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The following article is for a [[{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] class. For more classes of this game, click [[:Category:{{{1}}} Classes|here]]. [[File:{{{1}}}.png|100px]]

Template documentation follows
Note: the template above may sometimes be partially or fully invisible.
Visit Template:Class/doc to edit this documentation. (How does this work?)
The Class template is used to indicate a class within a game. It uses standardised game icons from the Hypixel website. The Game icon should be placed on the top of the article.
Maintenance templates, such as Template:Stub, Template:Delete, or Template:WIP must be placed before the Class template.
Type {{Class}} at the top of class articles, with parameters as shown below. When you set a parameter equal to 1, the game icon will display the game that is associated with that name.