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Gameicon-Quakecraft.png This is the main page for Quakecraft. To find more articles of this category, click here. Quakecraft.png


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</image> <label>Game Type</label> <label>Players</label> <label>Time</label> <label>Status</label> <label>Menu Icon</label> <label>Release Date</label> </infobox> "Test your reflexes in this fast paced game, and be the first to 25 points to win! Use your trusty Railgun and blast your fireworks at your enemies to kill them. Gain coins and upgrade your trigger to reduce your trigger cooldown. Change how your railgun looks with different cases, and even change the color and size of your firework! Hats and different armor are also available to you. Stand out, and let them know who the best is!"

File:Quakecraft lobby.png
Quakecraft Lobby (removed from 19 April 2017)

Quakecraft is a free-for-all, first person shooter game. The first player to get 25 kills wins. The only weapon you have is a hoe, known as a railgun. You can shoot one fast-moving beam at a time with an upgradable cooldown. To confirm you hit your target, a firework will shoot off and a death sound will play (depending on your selection in the shop). Different maps have different numbers of players ranging from 7-12 depending on the size of the map.




  • 7-12 players (depends on map)
  • 1 kill = 1 point
  • 1st player with 25 points wins


Team Deathmatch

  • 16 players (8v8)
  • 1 kill = 1 point
  • 1st team with 100 points wins


Killstreak & Multikills[edit]

The more kills you get before you are killed, the higher your killstreak. When you shoot, your bullet goes straight until it runs into a solid block. If it hits a player, it still has the potential of hitting all players behind them. When you reach a killstreak, it will announce the one you have reached. Killing more than one player at once gives you credit for both kills. Killing multiple people at once will display a DOUBLE KILL or TRIPLE KILL in chat (unless you have a special railgun such as the Bling Bling Thing).

Killstreak levels[edit]

Level Kills
Killing Spree 5
Rampage 10
Dominating 15
Unstoppable 20
Godlike 25
Broke the Game 30
Fixed the game 35
Entered a new dimension 40
Went to oblivion 50
Reached infinite and beyond 60
Found the meaning of life 70
Came back to Earth 75(?)
Became the first Quakecraft Prophet 80(?)
Created an army of Quake players 85




Map Name Players
Apex 8
Apex 2 (removed) 8
Cold War 8
Demonic 8
Dig Site 7
Dig Site 2 7
Martian 10
Faarah 12
Fryst 10
Forgotten 8
Library (removed) 10
Lost World 8
Mines 10
Town 12 (old 8)
Sero 11
Woodstone (removed) 12
Hustwood (removed) 12


  • Every player's armor will portray the team color
  • Every player's firework color will be changed to the team color

Quakecraft Shop[edit]

The Quakecraft shop is accessible by clicking on the emerald in any Quakecraft Lobby, located in the player inventory. Once opened, you will notice several categories. Each category represents a different aspect of the game you can upgrade, change, or unlock. To get access to more features, you will need to play games and earn coins. Coins can be obtained by playing games. Coins can be spent on many upgrades and purchases in the shop. Your amount of coins per kill, win, and killstreak can be tripled by purchasing a booster on the Hypixel Store. Any player who purchases a donor rank before Augest 1st, 2014 will have a permanent coin multiplier. If you are a non-donor or did not purchases donor before Augest 1st, you can still achieve a multiplier by gaining experience from playing games.

How to earn coins[edit]

Method Amount
Kill 2 coins
Multikill 1 coin for each stage
Killstreak 1 coin +1 for each stage
Win 5 coins

Within the ingame shop for Quakecraft lie an incredible selection of items, ranging from railgun upgrades to cosmetic items like hats and armor. Below is a complete list of items that can be purchased, including information about them.


Rank Name Look Cost (Coins)
None class Melon 350
Spaceman Hat Glass 700
Caveman Hat Bedrock 850
Explosive Hat TNT 5000
Crafter Hat Crafting Table 15000
Disco Hat Leather Helmet 75000
Quakezodia Hat Chainmail Helmet 200000

Requires: Accuracy V Achievement

VIP Cactus Hat Cactus 350
Lantern Hat Jack 'o Lantern 700
Redstone Hat Redstone Block
Diamond Hat Diamond Block
Dispenser Hat Dispenser
Hipster Hat Grass Block 850
Control Freak Hat Command Block
Richy Rich Hat Gold Ore 1000
Light Hat Glowstone
Ecology Hat Oak Leaves
VIP+ TNT Hat TNT 700
Majestic Hat Golden Helmet
Walking Dead Hat Zombie Head 900
Jeepers Creepers Hat Creeper Head
Engineering Hat Piston 1000
Classy Hat Light Blue Stained Glass
Bouncy Hat Slime Block 25000
MVP Bob Hat Sponge 1500
Librarian Hat Bookshelf 2500
Radiant Hat Beacon 50000
MVP+ Hypixel Hat Hypixel's Head 2000


Rank Name Look Cost (Coins)
None Soldier Kit Leather Chestplate 650
Elite Kit Blue dyed Leather Chestplate 2250
Disco Kit Dark red dyed Leather Chestplate 75000
Quakezodia Kit Chainmail Chestplate 200000

Requires: Incredible Achievement

How did that happen? Achievement

VIP Majestic Kit Yellow dyed Leather Chestplate 2250
Commander Kit Black dyed Leather Chestplate
Marine Kit Green dyed Leather Chestplate
VIP+ SWAT Kit Gray dyed Leather Chestplate
Spec Ops Kit Red dyed Leather Chestplate
Invader Kit Orange dyed Leather Chestplate
Revenge Kit Purple dyed Leather Chestplate
Space Kit Cyan dyed Leather Chestplate
Slime Kit Light green dyed Leather Chestplate
Snow Kit White dyed Leather Chestplate
Fashionista Kit Magenta dyed Leather Chestplate
MVP Budder Kit Gold Chestplate 3375
Medieval Kit Chainmail Chestplate 2750
MVP+ Sweg Kit Diamond Chestplate 4500


Rank Name Look Cost (Coins)
None Soldier Pants Leather Leggings 650
Elite Pants Blue dyed Leather Leggings 2250
Disco Pants Dark red dyed Leather Leggings 75000
Quakezodia Pants Chainmail Leggings 200000

Requires: God Among Mere Mortals V Achievement

VIP Majestic Pants Yellow dyed Leather Leggings 2250
Commander Pants Green dyed Leather Leggings
Marine Pants Black dyed Leather Leggings
VIP+ SWAT Pants Gray dyed Leather Leggings
Spec Ops Pants Red dyed Leather Leggings
Invader Pants Orange dyed Leather Leggings
Revenge Pants Purple dyed Leather Leggings
Space Pants Cyan dyed Leather Leggings
Slime Pants Light green dyed Leather Leggings
Snow Pants White dyed Leather Leggings
Fashonista Pants Purple dyed Leather Leggings
MVP Budder Pants Gold Leggings 3375
Medieval Pants Chainmail Leggings 2750
MVP+ Sweg Pants Diamond Leggings 4500


Rank Name Look Cost (Coins)
None Soldier Boots Leather Boots 650
Elite Boots Blue dyed Boots 2250
Disco Boots Dark red dyed Boots 75000
Quakezodia Boots Chainmail Boots 200000

Requires: MLG V Achievement

VIP Majestic Boots Yellow dyed Boots 2250
Commander Boots Black dyed Boots
Marine Boots Green dyed Boots
VIP+ SWAT Boots Gray dyed Boots
Spec Ops Boots Red dyed Boots
Invader Boots Orange dyed Boots
Revenge Boots Purple dyed Boots
Space Boots Cyan dyed Boots
Slime Boots Light green dyed Boots
Snow Boots White dyed Boots
Fashionista Boots Magenta dyed Boots
MVP Budder Boots Gold Boots 3375
Medieval Boots Chainmail Boots 2750
MVP+ Sweg Boots Diamond Boots 4500

Kill Sounds [edit]

Rank Name Cost (Coins)
None Blaze Death free
Horse Death 2000
Bat Death
VIP Enderman Death 4000
Golem Death
Pig Death
Cow Hurt
Creeper Death
Anvil Land
VIP+ Ghast Death 5000
Dragon Growl
MVP Villager MHM
Level Up 10000
MVP+ Zombie Destroy 20000

Barrels [edit]

Rank Name Cost (Coins)
None Small Barell free
Large Barrel 9000
VIP Creeper Barrel 9000
Burst Barrel 9000
VIP+ Star Barrel 9000


There is a total of 9 different cases in Quakecraft. You start out with the wooden case. Cases can be purchased at the shop with Coins, but you used to be able to purchase them with Tournament Tokens, and for some cases you must be a certain rank in order to purchase. Cases are solely cosmetic, and have no in-game benefits. Cases also can be used to make customized railguns. Below are the cases at the shop with their prices.

Rank Name Cost (Coins)
None Wooden Case free
Marbled Case 1000
VIP Varnished Wood Case 2000
Reinforced Case 2500
Plated Case 4000
Bling Case 7000
VIP+ Polished Marbled Case 2000
Polished Plated Case 14000
Polished Bling Case 100000
Polished Reinforced Case 200000


Rank Name Cost (Coins)
None Yellow Laser free
Green Laser 4000
White Laser 4000
Black Laser 500000
VIP Red Laser 5000
Blue Laser 7000
VIP+ Purple Laser 8000
Pink Laser 8000
Gold Laser 50000
Emerald Laser 50000
Diamond Laser 50000
Gray Laser 50000
MVP+ Orange Laser 100000


Rank Name Cost (Coins)
None Clay Muzzle 5000
Iron Muzzle 8200
Quartz Muzzle 15000
Lapis Muzzle 25000
Obsidian Muzzle 50000
Sea Lantern Muzzle 75000
Prismarine Muzzle 100000
Soul Sand Muzzle 500000
VIP Wooden Muzzle 5000
Golden Muzzle 7500
Redstone Muzzle 7500
Melon Muzzle 125000
VIP+ Diamond Muzzle 9000
Emerald Muzzle 25000
Command Block Muzzle 100000
Pumpkin Muzzle 200000


Trigger Cost (Coins)
9.0s 10000
5.0s 5000
2.5s 5000
1.5s free
1.4s 1800
1.3s 3500
1.2s 8500
1.1s 17000
1.0s 100000
0.9s 300000

Requires: Killing Spree V Achievement

0.85s 2000000

Requires: Winner V Achievement

MLG V Achievement

Full Quakezodia Suit

Dash Upgrades[edit]

Rank Power Cost Cooldown Cost (Coins)
None Dash Power I


Free Dash Cooldown I Free
Dash Power II


10000 coins

Requires: Dash Power I

Dash Cooldown II 10000

Requires: Cooldown I

Dash Power III


50000 coins

Requires: Dash Power II

Dash Cooldown III 50000

Requires: Cooldown II

Dash Power IV


150000 coins

Requires: Dash Power III

Are you a frog? Achievement

Dash Cooldown IV 150000


KillingSpreeMadness V Achievement

Dash Power V


500000 coins

Requires: Dash Power IV

Joined the dark side a Achievement

Dash Cooldown V 500000

Requires: Dash Cooldown IV

Platinum Plated Achievement

Rainguns are made up of different combinations of triggers, muzzles, barrels, cases, and lasers. Right clicking with your railgun will shoot a laser, while left clicking will causes you to perform an air dash. Depending on your reload speed, there is a slight cooldown between shooting a laser. Air dashing also has a set delay that can not be upgraded. Certain railguns change the wording in chat when you kill someone. For example, if you shoot someone with the Bling Bling Thing it will say that you bazinga'd someone instead of gibbed. At the end of the game, if you win, your gun name will be displayed in chat.


Name Case Laser Barrel Muzzle Trigger Kill message Total cost (Coins)
Basic Railgun Wooden Yellow Small - 1.5s - free
The Worm Marbled Green Small - 5.0s Wormed 10000
Hyper Beam Railgun Plated Yellow Star - 1.3s - 16500
Superior Railgun Reinforced Red Burst - 1.4s - 18300
Budder Railgun Polished Plated Yellow Small Golden 1.5s Slapped 21500
Creeper Railgun Bling Green Creeper - 1.2s - 28500
The Turtle Reinforced Green Large Iron 2.5s Shelled 28700
The Snail Wooden Red Creeper Wooden 9.0s Slimed 29000
Redstoner Varnished Wood Red Burst Redstone 1.2s Redstoned 32000
BFG Polished Marbled Blue Large - 1.1s - 35000
Lovegun Polished Plated Red Star Readstone 1.3s Fell in love with 29000
Harvester Marbled Green Small Melon 1.5s Farmed 130000
Blue Lagoon Bling Blue Burst Prismarine 1.1s Drowned 140000
Cookie Cannon Plated Emerald Burst Command Block 1.1s Baked 180000
Bling Bling Thing Polished Bling Purple Large Diamond 1.0s Bazinga'd 226000
Le Bizzare Polished Bling Orange Small Lapis 1.4s Puzzled 226800
Fabled Polished Bling Diamond Star Prismarine 1.2s Magnified 267500
Apple Corer Polished Reinforced Gold Star Obsidian 0.9s Pommed 609000
Railgun of Darkness Polished Marble Black Large Obsidian 0.9s Vaporized 861000
Platinum Smelter Polished Reinforced Silver Burst Iron .85s Smelted 2267200
The Reaper Polished Bling Black Large Soul Sand .85s Consumed 3109000

Quest Master[edit]


Type Title Description Reward
Daily Quake Player Play 3 games of Quakecraft 2,500 Hypixel Experience
1,750 Quakecraft Coins
Sniper Kill 50 players in Quakecraft 2,500 Hypixel Experience
1,750 Quakecraft Coins
Winner Win 1 game of Quakecraft 2,500 Hypixel Experience
1,750 Quakecraft Coins
Weekly Bazinga! 1. Play 20 games of Quakecraft
2. Get 10 kill streaks
15,000 Hypixel Experience
5,000 Quakecraft Coins


Title Description Rewards
Powerup Challenge Obtain both Rapid Fire and Speed Boost powerups in a single game. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Kill Sreak Challenge Obtain 2 different kill streaks in a single match. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Don't Blink Challenge Shut down an enemy player during his streak. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Combo Challenge Get a double kill. 2400 Hypixel Experience

Tips & Tricks[edit]


Your trigger changes the game! While upgrading the trigger can be pricey and have little change on the time of the reload, the 0.9 seconds you can shave off of your reload time will change the game for you, in your favor. Due to the EULA, all players have access to this upgrade.


Your hardware is made up of several things including, your computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. This is vital in being successful in Quake. Players with less than perfect functioning hardware have a drastically lower chance of winning games. Your computer specifications are more important than peripherals. A slow computer is worse than a slower functioning mouse. Low FPS is a common culprit for causing players to perform poorly. By hitting F3, you can see how many FPS you are currently running. Any FPS lower than 30 is less-than optimal and may causes you to perform poorly.


Your connection to the internet is very vital. While you might have great FPS, your internet speed could be lacking, causing you to be playing a few seconds behind. Check your internet speed here! If your download speed is below 5, you have a higher chance of playing delayed. Also, your location is important. Depending on where you live, you will have a different ping. The higher your ping, the slower the connection you have to the server. Improving your ping is not as simple as upgrading your internet package.


Practice is extremely important! Quake is not as much of a strategy based game as it is a skill based game. To improve and perfect on your skill, you will need lots of practice! Don't worry if you loose lots of games. The more you play, the better of a player you will become. This will take time and patience! Giving yourself a goal to reach is always a great way to keep you motivated. You can check your current stats in the Quakecraft Lobbies or on a third party website such asplancke.nl.


Having a positive attitude while playing is a great way to win more games. If you are finding yourself becoming frustrated with the game, take a 10 min (minimum) break. This does not mean to just go play another game, actually get up from your computer and go do something else for a bit. This will help you clear your mind of frustration and return to the game with a fresh start feeling. Frustration will cause your accuracy to suffer!


Your aim is an important part of being the first to 25. When shooting a player, predict where they are going to move. For example, if someone is falling, aim where they will be landing. Pay attention to player names, if you see one through a wall around a corner, if they are close enough, you can shoot them from around the corner. Don't forget to incorporate your own movements into your aim.


  • Without any rank, you can own only 16 (19.8%) cosmetic items. With VIP it's 45 (55.5%) and with VIP+ it's 76 (93.8%). MVP increases maximum cosmetic items to 79 (97.5%) and with MVP+ you can have all cosmetic items (81), including Hypixel's Hat and Sweg Kit.
  • Oct 3, 2015 update makes all items accessible with coins.
  • This is the oldest game on Hypixel.


  • At shop you can see "Kills: 1 Coin", but from last update it's 3 coins. It shows "Kills: 3 Coins".


Date Content
Oct 3, 2015 vccv
Feb 7, 2017
Feb 26, 2017