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Gameicon-Housing.png This is the main page for Housing. To find more articles of this category, click here. Housing.png

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 <title source="title1"/>
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</image> <label>Game Type</label> <label>Players</label> <label>Time</label> <label>Status</label> <label>Menu Icon</label> <label>Release Date</label> </infobox> "Housing is your very own plot of land in which you are able to build freely. You can unlock furniture, food, items and plants." Housing is your own plot that you are able to build creatively. Housing was added during the Mystery Box Update, along with Mystery Boxes. In Housing, players may use blocks to make parkours, mazes, or social hangouts. Housing is currently in open beta and bugs may still be in the game.

Housing Menu[edit]


Themes are the set of builds that surround your house's plot. Most themes are found in the Mystery Vault. Themes may be needed to obtain biomes and skies. You may access the themes from the Housing menu, or directly by typing in /settheme <theme>.

Rarity Name Biome Sky Weather Blocks Unlocked
Holiday Northern Lights [Epic] [Holiday] Plains Overworld Sunny
Station [Legendary] [Holiday] Plains Overworld Sunny
Day At The Beach [Epic] [Summer] Plains Overworld Sunny
Pool Party Bbq [Rare] [Summer] Plains Overworld Sunny
Santa's Workshop [Epic] [Holiday] Plains Overworld Sunny
North Pole [Legendary] [Holiday] Plains Overworld Sunny
Fireplace [Epic] [Holiday] Plains Overworld Sunny
Gifts [Rare] [Holiday] Plains Overworld Sunny
Haunted Mansion [Legendary] [Halloween] Roofed Forest Overworld Thunder
Default Default Jungle Overworld Sunny
Snow Cold Taiga Overworld Raining Snow Block, Snow, and Diorite
Mesa Mesa Overworld Sunny Red Sand and Sandstone
Enchanted Forest Roofed Forest Overworld Sunny Moss Stone
Desert Desert Overworld Sunny Sand, Sandstone, and Dead Bush
Rare Lollipop Forest Overworld Sunny Clay Block and Granite
Sci-Fi Plains Overworld Sunny Andesite and Polished Andesite
Jungle Jungle Overworld Sunny
Mushrooms MushroomIsland Overworld Sunny Mycelium
Flowers Flower Forest Overworld Sunny
Fruit Salad MushroomIsland Overworld Sunny Light Blue Stained Clay
Smileys Plains Overworld Sunny Cyan Wool
Painter Plains Overworld Sunny
Basic Plains Overworld Sunny
Epic Nether Hell Nether Sunny Netherrack, Soul Sand and Nether Brick
End Sky The End Sunny End Stone
Warlords - Blue Plains Overworld Sunny
Warlords - Red Desert Overworld Sunny
Goldmine Plains Overworld Sunny
Crystals Roofed Forest Overworld Sunny
Town Square Plains Overworld Sunny
Future-Tech Plains Overworld Sunny Quartz Block
Space Dock Plains Overworld Sunny
Legendary Blocking Dead Plains Overworld Sunny
Fjord Ice Plains Overworld Sunny
Jardin Plains Overworld Sunny
Tenshu Plains Overworld Sunny
Air Plains Overworld Sunny
Vanilla Plains Overworld Sunny

Biomes & Skies[edit]

Biomes & Skies are obtainable either by default or by unlocking themes. The feature allows you to change the biome and sky of your plot, helping you to change block colors, sky colors, and darkness. Biomes and skies are listed below. Players may access the biomes and skies through the housing menu, or set the biome usiing /setbiome <biome>.

    • Unlocked by Default
  • Plains biome
    • Unlocked by default
  • Roofed Forest biome
    • Unlocked by Enchanted Forest theme
  • Desert biome
    • Unlocked by Desert theme
  • Mesa biome
    • Unlocked by Mesa theme
  • Forest biome
    • Unlocked by Lollipop theme
  • Cold Taiga biome
    • Unlocked by Snow theme
  • Hell biome & Nether sky
    • Unlocked by Nether theme
  • Sky biome & End sky
    • Unlocked by End theme


Page 1

First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Oak Wood Planks Spruce Wood Planks Birch Wood Planks Jungle Wood Planks Dark Oak Wood Planks Acacia Wood Planks Oak Door Spruce Door Birch Door
Second Row Oak Wood Slab Spruce Wood Slab Birch Wood Slab Jungle Wood Slab Dark Oak Wood Slab Acacia Wood Slab Jungle Door Dark Oak Door Acacia Door
Third Row Oak Wood Stairs Spruce Wood Stairs Birch Wood Stairs Jungle Wood Stairs Dark Oak Wood Stairs Acacia Wood Stairs Oak Log Spruce Log Birch Log
Fourth Row Oak Wood Fence Spruce Wood Fence Birch Wood Fence Jungle Wood Fence Dark Oak Wood Fence Acacia Wood Fence Jungle Log Dark Oak Log Acacia Log
Fifth Row Oak Wood Fence Gate Spruce Wood Fence Gate Birch Wood Fence Gate Jungle Wood Fence Gate Dark Oak Wood Fence Gate Acacia Wood Fence Gate Wooden Trapdoor Torch Wood Button

Page 2

First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Stone Granite Polished Granite Diorite Polished Diorite Andesite Polished Andesite Gravel Bedrock
Second Row Stone Slab Cobblestone Stairs Cobblestone Slab Cobblestone Cobblestone Wall Mossy Cobblestone Mossy Cobblestone Wall Dirt Coarse Dirt
Third Row Stone Bricks Stone Brick Stairs Stone Brick Slab Cracked Stone Brick Chiseled Stone Bricks Mossy Stone Brick Mycelium Grass Podzol
Fourth Row Sandstone Sandstone Stairs Sandstone Slab Smooth Sandstone Chiseled Sandstone Sand  Brick Brick Stair Brick Slab
Fifth Row Red Sandstone Red Sandstone Stairs Red Sandstone Slab Smooth Red Sandstone Chiseled Red Sandstone Red Sand Iron Door Iron Trapdoor Stone Button

Page 3

First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Quartz Block Quartz Stair Quartz Slab Chiseled Quartz Block Pillar Quartz Block Nether Brick Block Nether Brick Stair Nether Brick Slab Nether Brick Fence
Second Row Glowstone Block Soul Sand Netherrack Quartz Ore Snow Snow Block Packed Ice Ice Beacon
Third Row Prismarine Block Prismarine Bricks Dark Prismarine Block Sea Lantern Sponge Wet Sponge End Stone Obsidian Slime Block
Fourth Row Iron Block Coal Block Lapis Block Gold Block Emerald Block Redstone Block Diamond Block Pumpkin Jack O Lantern
Fifth Row Iron Ore Coal Ore Lapis Ore Gold Ore Emerald Ore Redstone Ore Diamond Ore Melon Block Hay Bale

Page 4

First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Purple Stained Clay Magenta Stained Clay Pink Stained Clay Red Stained Clay Orange Stained Clay Yellow Stained Clay Lime Green Stained Clay Green Stained Clay Cyan Stained Clay
Second Row Purple Stained Glass Pane Magenta Stained Glass Pane Pink Stained Glass Pane Red Stained Glass Pane Orange Stained Glass Pane Yellow Stained Glass Pane Lime Green Stained Glass Pane Green Stained Glass Pane Cyan Stained Glass Pane
Third Row Purple Stained Glass Magenta Stained Glass  Pink Stained Glass Red Stained Glass Orange Stained Glass Yellow Stained Glass Lime Green Stained Glass Green Stained Glass Cyan Stained Glass
Fourth Row Purple Carpet Magenta Carpet Pink Carpet Red Carpet Orange Carpet Yellow Carpet Lime Green Carpet Green Carpet Cyan Carpet
Fifth Row Purple Wool Magenta Wool Pink Wool Red Wool Orange Wool Yellow Wool Lime Green Wool Green Wool Cyan Wool

Page 5

First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Light Blue Stained Clay Blue Stained Clay Brown Stained Clay Black Stained Clay Grey Stained Clay Light Grey Stained Clay White Stained Clay Hardened Clay Clay
Second Row Light Blue Stained Glass Pane Blue Stained Glass Pane Brown Stained Glass Pane Black Stained Glass Pane Grey Stained Glass Pane Light Grey Stained Glass Pane White Stained Glass Pane Glass Pane Iron Bars
Third Row Light Blue Stained Glass Blue Stained Glass Brown Stained Glass  Black Stained Glass Grey Stained Glass Light Grey Stained Glass White Stained Glass Glass -
Fourth Row Light Blue Carpet Blue Carpet Brown Carpet Black Carpet Grey Carpet Light Grey Carpet White Carpet - -
Fifth Row Light Blue Wool Blue Wool Brown Wool Black Wool Grey Wool Light Grey Wool White Wool - -

Page 6

First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Trapped Chest Chest Crafting Table Bookshelf Ender Chest Furnace Dropper Dispenser Hopper
Second Row Sticky Piston Piston Note Block Jukebox Enchanting Table End Portal Frame Anvil Slightly Damaged Anvil Very Damaged Anvil
Third Row Redstone Lamp TNT Bed Cobweb Ladder Sign - - -
Fourth Row Daylight Sensor Wooden Pressure Plate Stone Pressure Plate Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy) Weighted Pressure Plate (Light) Lever - - -
Fifth Row Detector Rail Activator Rail Powered Rail Rail Redstone Repeater Redstone Comparator Redstone Torch Tripwire Hook


First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Dark Oak Leaves Tall Grass Double Tall Grass Lily Pad
Second Row Dark Oak Sapling Fern Dead Bush Dead Bush Again(?)
Third Row Peony Sunflower Vines Double Fern
Fourth Row Lilac Rose Bush Sugar Cane Cactus
Fifth Row Wheat Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Melon Seeds Cocoa

Items († indicates a VIP item)[edit]

First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Bucket Water Bucket Lava Bucket Dragon Egg Brewing Stand Cauldron - Item Frame Painting
Second Row Boat Minecart Furnace Minecart Chest Minecart Hopper Minecart TNT Minecart - Redstone Dust Flint and Steel
Third Row Green Christmas Present Head Blue Christmas Present Head Red Bauble Head Yellow Bauble Head Picture Frame Head - Hypixel Banner Reindeer Banner
Fourth Row Twitter Head Youtube Head Instagram Head Twitch Head Beam Head - Snow Bunny Banner(?) Christmas Tree Banner
Fifth Row Parkour Block Mailbox - Santa Banner(?) Wreath Banner

Food (VIP only.)[edit]

Page 1

First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Cake Strawberry Jam Sushi Mackerel Sushi Salmon Ham Orange Lettuce Green Apple Red Apple
Second Row Purple Grapes Cheese Melon 1 Melon 2 Open Melon Cut Open Melon Bento Box Sushi Roll Hamburger
Third Row Hamburger 1 Hamburger 2 Fries Bowl of Noodles White Frosted Donut Pink Frosted Donut Chocolate Frosted Donut Coconut Cup of Tea
Fourth Row Bread Glass of Beer Medieval Beer Tomato Muffin Bacon Sandwich Picnic Basket Cherry Pie on Stand Blueberry Pie on Stand
Fifth Row Spaghetti and Meatballs Soup Pancakes with Syrup Sushi Role on Plate Bowl of Miso Soup Sushi Shrimp Sushi Egg Japanese Green Tea Small Cake

Page 2

First Column Second Column Third Column Fourth Column Fifth Column Sixth Column Seventh Column Eighth Column Ninth Column
First Row Pumpkin Cup of Milk Glass of Cola Cut Lemon Cherry Cookie Sideways Taco Oreo Sandwich Oreo Biscuit
Second Row Baked Potato Waffle Popcorn - - - - - -
Third Row - - - - - - - - -
Fourth Row - - - - - - - - -
Fifth Row - - - - - - - - -

Weather Selector[edit]

The Weather Selector is how you change the weather on your plot. Different types of weather are obtainable from themes, or you may buy Raining, Storming, or Thunder for 2,500 Hypixel Credits (Default price). For VIP+, Weather costs 1,250 Hypixel Credits and for MVP+, 625. Sunny is the default Weather. You can access the Weather Selector through the Housing Menu or change the weather by typing /weather <weather>.

House Settings[edit]


From your Housing menu, players may set the in-game time, max player count, and more from the House Settings button in the House menu.

Permissions and Groups[edit]

There are currently four ranks in Housing:

[OWNER] - Plot owner [CO-OWNER] Co-Owner [RES] - Resident [GUEST] - Default rank

To edit the permissions for each group, open your Housing menu, click "Permissions and Groups", and choose which group you want to edit. THe green player skull represents Guests, while the orange player skull represents Residents.

Current permissions:

  • Fly
  • Wood door open/close
  • Iron door open/close
  • Trap door open/close (Iron and wood)
  • Fence gate open/close
  • /tp to players
  • /kick players
  • /mute players
  • /ban players
  • Pet spawning (Coming soon)
  • Build
  • Fluid (Is only effective for those who have the ability to build)

Visiting Rules[edit]

<poem> Public Friends Party Guild Private </poem>

Command List[edit]

    • Kicks <username> out of your house. They will be able to rejoin the house.
  • /housing mute <player>
    • Mutes <player> in your house. They will not be able to talk in your house unless they are messaging you, (Friends System) talking to you in party chat, (Party System) or talking to you in guild chat (Guild System)
  • /housing unmute <player>
    • Unmutes <player> in your house. They will then be able to talk again (Duh! xD)
  • /housing ban <player>
    • Bans <player> in your house. They will not be able to join the house anymore.
  • /housing unban <player>
    • Unbans <player> in your house. After doing this, the player will be able to join the house again.
  • /housing name <name>
    • Set <name> to change your house's name. Using inappropriate names can result in punishment.
  • /housing clearname
    • Clears your house's set name. For other players it would say <Player>'s House
  • /housing players
    • Lists the players of a house. You will be able to select normal mode, muted players or banned players.
  • /weather <weather>
    • Changes weather in your house to <weather>.If you set the weather to raining in a snowy theme it will snow instead of rain!
  • /setbiome <biome>
    • Sets the biome in your house to <biome>.
  • /settheme <theme>
    • Changes the theme of your house to <theme>.The plot border (in red wool) will show when the theme is changed.
  • /visitingrule <rule>
    • Changes who is allowed to visit. There is a "Grand Opening" Achievement when you open your house to the public.
  • /time <time>
    • Changes time on your plot to <time> The time will obviously need to be night for the bed to be used.
  • /permissions <group> <permission> <value>
    • Changes house group permissions.
  • /toggleborder
    • Toggles the red border around your house. Note that it will reappear when you change your theme at some times.
  • /toggletips
    • Toggles the tips that appear on your screen. (I don't really use them :) so yeah...)
  • /clear
    • Clears your inventory You can also double click the bin/cauldron in your inventory
  • /socialmode
    • Puts you in social mode. Nobody, including you, will be able to build.
  • /buildmode
    • Puts you in build mode. You will be able to build at this point.


Despite being disabled from release, redstone now functions within housing, allbeit a bit buggy. Currently, all redstone functions other than repeaters, and buttons (however buttons may be enabled in the future as a permission). To prevent flying machines, slime blocks do not stick to other blocks when being pushed by a piston.

Pro Mode[edit]

In the housing meu you can find a stick which has several tools for "pro mode", a rename for features which are commonly found in world edit:

  • Fill
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Delete


  • When switching themes, the Carpenter sometimes falls through the world.
  • The Themes Selector in the menu says "Click to edit Visiting Rules".
  • /togglechat does not work.
  • Saving a player's plot occassionally freezes.
  • The Warp to a Lobby feature in the menu does not properly show player counts or boosters.
  • Random exception time outs.
  • When right-clicking a sign to receive it in your hotbar, a stack of 64 will pop up instead of 16.
  • Sometimes, when switching themes, part of the old theme stays there.
  • Sometimes water placed on the very side of the plot can not be cleared unless a Helper or Moderator comes. (Also known as water griefing)
  • Guests getting randomly kicked to the Main Lobby.
  • No multi-version compatibility, if the guest is on a different Minecraft version than the plot owner, some chunks would not load for the guest.
  • /toggleborder sometimes only works for a period of time before the border reappears.
  • Signs can not be changed once written, even though it is claimed that you can change signs.
  • The red border around your plot reappears when you change you plot theme even if the border was disabled before.
  • Sometimes when made Resident or Co-Owner (with Build on), the cookies are still there, nomally they dissapear.
  • You get kicked when you send mail.


Date Content
Oct 12, 2015 MultiBuild
  • Added ability to give residents build powers
  • Residents only build while you are at home
  • Residents respect housing mode
  • Residents get housing menu with restrictions
  • Residents only get the blocks you have


  • Thunder weather added
  • Haunted mansion theme added
Sep 30, 2015 New Features
  • Added Bin item
  • Added the ability to hollow your plot
  • ble
  • Changed dropping item to whole stack
Sep 17, 2015 Themes Revamp
  • All themes unlockable via Mystery Boxes
  • Players start with 5 themes
  • 25 new themes
  • New themes for those with the [YOUTUBER] rank.

General Changes

  • Added Housing Achievements
  • Random House Visiting
  • Staff/YouTuber House filtering
  • Social Media Blocks
  • Build Mode Border
  • Parkour Upgrades
  • Sign Editor
  • Party warping
  • Added food category
  • Simplified tag sorting
  • Rate houses by giving cookies
Sep 8, 2015 House Settings
  • House Tags
  • House Name
  • Permissions System
  • Chat Modes
  • Max Players
  • Parkour Blocks
  • YouTuber Changes
  • Reporting Homes

General Changes

  • Rotate blocks with nether star
  • Till soil with nether star
  • Admin other players using nether star
  • Added tips
  • Proper sorting in block list
  • Added commands for settings


Housing info: https://hypixel.net/threads/guide-housing.401132/


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