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With the Patch 0.5 on July 2nd, 2019, 60 achievements were added.


These achievements have 'tiers' where you get achievement points for each tier of the achievement that you reach. Each tiered achievement has 5 tiers.

Name Description Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Angler Achieve Fishing levels V X XV XX XXV
Augmentation Achieve Enchanting levels V X XV XX XXV
Combat! Achieve Combat levels V X XV XX XXV
Concoctor Achieve Alchemy levels V X XV XX XXV
Excavator Achieve Mining levels V X XV XX XXV
Gatherer Achieve Foraging levels V X XV XX XXV
Harvester Achieve Farming levels V X XV XX XXV
Minion Lover [Co-op or you] Craft x unique Minions 10 25 100 250 500
Treasury Unlock x Collections 10 20 30 40 50


These achievements can only be achieved once.

Name Description
Explorer Discover all areas on the main island
Master Enchanter Enchant something using 64 Levels
Into the Deep Reach the Obsidian Sanctuary in the Deep Caverns
Your adventure begins... Travel to hub from your island
Lost Soul Find a Fairy Soul
Quest complete! Complete the Villager Quest
Arcadia Place 5 unique Islands on your private world
Combined efforts Start a Co-op
The Flint Bros! Find both Pat and Rick
Promise Fulfilled Max out a promising tool
A Challenging Climb Scale the Spider's Den
Soul Hunter Find 20 Fairy Souls
Production Expanded Unlock a new Minion slot
Mass Production Craft a Lvl XI Minion
I knew it! ??????
Your Big break Survive an entire SkyBlock year without dying
Happy New Year Obtain a New Year Cake from the Baker
Expensive Brew Brew a Tier VIII Potion
Worth it Spend more than 200 levels on a single Sword enchantment
Supreme Farmer Wear a full set of Farm Armor
Welcome to my Factory Place a Farm Crystal???
Brain Power Drink an Adrenaline Potion
Spiky Craft a Thorns 3 book
Gottagofast Wear the full Speedster Armor
King of the chickens Obtain the Feather Artifact
This is fair Kill a pig using the Pigman Sword
Time to go on vacation Upgrade a minion with the Super Compactor 3000
Super Fuel Upgrade a minion with the Enchanted Lava Bucket
Advanced Transportation Sell an item using the Enchanted Hopper
The One Bottle Craft a Titanic Experience Bottle
Precious Minerals Wear a full set of Emerald Armor
Accessories Galore Unlock the final Accessory Bag upgrade
More Space Expand a Minion using the Minion Expander
Deep Storage Unlock the level 3 Ender Chest Upgrade
Overkill Drink a Critical 3 Potion
No Enchants Needed Drink a Burning Potion
It Never Ends Kill a zombie using the Zombie Sword
Three Birds, One Arrow Kill 3 monsters with one shot from Runaan's Bow
Higher Than a Rabbit Wear the Spider's Boots
Death From Above Kill a mob using the damage from the Leaping Sword ability
Hsssss Wear the Creeper Pants
Second Chance Consume the Saving Grace
Flamin Hot Consume 200 Magma Creams using the Magma Bow
Time To Start Fishing Place the Pond Island
King Of The Sea Wear the Guardian Chestplate
Bigger Storage Is Seeded Place a Large Storage
I Am Groot Wear a set of Growth Armor with a Bonus 100 hp
A good spider is a dead spider Kill the Broodmother
Cute Little Cube Kill the Magma Boss
??? ??????
??? ??????
Legendary Rod Fish using the Rod of Legends
Baited Obtain the Bait Ring
Water Sword Kill a squid using the Prismarine Blade
Animal Fishing Fish using the Farmer's Rod
Sea Monsters Obtain the Sea Creature Artifact
Treasure Fishing Fish up a Large Treasure
Higher Enchants Obtain a Lvl 6 Enchanted Book
Fortunate Fish 2 treasures at once using the blessing enchant
Big Game Fisher Kill a Sea Creature that requires Fishing Lvl 20 or higher
Agile Drink an Agility Potion
Night Eyes Obtain the Night Vision Charm
Saddle Up! Craft a Saddle (Bonus Achievement)


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