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Murder Mystery Achievements

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There are 60 Achievements in Murder Mystery, giving a total of 655 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[edit]

Name Description Points
Assassin As murderer, kill 3 players in one game by throwing your knife at them 10
Beyond the Grave Return from the dead and win the game on Ancient Tomb 15
Blind Justice Kill the murderer while being blinded 15
Bulleye Nail a sword throw from over 30 blocks away 10
Cacti Cleared Help clear all the Cacti in one game on Gold Rush 5
Calculated As murderer, win with less than 15 seconds remaining 5
Can't Touch This Win a game while being invincible 5
Catch Me If You Can As innocent, win because the murderer's time ran out 5
Caught In The Act Kill the murderer within three seconds after they killed someone 10
Clean Round Kill the murderer before anyone has died 15
Close Enough Be the last one alive and kill the murderer 15
Don't Go There Win a game due to the murderer falling into a trapdoor 10
Game-ception Play both the Arcade Games on Cruise Ship 5
Gold Hunter Pick up 30 gold in one game 10
History Erased Witness the destruction of all Kali's soldiers on Ancient Tomb 5
Humiliation As murderer, use bow and arrow to kill the detective 15
I Am Special Be Murderer or Detective two games in a row 10
I Am Your Shield Deploy a barrier that blocks an arrow or thrown sword on transport 10
It's High Noon Kill the murderer as an innocent, or any innocent as the murderer with a bow whilst riding a horse on Gold Rush 10
It's Time To Stop Recieve 5 different curses from Kali in the same game on Ancient Tomb 10
Kali's Favourite Raise your favour with Kali to 10 or aboe on Ancient Tomb 10
Last Survivor Be the last survivor standing in Infection 10
Lock and Load As innocent, have three arrows at once 10
Mixed Messages Recieve a blessing and a curse from Kali in the same game on Ancient Tomb 5
No Money, No Problems As innocent, survive until the end of the game, while the murderer is still alive, without having collected any gold 15
Not Today As murderer, kill the detective within 30 seconds of receiving your weapon 10
On Point As innocent, kill the murderer with your first bow shot 10
Quenchy Drink sixteen potions in one game 10
Saving The Day Be the hero of the game 5
Sharpshooter As detective, shoot the murderer from over 30 blocks 15
Slice N Dice As murderer, get five kills in five seconds 10
Sniper Shoot a thrown knife with a bow 15
Storm Chaser Survive the storm without going on the lower floor on Cruise Ship 10
That Was Easy Collect 10 gold in the first minute of the game 5
The Arrow Streak Get 5 kills in a row with a bow 10
This Isn't A Funfair  ...  Maybe Ride the monorail 5
Top Zombie Infect 5 survivors in a single game of Infection 5
Totally Tubular Kill another player whilst using Rapid Transport on Transport 10
We're Set (Secret) Find and enter the combination to open the secret chamber on Gold Rush 15
Well Traveled Use the Rapid Transport to visit all 4 destinations in the same game on Transport 5
Well, Thats Cool Play one of the minigames in the lobby 5
Wicked Ride Be the last innocent alive, and win the game while riding the monorail 15
Wrong Weapon As murderer, get 3 kills in one game with a bow 10
You Did Not See That Coming! Kill a player while riding the monorail 10
You Tried Get hit in melee while you are in melee 5

Tiered Achievements[edit]

Name Tier Description Points
Peace Is Mine I Win 1 game as innocent or detective without dying 5
II Win 10 games as innocent or detective without dying 10
III Win 25 games as innocent or detective without dying 15
IV Win 40 games as innocent or detective without dying 20
V Win 60 games as innocent or detective without dying 25
Stabber I Kill 5 survivors as murderer 5
II Kill 20 survivors as murderer 10
III Kill 50 survivors as murderer 15
IV Kill 100 survivors as murderer 20
V Kill 150 survivors as murderer 25
You're All Mine I Win 1 game as murderer 5
II Win 5 games as murderer 10
III Win 10 games as murderer 15
IV Win 20 games as murderer 20
V Win 35 games as murderer 25