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Aspect of the Jerry

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The Aspect of the Jerry (AOTJ) is a Common Sword that only does 1 base damage.

The AOTJ as a joke was created by a Youtuber named TommyInnit, which later the development team then added the AOTJ into the game.

The AOTJ is able to be reforged and a Thick AOTJ can be created using Wood singularity, which then adds an additional +100 ¤ Strength and increases the rarity of the item to Uncommon. NOTE: This is not a weapon if the player wants a serious weapon.

A pets that is named Jerry Pet increases the damage of the weapon by 1 per 10 levels that the Jerry pet receives. The Lion Pet at Legendary at level 100 gives 20 damage to the joke weapon. The Blaze pet doubles the effects of Hot Potato Books, making it better than what the lion pet stats of the sword would have.


The Move Jerry eggs can be obtained by clicking the 'Move Jerry' option in Jerry's menu, storing the egg in a chest and repeating the process once more.



Channel your inner Jerry

Mana cost: 0 Mana

Cooldown: 5 seconds

did you know?

It has the lowest damage and strength of any Weapon in the game.