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Changelog 2019-07-02

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General Changes

  • Skills how have rewards for levels 26 to 50. (Some players already reached lvl 25!)
  • There is now a mysterious NPC that appears at a mysterious time at a mysterious place for a mysterious event.
  • Enchanted Iron efficient recipe got fixed.
  • Magma Armor bonus got fixed, again.
  • [PIG+] rank now works in SkyBlock.
  • The Guide is now Jerry.
  • You can’t get rid of Jerry because there is always another Jerry to replace him
  • Jerry can give you an egg to place Jerry somewhere else
  • Jerry will now give you updates on SkyBlock patches and eventual deliveries
  • Jerry can change the biome of your island if you give him Biome sticks
  • Auto Smelter now works with Cactus -> Cactus Green Dye

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Auto Smelter not working for ores placed in Storage chests
  • Fixed some cases of sugar cane growing on the Mushroom Desert island without the bottom piece
  • Fixed some cases of Storage chests becoming normal chests
  • Fixed the ideal layout menu for Ghast minion showing wrong radius
  • Fixed enchanted iron and enchanted eye of ender not having the new easier recipe
  • Fixed dead Witches coming back to life
  • Fixed Launch Pad particles showing across worlds
  • Fixed the Slime Hat
  • Fixed being able to place down enchanted redstone
  • Fixed some sponge blocks in the hub island
  • Fixed the Super Compactor using too many bones to craft enchanted bones
  • Fixed some more exploits

Fishing Update

Fishing is relaxing, but sometimes too relaxing.
Sea Creatures

There is a lot to explain, too much! Instead we will give you some bullet points:

  • Players now have a chance to catch Mobs while fishing, tons of Mobs.​
  • In your Skill Menu you'll now find the Sea Creature Guide.​
  • The higher your Fishing Level, the crazier they get.​
  • Fishing Exp is now 4x higher. 4 times!​
  • You can fish Sea Creatures on your island, but the rates are higher in public islands.​
  • There are 3 new Collections (Lily Pads, Sponge, Ink Sacs).​
  • All new Collections have 9 Rewards.​
  • Most current Fishing Collections have new rewards.​
  • You can use Bait to increase your fishing speed and catch some Sea Creatures.​
  • There is a new Fishing Minion.​
  • Treasure loot changed.​
  • That's it, now fish!​


Added 51 new Challenge Achievements. Added 9 Tiered Achievements (so 45 unique ones).

Redstone Testing

We are starting to implement Redstone but very slowly, with more testing we will implement more features.

  • Pistons are disabled (they can break many things still).
  • Minecarts are limited to 3 on the entire island, for performance reasons.
  • You now have a Redstone Meter in your scoreboard when using Redstone.
  • If you reach 100%, Redstone will be disabled on your island for 10 seconds.
  • If everything goes well, we will add more Redstone features in the next updates.