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Bows are ranged weapons that uses up Arrows. They allow players to attack from a distance and use up other Items or Mana for a specific effect.

  • Notes:
Rar = Rarity of the Bow
Dam = Damage
Str = Strength


There are 15 Bows:

Name Rar Dam Str Other Stats Effects Source
Bonemerang Le 320 130 Swing:
Throw the bone a short distance, dealing the damage an arrow would. Deals double damage coming back. Pierces up to 10 foes.
Catacombs Floor IV
Bow Co 30 Vanilla, Spider Jockey, Weaponsmith
Decent Bow Un 45 Gregory
End Stone Bow Ep 140 Extreme Focus:
Consumes all your mana, and your next hit will deal that much more damage!
Dropped from killed Watchers in the Dragon's Nest
Ender Bow Ra 60 Ender Warp:
Shoots an Ender Pearl. Upon landing you deal damage to all Monsters in a 8.0 block radius for 10.0% of their Health.
Mana Cost: 50 Cooldown: 45s
Ender Pearl Lvl V
Explosive Bow Ep 100 20 Explosive:
Creates an explosion on impact! Every Monster caught in this explosion takes the full damage of the weapon!
Gunpowder IX
Hurricane Bow Ep 120 50 Tempest:
The more kills you get using this bow the more powerful it becomes! Reach 250 kills to unlock its full potential.
Double Shot 20 kills
Triple Shot 50 kills
Quadruple Shot 100 kills
Quintuple Shot 250 kills.
Bone VII
Magma Bow Ep 100 100 Consumes 1 Magma Cream from the Inventory or Quiver to x2 damage per shot. Magma Cream IX
Mosquito Bow Le 251 101 +19% CrD Nasty Bite:
(Fully charged shots while sneaking) Deal +19% damage. Heal for 2× the mana cost.
Mana Cost: 11% of max mana
Spider Slayer Lvl 7
Prismarine Bow Un 50 25 Will consume Prismarine Shards in your inventory or Quiver to deal +300% Damage to Squids, Guardians and Elder Guardians. Prismarine Shard Lvl V
Runaan's Bow Le 160 50 Triple Shot:
Shoots 3 arrows at a time! The 2 extra arrows deal 40.0% percent of the damage.
Bone IX
Savanna Bow Un 50 All damage dealt with this bow is doubled. Acacia Wood VII
Scorpion Bow Ep 110 10 Stinger:
(Fully charged shots while sneaking) Slows the victim and deal 35x of your Strength as damage per second for 6s.
Mana Cost: 150
Spider Slayer Lvl 3
Slime Bow Ep 100 +50% CrD Will consume Slimeballs in your inventory or Quiver to deal 5x damage to Magma Cubes and Slimes. Slimeball IX
Wither Bow Un 30 Deals +100% damage to Withers and Wither Skeletons. Weaponsmith