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Changelog 2019-10-14

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Slayer Bosses

  • Increased Tier IV boss XP from 400 -> 500 XP, reduced Tier IV kills requirement by 25%.
  • Reduced Sven Packmaster's top speed a lot cause it was ridiculous.
  • Reduced Revenant Horror speed boost a bit when hit.
  • Increased the time before bosses regen when out of combat by 40%.
  • Fixed boss aggro mechanic so it doesn't start running way out.
  • Fixed the boss teleporting way too much on the player under certain conditions.

Related to Bosses

  • Fixed random quest not rewarding bonus rewards.
  • Mini-bosses (like Revenant Sycophant) now correctly stop following the player at some point.


  • Fixed +50% healing wand buff on the Revenant Armor set.
  • Fixed Shaman Sword reducing wolf damage way too much.
  • Stop players from placing the batphone on the ground.
  • Fixed the Boots of the Pack being classified as leggings.


  • Fix fishing rod bobbers not applying the rod's damage.
  • Correctly apply stats on infinite quiver shots. Infinite quiver procs used to deal very little damage.
  • Fix some translation errors.

Part 2 of these changes can be found at Changelog 2019-10-15