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Changelog 2019-06-13

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General Changes

  • Opened game to all players (including non-ranked)
  • Minion Slot Unlock Buffs
    • You now need 5 Unique minions to unlock the 6th slot (instead of 10)
    • You now need 10 extra unique minions to unlock the 7th slot (15 total, instead of 25)
    • You now need 15 extra unique minions to unlock the 8th slot (30 total, instead of 50)
    • You now need 20 extra unique minions to unlock the 9th slot (50 total, instead of 75)
    • After 75, you will gain +1 Slot every 25 unique minions, until you reach the cap: 20
    • The maximum island cap is now 20.
  • Added Common rarity tag
  • Taiga Biome Stick now changes biome to Cold Taiga instead of Taiga

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several exploits (thanks to those who reported them!)
  • Fixed chests becoming unbreakable and losing their items
  • Fixed being able to place minions in the hub by shift-clicking on crafting tables
  • Fixed ender chest getting reset when a server restarts
  • Fixed selling price of cookies
  • Fixed gold price from the Gold Forger
  • Fixed being able to use splash potions on other players in the hub
  • Fixed being able to die multiple times at once
  • Fixed some unreachable Fairy Souls
  • Fixed clickable crafting recipes in the chat
  • Fixed a broken color code in a string
  • Fixed a hole that you could get stuck in
  • Fixed price balancing for the Undead Sword
  • Fixed a variety of issues with joining and warping to islands
  • Fixed ores sometimes not respawning on the mining islands
  • Fixed Hub Selector sometimes showing no hubs
  • Added barriers to the elevator shaft on the Deep Caverns island
  • Fixed some recipes that shouldn’t have been unlocked
  • Fixed the “Close” button in the crafting table not doing anything
  • Fixed scoreboard disappearing in the hub and tab being unformatted
  • Fixed co-op sync issues when a player is added through /coopadd
  • Possibly fix items in menus getting lost when you get moved to another server
  • Fixed losing inventory when dying to lava or fall damage