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Quakecraft Achievements

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There are 92 Achievements in Quakecraft, giving a total of 940 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[edit]

Name Description Points
You're in my way! Shut down someone while on a Killstreak yourself 5
You've only got one shot... So make it count Get 3 double kills in one game 5
Bubbly, isn't it? Win a game using the Blue Lagoon 5
Calm down Shut down someone while Dominating 5
Diamonds to you! Win a game using the Creeper Railgun 5
Lookin' good! Win a game using the Fabled Railgun 5
Not working Punch a player 5
Grab it all Win a game using The Harvester 5
It's soo Shiny! Win a game using the Hyper Beam Railgun 5
Going up in life Win a game using the Superior Railgun 5
Simple Things Win a game using the Basic Railgun 5
Fanatic! Win a game using the Budder Slapper 5
I only use Apple sorry Win a game using the Apple Corer 5
What have I done... Gib a staff member 5
Not today! Kill someone that has activated the rapid fire powerup before they get any kills 5
Billy Talent Win a game using a custom Railgun 5
Fabulous win Win a game wearing a full set of colored armor 5
Minigun Get 3 or more kills with the same Quickfire powerup 5
Good Guy Gamer Say GG at the end of a game 5
I did it my way Customize your Railgun 5
Redstoner Win a game using the Redstoner 5
Want a wardrobe with that? Unlock at least 13 cosmetic items 5
Buffing Up Unlock your first armor set 5
B.O.G.O.F. Get a double kill 5
My precioussss Win a game using the BFG 5
Love is in the air Win a game using the Lovegun 5
wat Win a game using Le Bizarre 5
Presidential! Win a game using the Bling Bling Thing 5
Joined the dark side Win a game using the Railgun of Darkness 5
Team Player Win a team game 5
I liek turtles Win a game using the Turtle 5
First kill Be the first person to kill someone 5
I believe I can fly Get a kill while falling down 5
Looking Fancy Unlock your first hat 5
Platinum plated Win a game using the Platinum Smelter 5
Perfectionist Do at least 4 killing sprees in 1 game 5
Doubling up Be the first to 10 kills in Quake 5
Thanks, Grandma! Win a game using the Cookie Cannon 5
Squish Win a game using the Worm 10
Heart Stopper Get a triple kill in Quake 10
Heavy shoulders Win a game with 35 or more kills on your team 10
Untouchable Kill 15 players without dying 10
Humiliation Kill the same person 4 times in a row 10
Think fast! Kill a player within 5 seconds of the game starting 10
Incredible Kill 10 players without missing a shot 10
Tubular Equip the full Disco set 10
R. I. P. Win a game using The Reaper 10
Are you a frog? Dash 75 times in one game 10
Double Trouble Get two double kills in a row 10
Baking a dozen Win a game by 12 kills in Quake 10
How did that happen? Win a Solo game with 26 or more kills 15
Perfection Win a game without dying 15
Oh baby, a triple! Get 3 headshot kills with one shot 15
Beyond incredible Win a game with 100% accuracy in Solo mode 15
One in the Chamber Win a game using the 9.0s trigger 15
What just happened? Win a game in under a minute 15
Show me the money! Unlock the Polished Bling Case or the 1.0s trigger 15

Challenge Achievements[edit]

Tier Accuracy God walking among mere mortals Killing Spree Madness MLG Quake Banker Weapon Arsenal Winner Points (each)
I Get 50 headshots Get 2 godlikes Get 25 killing sprees Kill 100 players Earn 5,000 coins Win a game with 3 different guns Win 10 games 5
II Get 250 headshots Get 5 godlikes Get 50 killing sprees Kill 1,000 players Earn 25,000 coins Win a game with 5 different guns Win 50 games 10
III Get 1,000 headshots Get 10 godlikes Get 100 killing sprees Kill 10,000 players Earn 100,000 coins Win a game with 10 different guns Win 100 games 15
IV Get 5,000 headshots Get 15 godlikes Get 150 killing sprees Kill 50,000 players Earn 200,000 coins Win a game with 15 different guns Win 1,000 games 20
V Get 10,000 headshots Get 25 godlikes Get 250 killing sprees Kill 100,000 players Earn 500,000 coins Win a game with 19 different guns Win 2,000 games 25


  • Quakecraft has the most achievements and points available out of any Classic Game.