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Smash Heroes

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Become one of many unique heroes and unleash devastating attacks in a Team or Solo battle for ultimate domination! Can you SMASH your rivals out of the arena before they smash you?

Smash Heroes is a fighting minigame that sees players fighting each other off in an effort to be the last Hero standing. In departing from many "traditional" PvP modes, each playable class, known as a "Hero," sports a special and unique set of abilities.


A gash torn in Solaris Templum by a defeated Karakot, with visible holes in the world border created by other smashed heroes.

Smash Heroes is a brawl between players, competing to be the last hero standing. Players must defeat their rivals without getting smashed themselves, and also must take care to avoid falling into the void that surrounds every map.

All players have access to five different ways to damage their foes: a melee attack, a primary ability, a secondary ability, a powerful Smash Ability that takes a long time to charge up, and a Passive Ability accessible in some other specified way.

All players can also perform up to two Double Jumps before returning to the ground, and they may be added and/or modified depending on what hero is chosen. Additionally, all heroes have three lives and spawn with 100 health, and there is no health regeneration of any kind in Smash Heroes. Once health is gone, it is gone.

Furthermore, defeated heroes will fly through the map, causing damage to it. This has the potential to change up players' strategy right in the middle of a game.


The abilities of some heroes are governed by how much Energy they currently have, represented by the experience bar. While most heroes see their Energy regenerating over time, at a rate of 10 per second unless otherwise specified, some heroes (most notably Marauder) can generate them in other ways.

Smash Crystal[edit]

This powerful artifact will appear ingame every now and again. At first only its grey outline will appear, but ten seconds later it will be fully formed and will announce in the chat "+ A new SMASH CRYSTAL has spawned!". Whoever finds it first will have their Smash Ability's cooldown immediately reset and ready for use, as well as having it announced in the chat as "- PLAYERNAME picked up a SMASH CRYSTAL!".


Smash Heroes features five different modes:

  • Solo 1v1v1v1 is a four-player free-for-all.
  • Teams 2v2 features four players like the previous mode, but players fight in pairs.
  • Teams 2v2v2 is like the previous mode, but features three pairs of players.
  • Friends Party of 4 is for all intents and purposes identical to Solo 1v1v1v1, but is only accessible to a party of no less and no more than four players.
  • 1v1 is a duel between two heroes, accessible both to normal players and party members. Additionally, a party of up to eight players can join a 1v1 match, and from there decide amongst themselves who fights and who watches.


Smash Heroes features a roster of sixteen different Heroes to play as, each sporting their own unique abilities and playstyles.

Name Type Difficulty Unlock requirements
SH Bulk.png Bulk Melee Available from start
SH GeneralCluck.png General Cluck Ranged Available from start
SH CakeMonster.png Cake Monster Melee Available from start
SH Botmon.png Botmon Ranged Available from start
SH Tinman.png Tinman Ranged 10,000 coins
SH Marauder.png Marauder Melee 10,000 coins
SH Cryomancer.png Cryomancer Hybrid 25,000 coins
SH Spooderman.png Spooderman Hybrid 25,000 coins
SH Pug.png Pug Melee 25,000 coins
SH SergeantShield.png Sergeant Shield Melee 25,000 coins, Smash Level 50
SH Karakot.png Karakot Hybrid 50,000 coins
SH Skullfire.png Skullfire Ranged 50,000 coins
SH Sanic.png Sanic Melee 75,000 coins
SH VoidCrawler.png Void Crawler Melee 100,000 coins, Smash Level 100
SH Shoop.png Shoop Ranged 150,000 coins, Smash Level 150
SH GreenHood.png Green Hood Ranged 200,000 coins, Smash Level 200

Smash Level[edit]

As a hero is played with more often, they will accumulate Smash Heroes EXP. When a certain amount of Smash Heroes EXP is reached, the hero will level up. The amount of levels that a hero has accumulated is called the Smash Level, and the sum of all of a player's Smash Levels of all of their heroes is usually taken as a general measure of a player's skill and prowess in Smash Heroes.

Note: All heroes start at Level 00.

Level EXP Level EXP Level EXP Level EXP
01 60 06 11 790 16
02 07 12 17
03 08 450 13 18
04 09 14 1,250 19
05 10 15 1,420 20


Upon reaching Level 20 with a hero, a player can Prestige that hero, resetting its level back to zero in exchange for a permanent health boost. This will have no effect on the player's total Smash Level.

Tier Health Cost
1 102 50,000
2 105 120,000
3 109 250,000
4 114 400,000
5 120 750,000

After reaching Level 20 with a hero for the sixth time, a player can exchange 250,000 more coins to unlock the final upgrade for that hero: the Master Skin. These alternate appearances for a hero are indicative of a player who has mastered gameplay with that hero.


Main article: Smash Heroes Achievements


  • Smash Heroes was the first minigame released in the year 2016.
  • Many of the game's heroes are inspired by Marvel/DC Comics characters, as well as from other popular media.
  • As of November 2019, the highest possible Smash Level is 1,920, and only five people have attained to this number.
  • In the resource pack's files, there are textures for four unused heroes: "piggy", a pig with an upturned yellow hairdo, "sheep", a black sheep with a multicolored afro, "sully", a creature bearing some similarities to Monsters Inc.'s Sully, and "sanquin", a motley-clad jester very similar to DC Comics' Harley Quinn, the latter two of whom have their own unused sound files. All four appear to be melee heroes, with the first three having corresponding fist textures and Sanquin wielding a black-and-blue baseball bat. Additionally, Sanquin appears in the lobby fighting Cryomancer, and even made a brief appearance in Smash Heroes' animated trailer.
  • In addition to the unused character fists listed above, there are several fist textures in the files for characters that do not use fists in-game. These include General Cluck, Botmon, Tinman, Shoop, Green Hood, and Void Crawler.
    • However, it is worth noting that the Tinman fist is used for the Rocket Punch ability, and Botmon and General Cluck's are used for Spooderman's master skin and Sanic, respectively.