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Changelog 2019-06-17

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General Changes

  • Increased spawn rate of Sugar Cane on the Mushroom Desert biome
  • Changed the Taiga Biome Stick to use the snow_taiga biome which allows ice to form
  • Added /cchat as an alias to /coopchat
  • Fishing rods now deal damage similar to normal Minecraft

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed more exploits, thanks again to people who reported them!
  • Disabled being able to light nether portals to prevent stuck portal blocks
  • Fixed an exploit to crash worlds with the Frost Walker enchantment
  • Fixed item frames and paintings disappearing upon switching worlds
  • Fixed some cases of resources not respawning
  • Fixed the Lazy Miner’s pickaxe being invisible once one player in the server claimed it
  • Fixed losing items held in your cursor and clicking to pickup a minion
  • Fix 2+ tall Sugar Cane only dropping 1 item
  • Fixed Frost Walker ice not disappearing if you leave the world
  • Fixed Slimes being able to hit you after they’ve died
  • Fixed the Ice Minion not working
  • Fixed Nether Brick/Netherrack price balancing
  • Changed or added all 1.8 recipes including fences, slime blocks, etc.
  • Fixed minions sometimes not recognizing minion storage units
  • Fixed for a short time being unable to craft tools
  • Fixed minions complaining about ideal layout when a storage unit was next to them
  • Fixed a leftover debug message (ayy lmao)
  • Fixed Spruce Slab recipe giving Birch Slabs and vice versa
  • Fixed an issue with blocks placed by minions not giving skill XP and collection progress
  • Fixed the clay minion from becoming full from just 8 clay
  • Fixed being able to move your Skyblock Menu while inside a crafting menu
  • Fixed the Skeleton Minion becoming full from just 1 bone
  • Fixed Enchanted Golden Apple being labelled as common
  • Fixed the PvP area extending one block outside the gate of the Colosseum
  • Fixed being able to claim the New Years Cake more than once
  • Fixed minion storage chests sometimes not working while offline
  • Fixed using Silk Touch on mushroom blocks resulting in a block named “null”
  • Fixed the name of the Enchantment Table item being “Enchantement Table”
  • Fixed being able to duplicate the Skyblock Menu and removed any existing duplicates
  • Fixed taking fall damage when landing on slime blocks
  • Fixed being able to take barrier items out of the anvil menu
  • Fixed fishing rods being able to hit other players in the hub
  • Fixed breaking ores with silk touch giving experience orbs
  • Fixed cactus item still dropping when a minion chest is invalidly placed next to it