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Changelog 2019-07-08

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Angler armor spawning a sea creature 100% of the time
  • Fixed fishing rod lines and bobbers being invisible in 1.14.x (may take a while for it to stop happening everywhere)
  • Fixed the “The Flint Bros” achievement not working if you had already spoken to at least one of the NPCs previously
  • Fixed an issue where Jerry would steal all the items if he spawned on a chest
  • Fixed hoppers being able to pick up bait
  • Fixed the Sea Creature Guide book not properly showing up in the Fishing skill menu
  • Fixed Magic Mushroom Soup stacking in weird ways
  • Fixed item abilities being triggered when clicking on workbenches or ender chests
  • Charcoal is now a fuel equivalent to coal
  • Fixed Life Steal enchantment working on players in hub
  • Fixed enchanted eyes of ender being used normally
  • Fixed Skeleton Hat bones being picked up by hoppers
  • Fixed Super Compactor requiring too many resources for eggs, bones, ender pearls and rotten flesh
  • Fixed coin skulls being picked up by hoppers
  • Fixed Golem Sword ability dealing no damage
  • Fixed enchanted clay not having the new recipe layout
  • Fixed Aiming enchantment targeting Jerry
  • Fixed auction messages being sent when you’re not in SkyBlock
  • Fixed a case where Jerry would multiply
  • Fixed an issue causing players to not be able to complete the objective to talk to Jerry
  • Fixed an issue allowing islands to go above 100% redstone usage
  • Fixed glass panes in menus such as the Talisman Bag disappearing
  • Fixed item drop protection for Monster of the Deep and Water Hydra
  • Fixed Monster of the Deep sometimes dismounting in water
  • Fixed skins for minions, NPCs, etc. not loading
  • If you have an item that has a default Steve/Alex skin, toss it on the ground and pick it up again
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get errors saying the game has already started