higher
Reaper Scythe Nothing says "don't mess with me" like cutting someone in half with farmer tools. Legendary
Shears Not suitable for children. Legendary
Salmon Something smells fishy here... Legendary
Rudolph's Nose How'd you even get this? Legendary Limited Time Quest
Easter Basket Good for collecting! Legendary Easter Chests
Glistening Melon Glistens with the blood of your enemies! Legendary Spooky Chests

Kill Notes[edit]

Main article: Murder Mystery Kill Notes

Kill notes are custom images which are displayed to players that you kill.


A range of gestures you can use in-game by typing out /gesture or by right clicking on the armor stand in your hotbar to taunt other players.

Name Description Rarity Availability
Clapping Congratulate your opponents on a good game with this clapping gesture! Rare
Cool Dance Own the dance floor with this cool dance gesture! Rare
Goodbye Wave goodbye to the competition with this gesture. Rare
High Five Give me five! Rare
Ballet Dance in style with this ballet gesture! Rare
Karaoke Sing out of tune with this karaoke gesture! Rare
Possessed  Dance with your inner demons using this gesture! Rare
Snowball Toss Give someone the cold shoulder! Rare Merry Chests
Mind Blown Blow other player's minds with this impressive gesture! Epic
Victory Celebrate in style by activating this victory pose! Epic
Hype Dance Place your arms in the air, as if you just do not care. Epic
Wave Dance Let the music take you away with this wavy dance! Epic
Can Can Dance like a pro with this Can Can gesture! Epic
Hula Move your hips like you're in Hawaii with this Hila dance gesture! Epic
Graduation Celebrate your recent graduation with this cool gesture. Epic
Jump Jump up, jump up and get down! Legendary
Woop woop woop your way around the dance floor. Woop woop woop your way around the dance floor. Legendary
Sun Celebrate summer with this Praise the Sun gesture! Legendary
Treasure Gather your riches with this Treasure gesture! Legendary
Zombie Dance The Apocalypse is nigh, blend in with your zombie adversaries with this cool dance. Legendary

Animated Hats[edit]

Animated player heads active in all modes.

Name Rarity Availability
Flower Crown Common
Eye Common
Herobrine Rare
Chroma Slime Rare
Ender Pulse Epic
Blushy Epic
Happy Dude Epic
Elf Girl Epic Merry Chests
Rainbow Present Epic Merry Chests
Derpy Eyes Legendary
Demon Eyes Legendary
Santa Legendary Merry Chests
Cyborg Legendary
Sherlock Legendary
Pumpkin Legendary Spooky Chests
Reindeer Legendary Merry Chests
Grinch Legendary Merry Chests
Sacred Cattle Legendary

Death Cries[edit]

Special sounds that replace the sound that plays upon death.

Name Description Rarity Availability
Dinosaur Plays the Dinosaur Death Cry when you die. Common Battle Pass: Season 1
Pig Plays the Pig Death Cry when you die. Common Battle Pass: Season 1
Sad Puppy Plays the Sad Puppy Death Cry when you die. Rare Merry Chests
Grumpy Villager Plays the Grumpy Villager Death Cry when you die. Rare Merry Chests
Scurry Plays the Scurry Death Cry when you die. Rare Formerly Lunar Chests
Squeal Plays the Squeal Death Cry when you die. Rare Easter Chests
doused_lantern Plays the doused_lantern Death Cry when you die. Rare
Grumble Plays the Grumble Death Cry when you die. Epic Battle Pass: Season 1
Howl Plays the Howl Death Cry when you die. Epic Formerly Lunar Chests
Firework Plays the Firework Death Cry when you die. Epic Formerly Lunar Chests
Dragon Roar Plays the Dragon Roar Death Cry when you die. Epic Formerly Lunar Chests
Sniff Plays the Sniff Death Cry when you die. Epic Easter Chests
Sad Moo Plays the Sad Moo Death Cry when you die. Epic
Drama Queen Plays the Drama Queen Death Cry when you die. Legendary Battle Pass: Season 1
Rage Plays the Rage Death Cry when you die. Legendary Merry Chests

Quests & Challenges[edit]


Type Title Description Reward
Daily Winner Win a game in any mode 2,500 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Murder Mystery Coins
Power Play Kill the murderer or win as murderer in Classic or Hardcore mode 2,500 Hypixel Experience
1,500 Murder Mystery Coins
Hitman Kill 2 targets in Assassins mode 1,500 Hypixel Experience
1,000 Murder Mystery Coins
Weekly Professional Kill 25 players as murderer in Classic or Hardcore mode 10,000 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Murder Mystery Coins
Big Winner Win 15 games in any mode 10,000 Hypixel Experience
7,500 Murder Mystery Coins


Title Description Rewards
Murder Spree Kill 5 players as the murderer in a single game. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Sherlock Kill the murderer in under 2 minutes as the detective. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Hero Become the hero by killing the murderer as innocent. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Serial Killer Get the most kills in Assassins mode. 2400 Hypixel Experience

Seasonal Quests[edit]

Title Season Quest Rewards
Killer Instinct Halloween Kill 66 targets in Assassins 1 Murder Mystery Spooky Chest

12,000 Hypixel Experience

7,500 Murder Mystery Coins

Big Time Santa Christmas Collect 30 gifts scattered throughout the maps 1,500 Hypixel Experience

10,000 Murder Mystery Coins

1 Murder Mystery Merry Chest

Exclusive Rudolph's Nose Knife Skin

Lunar New Year (Discontinued) Lunar New Year Collect 15 mice scattered throughout the maps

Collect 15 cheese scattered throughout the maps

20,000 Hypixel Experience

10,000 Murder Mystery Coins

1 Murder Mystery Lunar New Year Chest

Exclusive Cheese Knife Skin


  • When playing on Minecraft version 1.9 or later, the Classic NPC will have a glowing effect.
  • According to former admin Tactful, Murder Mystery will never have a school map.
  • The Twerk Apocalypse Victory Dance originally covered the entire map, as shown in a prerelease Twitter video, but was toned down at release.
  • The Victory Dances "Magic Toy Stick" and "Veggy Springlazor" originally destroyed the map when activated, but that was removed as it caused bugs when the map was changed.
  • It was formerly stated that Murder Mystery would never feature death cries, as it might confuse players and distract from the objective. However, with the release of the first season of the serverwide Battle Pass, four death cries were made available through it.
  • Murder Mystery is currently the only mode to have a quest with multiple options for completion.



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