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Auction House

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The Auction House is a location in the Village and houses auctions. It is found to the right of the spawn point.

Auctions are created by players where they can sell and bid for items in return for coins. To browse or create an auction, the player has to interact with the Auction Master NPC in the Auction House.

Auction Browser

The Auction Browser

Auction browsing is done in multiple sections:

  • Weapons (swords, bows, axes, magic weapons)
  • Armor (hats, chestpieces, leggings, boots)
  • Accessories (Talismans, Orbs, Artifacts, Rings)
  • Consumables (potions, books, food)
  • Blocks (dirt, stone)
  • Tools & Misc (tools, magic items, staff items, specials, basically everything else)

In the bottom of the GUI there are a few options: Search, Item Tier and Sort. You can search for an item by clicking the sign and typing the item name.

The Item Tier (Eye of Ender) will view the different rarities of items: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Special.

The Sort ability (hopper) will show certain options for filtering: Highest Bid, Lowest Bid, Ending Soon, and Most Bids.

To bid on an auction, you must have enough coins to meet the starting amount or 15% more than the most recent bid. Click on an item, then click the gold nugget ("Submit Bid") button. This will subtract the amount from your account. If you do not have enough coins, the gold nugget will instead show a poisoned potato.

The Bid History of an item is shown when clicking on the item in the Browser and hovering the map.

The Auctions Browser defaults to viewing: Weapons, All Tiers, Highest Bid

Auction Manager

Auction Creator.png

To manage your auctions, click the Gold Horse Armor in the Auctions Master GUI.

This will show your current auctioned items and their respective price. To create an auction, click the Gold Horse Armor again at the bottom of the manage GUI.

The auction creator will let you click an item from your inventory to put up for auction.

Clicking the gold bar will let you choose the minimum bidding price, which must be at least 10 coins and is maxed at 2,147,483,647 coins (~2.1 billion) for items of the tiers: RARE, EPIC, LEGENDARY and SPECIAL. For COMMON and UNCOMMON items the maximum starting bid is up to 5x the value an NPC would pay for it (Example: A clean Sweet Axe is sold for 25 coins at an NPC, therefore it's maximum auction price is 125 coins).

Clicking the clock will let you select the total amount of time players will have to bid on your auction out of 5 presets (1h, 6h, 12h, 24h and 2d) or a custom value in minutes (Right-click) or in hours (Left-click), which must be at least 5 minutes and maxed at 14 days.

The player must foot 5% of the asking price as well as a scaling fee for hours listed. This serves as an excise tax to reduce inflation and market saturation.

The Bid History of an item is shown when clicking on the item in the Browser and hovering over the map.

Auction Tips

Making Auctions:

  • Create a minimum price that helps you profit while not being too high. Remember, the minimum price is the LEAST you will make, so make it low enough that your auction will still get some bids.
  • Enchanting an item can give it a higher value. Don't waste Enchantments on it however, as an item with Protection I may sell for less than if you had not enchanted it. This is because now you have to use anvils to add other enchants, which is harder than just buying a piece without Protection I.
  • If you are unsure on what price you should set for your item, look at other prices for the same item, and use that as a guide for setting your price. You may have a higher chance of getting a bid if you set your price lower than other same items.
  • Advertising an auction in chat after it is created at a low price can garner multiple bids from users who may continue competing up to the equilibrium value.

Bidding on Auctions:

  • Don't bid excessively high. Bid enough to win the item, but not enough that it won't be worth it.
  • If you have the time and dedication, bid on an item you like towards the end of the auction to discourage more bids towards the beginning.
  • Don't bid on worthless items that won't be bidden on and won't give you a profit.
  • Utilizing the sorting functionality to select the appropriate category and rarity of a desired item, then sorting by ending soon helps to locate multiple copies of the item and can be used to gauge an appropriate buy value.
  • Don't bid war; it unnecessarily increases the price of items.
  • If an item's price goes too high, find another item to bid on.

Auction Scamming

Please note that scamming is not allowed and should be reported at https://hypixel.net/report

Common scams which rely on the Auction House:

  • Fake enchanted items - Ensure that the item you are bidding on is in fact enchanted if you are buying enchanted items
  • Fake Super Compactors - When buying Super Compactors, ensure that they are not regular Compactors.
  • Level IV enchants - IV looks very similar to VI, ensure that the books you are buying are the correct enchantment level.
  • "I'm quitting skyblock, bid on my item for my gear" - All of these are scams.


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