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Changelog 2019-10-11

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Slayer Quests

If you want to tip your toes into some really challenging content, or if you enjoy incremental progression and theorycrafting, Slayer is where to go.

Find Maddox the Slayer in the basement of the Tavern in the SkyBlock Hub to do Slayer Quests.​

Maddox is a new NPC who lives under the Tavern. His quests are fairly simple: Kill X number of monsters, then slay the boss.

Each of the 3 bosses available today are split into 4 increasingly difficult tiers. The highest tier will challenge even the most hardened veterans out there. We recommend obtaining the highest possible skills, best equipment, top potions and some aiming skills before attempting Tier IV.

Plenty of rewards await for those with the discipline to reach the top, including new Armor Sets fine-tuned against each bosses, new epic Accessories, brand new Minion types, upgrades, arrow poison, permanent stats, unique perks, tons of items... for a cost!

Minion Balance

Some Minions are strong, some are weak, some don't work correctly. Thanks to community involvement in the minion balance thread, we have the first Minion Balancing update.

Keep in mind balancing is an ongoing process, give us your feedback!

Bank Upgrades

Players will soon have interesting things to buy, but in the meantime, banks are growing and it is time to introduce Bank Upgrades!

  • Bank Interests can now only stack up to 2 times, in case profiles are offline for a very long time.
  • Bank interests now work based on the total amount of Coins currently in the Bank.
  • From 0 coins to 10 million coins: 2% interest
  • From 10 million coins to 20 million coins: 1% interest
  • From 20 million coins to 30 million coins: 0.5% interest
  • From 30 million coins to 50 million coins: 0.2% interest
  • From 50 million coins to 160 million coins: 0.1% interest

Bank interests are now capped based on Bank Upgrades:

Bank Upgrade.png

Upgrade 1

  • Gold Account (Requires 100k Gold Ingot Collection)
Costs: 5 million coins + 1 Enchanted Gold Block
Increases the Bank cap from 50 millions to 100 millions
Also increase the interest cap from 15 millions to 20 millions (total of 300k interests maximum)

Upgrade 2

  • Deluxe Account (Requires 250k Gold Ingot Collection)
Costs: 10 million coins + 5 Enchanted Gold Blocks
Increases the Bank cap from 100 millions to 250 millions
Also increase the interest cap from 20 millions to 30 millions (total of 350k interests maximum)

Upgrade 3

  • Super Deluxe Account (Requires 500k Gold Ingot Collection)
Costs: 25 million coins + 20 Enchanted Gold Blocks
Increases the Bank cap from 250 millions to 500 millions
Also increase the interest cap from 30 millions to 50 millions (total of 390k interests maximum)

Upgrade 4

  • Premier Account (Requires 1M Gold Ingot Collection)
Costs: 50 million coins + 50 Enchanted Gold Blocks
Increases the Bank cap from 500 millions to 1,000 millions
Also increase the interest cap from 50 millions to 160 millions (total of 500k interests maximum)

On top of that, we added a 1% tax on auctions collected above 1 million coins. Note that this tax can’t go below 1 million coins, so if you collect an auction at 1,005,000, you’ll get 1 million exactly) Let us know what you think!

SkyBlock API

We recently released the SkyBlock API, which will allow content creators to make very useful websites. By default some of your stats are turned ON or OFF by default, you can now find those options and toggle them in your SkyBlock Settings.

A note on future content

As most of you already know, we are currently working on Dungeons. Dungeons require new technologies and features we never used before, and while we are making good progress, it should not come as a surprise that the very first Dungeon will take a lot longer to create than the next ones. The closer we get to release, the more infos we will give you. The next SkyBlock patch will be 0.7.3 and will feature more content, unrelated to Dungeons, and is expected to release within 2 to 3 weeks.