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Changelog 2019-10-17

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Forum Thread


  • Damage/stat modifiers now correctly apply against enemy abilities. This includes Revenant/Tarantula Bulwark, but also many other things. For example, did you know Resistance potion's defense bonus didn't work against Pestilence?
  • Spiked Hook was dealing +250% damage instead of +25%
  • Cleave Enchant was only dealing 3% damage regardless of level, now properly does 15%. Also, it was sort of dealing random damage, now it should hit properly for 15% damage at rank V.
  • Fixed Leaping Sword multiplying the player's crit damage stat by 1.25 instead of adding +25%.


  • Abilities/enchants now don't apply invulnerability ticks on mobs. This includes Pigman's sword Burning Souls, but also Thorns, Venomous... :eek:
  • Fixed Extreme Focus on End Stone Sword so the resistance bonus doesn't go away on the first hit. Also added some sfx to it.


  • Normalized the Slayer XP required for Broodfather & Packmaster LVLs so they're the same as Zombie.
  • Reduced the insane damage of dark-red mini-bosses. They still hit hard, but half as much.
  • Added a minute to Sven's time limit.