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Auto Smelter

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The Auto Smelter is a Minion Upgrade that is used by Minions to automatically convert items into their respective smelted form.

For example the Iron Minion directly produces Iron Ingots instead of Iron Ore, the Cactus Minion produces Cactus Green instead of Cactus, and Raw Porkchop is cooked (not recommended) without the player having to manually perform this task with a Furnace.

The Auto Smelter is unlocked in the Cobblestone Collection Lvl III, requiring players to gather at least 250 Cobblestone.

Auto Smelter in use

Auto Smelter In Use by a Cactus Minion


  • Using an Auto Smelter in a Cactus Minion before patch 0.7.2 did not advance the Cactus Collection, as the Minion produces Cactus Green rather than Cactus. This got fixed then.