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Turbo Kart Racers Achievements

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There are 57 Achievements in Turbo Kart Racers, giving a total of 600 Achievement Points.

Challenge Achievements[edit]

Name Description Points
I'm Lucky Use the part roller 5
Victor's Prize Drink your champagne after winning a race 5
Nope Deflect a missile with a Notched Sword 5
Sleeper Agent Win a gold trophy after being in last place 5
A Boost of Confidence Pass a player while using a mushroom 5
Lapped While in 1st place, pass the player who is in last place 5
Coins Please Use the junkyard 5
Honking Mad Use your horn 100 times in 1 race 5
Ungrateful Scrap a pink part 5
Get Hit! Hit a player with any projectile 5
Mechanic Craft a kart part 5
Javelin's Rocket Successfully throw and hit 3 different players with green missiles in 1 game 5
Honking Amazing Purchase a new horn 5
Modular Equip an engine, frame, and turbo charger 5
Never Lucky Get hit by more than 1 Blue Torpedo in 1 race 5
Getting good! Complete a race 5
New Style Unlock a kart skin 5
BA NA NA NA NA Hit a player with a banana 5
Shut down Shoot someone with a missile while they are on a booster pad 5
Missile Mayhem Use all 3 types of missiles in 1 game 5
Is this Survival Games? Hit 5 players with the "Notched Sword" in 1 race 5
Front Man Finish all 3 laps in first place 10
Flower Power Hit 3 different players with all 3 of your fire flowers 10
Show Off Win a gold trophy while wearing D. Goggles 10
Contender Claim a Grand Prix reward 10
Surface-to-air-missile Shoot someone while they are already in the air from an explosion 10
Chill Out Hit a target with all 8 snowballs from one item box 10
Coin Magnet Pickup 15 coins in a row 10
I Can't See Anything! Get blinded by a squid 10
Slippery Have players hit your bananas 12 times in 1 game 10
Tryharder! Win a trophy without using any items 10
Eat My Dust Finish a race within 2:30 15
Seasonal Racer Earn a seasonal cosmetic from the Grand Prix 15
Well-versed Use 9 different items in a single game 15
I've Seen It All Win a gold trophy on each of the five maps 15
Gettin' Paid Win a Pink Part as a gaming reward 15
Eternally Awesome Max all three parts for your kart 20

Tiered Achievements[edit]

Tier Medalist Mystery Racer TKR Banker Points (each)
I Get 5 trophies Pickup 100 item boxes Complete 5 races Earn 5,000 coins 5
II Get 25 trophies Pickup 500 item boxes Complete 25 races Earn 25,000 coins 10
III Get 100 trophies Pickup 1,000 item boxes Complete 100 races Earn 100,000 coins 15
IV Get 250 trophies Pickup 5,000 item boxes Complete 250 races Earn 250,000 coins 20
V Get 500 trophies Pickup 10,000 item boxes Complete 500 races Earn 500,000 coins 25