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Things I did:

  • Filled out 80%-90% of the Turbo Kart Racers section.
  • Filled out everything about the TKR Grand Prix.
  • Made pages for every Murder Mystery map except Hollywood.
  • Filled out a giant chunk of the Christmas 2019 page.
  • Updated tons of outdated info on Murder Mystery cosmetics.
  • Added some images of Murder Mystery Kill Notes.
  • Write all of the above at 2 in the morning.

What I'm doing currently: Living in quarantine.


  • SSB Brawl - Toon Link
  • SSB Ultimate - Terry
  • Shovel Knight Showdown - Reize
  • Siivagunner KFAD - Unregistered Hypercam 2
  • Siivagunner KFAD2 - Jack and Elmo, Missingno., Law & Disorder
  • SMITE - Neith and Bakasura