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VampireZ Achievements

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There are 48 Achievements in VampireZ, giving a total of 555 Achievement Points.

Tiered Achievements[edit]

Name Tier Description Points
Blood Sucker I Kill 10 Survivors 5
II Kill 100 Survivors 10
III Kill 500 Survivors 15
IV Kill 1,000 Survivors 20
V Kill 2,500 Survivors 25
Survivor I Win 1 games as a Survivor 5
II Win 10 games as a Survivor 10
III Win 50 games as a Survivor 15
IV Win 100 games as a Survivor 20
V Win 150 games as a Survivor 25
Vampire Hunter I Kill 10 Vampires 5
II Kill 100 Vampires 10
III Kill 500 Vampires 15
IV Kill 1,000 Vampires 20
V Kill 2,500 Vampires 25
VampireZ Banker I Earn 10,000 coins in VampireZ 5
II Earn 20,000 coins in VampireZ 10
III Earn 55,000 coins in VampireZ 15
IV Earn 75,000 coins in VampireZ 20
V Earn 150,000 coins in VampireZ 25
Zombie Hunter I Kill 250 Zombies 5
II Kill 500 Zombies 10
III Kill 2,500 Zombies 15
IV Kill 7,500 Zombies 20
V Kill 10,000 Zombies 25

Challenge Achievements[edit]

Name Description Points
Black Friday Kill a Survivor in the first round 5
Bloodthirsty Have 150 Blood at once 5
Bloody Bulldozer Kill 10 Survivors in one game 10
Cash4Blood Purchase Blood from the shop 5
Chest Hunter Find 3 loot chests 10
Close Call Kill a Vampire while on half a heart 10
Coins4Gold Purchase Goold from the shop 5
Dangerous to Go Alone Purchase a sword from the Gold Shop 5
Don't need it! Win a game as a Human without using the shop 15
Fits Like a Glove Purchase armor from the Gold Shop 5
Gold Digger Have 1000 gold at once 10
Last Chance Win the game as the last surviving Human 15
Last Man Standing Be the last remaining Survivor 10
Not the Survival Games Purchase food from the Gold Shop 5
POTIONS! Drink 20 Potions as a Human in a single game 5
The Orginial Kill a Survivor with The Original Fang 5
Undefeatable! Purchase a full set of God Armor and a God Sword as a Human 10
Vampire Slayer Kill 15 Vampires in one game 10
Vampiric Mutant Purchase something from the Blood Shop 5
Wizard Use 5 holy books in a single game as a Human 5
Zombie Killer Kill 35 Zombies in one game 10
Zombie Slayer Kill 100 Zombies in one game 10
Zombie Whisperer Kill a survivor with a Baby Zombie 5