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Speed UHC

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 <title source="title1"/>
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</image> <label>Game Type</label> <label>Players</label> <label>Time</label> <label>Status</label> <label>Menu Icon</label> <label>Release Date</label> </infobox> Speed UHC is a minigame added by the Hypixel Network. Inspired by classic UHC action, Speed UHC is a much quicker and faster version of the popular minigame. Team up or go Solo in a fast-paced fight for survival using your selected tools, perks, and masteries to help you win. You must be careful, as the only way to regain health is through golden apples and brewing potions! Speed UHC uses vanilla crafting recipes but the steps have been sped up and important resources drop instantly, making the average game last only 10 minutes.


  • Try and survive the longest. After a while, the world border will start closing in on you and your opponents.
  • Before PVP is enabled, You have 30 seconds to gather items you need out of a mine near your spawn.
  • At the middle of the map, there are enchantment tables to enchant your weapons and armor.
  • Also at the middle, there are nether portals that allow you to go to a very small nether. In this nether, there are diamonds, glowstone, and lots of lava.

Star System[edit]

- [1❋] Hiker - 0 Score

- [2❋] Jogger - 50 Score (+50)

- [3❋] Runner - 300 Score (+250)

- [4❋] Sprinter - 1050 Score (+750)

- [5❋] Turbo - 2550 Score (+1,500)

- [6❋] Sanic - 5550 Score (+3,000)

- [7❋] Hot Rod - 15,550 Score (+10,000)

- [8❋] Bolt - 30,550 Score (+15,000)

- [9❋] Zoom - 55,550 Score (+20,000)

- [10❋] God Speed - 85,550 Score (+30,000)


  • There are a total of 16 kits in Speed UHC.
  • Below is a list of all the kits.
  • Keep in mind that every kit starts with a diamond pickaxe with efficiency II.
- Archaeologist (Iron ingot, iron helmet protection I, leather chestplate, leggings, and boots.)
- Archer (Enchanted book power I, 3 string, 10 arrows.)
- Cowboy (Enchanted book sharpness I, leather boots feather falling IV and unbreaking III.)
- Enchanter (Book, 4 obsidian, 8 bottles o' enchanting, anvil, enchanted book sharpness I.)
- Farmer (2 apples, blaze powder, awkward potion.)
- Fisherman (2 String, 3 sticks, one diamond.)
- Healer (2 glistening melons, 2 awkward potions, golden apple.)
- Knight (2 iron ingots, stick, gold helmet protection II, unbreaking X.)
- Logger (Crafting table, 2 gold blocks, gold axe efficiency V.)
- Miner (8 Cobblestone, 2 TNT, water bucket, iron helmet blast protection II.)
- Nether Walker (2 nether quartz ore, ghast tear, awkward potion.)
- Oink (Saddle, Carrot on a Stick, pig egg, iron leggings.)
- Pyro (Flint, iron, 2 magma cream, 2 awkward potions, enchanted book fire protection II.)
- Scout (Sugar, awkward potion, iron boots feather falling II.)
- Summoner (Spider eye, 2 awkward potions, skeleton egg.)
- Tamer (Wolf egg, iron leggings, 4 steaks.)


  • Masteries are a unique feature only for Speed UHC.
  • Masteries are essentially perks.
  • All masteries cost 20,000 UHC Champions coins.
  • You can only use one mastery each game.
- Environmentalist (25% less environmental damage (fall damage, lava, etc.)
- Sniper (Bow shots deal 2% more damage each block traveled after 20 blocks)
- Berserk (Deal 30% more damage when below 3 hearts of health)
- Fortune (25% chance to get double ore)
- Baker (Golden apples heal 50% more (6 hp healed instead of 4))
- Invigorate (Each kill gives you +1 hp with a max of 4)
- Huntsman (Gives you speed II for 30 seconds after each kill)
- Guardian (All damage is reduced by 5%)

Prestieged Masteries[edit]

  • Masteries can be prestiged with 250,000 UHC Champions coins and 2,000 kills with that mastery.
  • All of the prestieged masteries have the same effect as the previous one, plus the prestieged perk.
- Environmentalist (50% less environmental damage)
- Sniper (Bow shots deal 4% more damage each block traveled after 20 blocks)
- Berserk (Gain 3 seconds of strength I after a kill)
- Fortune (50% chance to get double ore)
- Baker (Golden apples heal 75% more hp)
- Invigorate (Each kill gives you +2 hp with a max of 4)
- Huntsman (Gain 45 seconds of speed II after a kill)
- Guardian (All damage is reduced by 10%)


  • If you break a block of wood on a tree, the whole tree will fall and convert into planks, sometimes dropping apples and golden apples.
  • Killing an animal will give you cooked meat of its type. Also, chickens drop 5 arrows each.
  • Breaking a mushroom will give you mushroom soup.

Quest Master[edit]


Type Title Description Reward
Daily Normal Brawler Win a game of Normal Speed UHC 2500 Hypixel Experience
1250 Speed UHC Coins
Insane Brawler Win a game of Insane Speed UHC 2500 Hypixel Experience
1250 Speed UHC Coins
Hunting Season Kill 10 players in Speed UHC 2500 Hypixel Experience
1250 Speed UHC Coins
UHC Addict Play 2 Games of Speed UHC 2500 Hypixel Experience
1250 Speed UHC Coins
Weekly UHC Madness Kill 100 players in Speed UHC 15000 Hypixel Experience
4000 Speed UHC Coins


Title Description Rewards
Alchemist Challenge Obtain a potion in a Speed UHC Game. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Wizard Challenge Enchant a Diamond Item in a Speed UHC Game. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Marksman Challenge Get 2 bow kills in a Speed UHC Game. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Nether Challenge Get 1 kill in the Nether during a Speed UHC Game. 2400 Hypixel Experience