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The Bank is a location in the Hub World that is used to store Coins safely in the player's account. Inside the Bank is the Banker, who serves as the manager of the Banking System.

Banking System

After right-clicking the Banker, the Bank GUI will open, revealing two options: Deposit Coins and Withdraw Coins, along with a map and Information.

There are three options available while depositing coins: depositing the whole purse, half the purse, or an specific amount.

While withdrawing coins, there are four options: withdrawing everything on the account, half the account, 20% of the account, or an specific amount.

The map shows the last 10 transactions done by the player and their co-op members and the total amount of transactions.

At the end of every in-game season (31 hours), 2% of the total amount of coins stored in the bank is added as interest (e.g., if you have 100 coins in your bank, you will get 2 coins, adding up to 102).

Coins stored in the bank are not lost when the player dies.


The bank's main location is in the Hub World. The bank can also be accessed by the player when not at the physical location.

The Piggy Bank item is unlocked at tier V of the Raw Porkchop collection and allows the player to interact with the bank using an inventory item.

Additionally the Emerald tier VI collection rewards the Personal Bank Upgrade, which allows the player to interact with the bank using an option through the nether star.

Bank Upgrades

Bank interests can now only stack up to 2 times, in case profiles are offline for a very long time.

Bank interests work based on the total amount of coins currently in the bank.

From 0 coins to 10 million coins: 2% interest

From 10 million coins to 20 million coins: 1% interest

From 20 million coins to 30 million coins: 0.5% interest

From 30 million coins to 50 million coins: 0.2% interest

From 50 million coins to 160 million coins: 0.1% interest

Bank interests are now capped based on Bank Upgrades:

Bank Upgrade.png


  • Even though the Bank has a Vault (made of iron blocks), judging by the size of the building, it cannot contain a single block. This is confirmed by the fact that all of the Bank's gold is scattered on the shelves, on the outside of the bank and even on the roof.
  • Currently, a maximum of 50,000,000 Coins can be stored in a single bank account.
  • The sum of all SkyBlock banks on 11th September, 2019 (about 3 months after release) was 65,464,898,072 Coins. At that time roughly 2 million players have played SkyBlock, meaning each player statistically had about 32,732 Coins inside their Banks.[1]