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Changelog 2019-10-24

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Forum Thread

Spooky Event

One of the goals of SkyBlock is to be filled with multiple events happening every day, today we are releasing the second Event: The Spooky Festival

This new event takes place at the very end of the Autumn season and will happen every SkyBlock year from now on. First Spooky Festival will happen early Sunday for North America, Noon in Center European Time. A SkyBlock year is exactly 5 days and 3 hours so that all events can rotate a bit every year to ensure sure every timezone has access to them at some point. The Calendar in your SkyBlock Menu has all event schedules! The Spooky Festival lasts for 1 hour, during which every monster on public islands will drop either Green and Purple Candies.

The Fear Mongerer is a new NPC that appears for 3 hours (1 hour before and after the event) and is located in the Village, where the Baker usually stands. Candies can be traded there for a few fun and useful items. Also, the top 5000 players to get the most Candies during the event will get rewards! Green candies count for 1 point and Purple ones count for 5 points. Higher-level monsters have better chances to drop Purple Candies.

Event improvements

The Events menu now has an "Event Reward" button at the bottom left, if you forget to pick up your rewards at the end of an event, they will get stored there. The Baker now sells a new item, the New Year Cake Bag, for 250k coins. This bag can hold up to 27 of your New Year Cakes and gives +1 HP for every unique Cake stored inside. ​

New Year Cake Bag Desc.png

New Spooky Achievements

Participate in killing a Headless Horseman - 5 points Find a Purple Candy - 5 points Kill a Bat Piñata - 5 points

New Pumpkin Collection Items

The Pumpkin Collection now has 2 new items

Training Dummy

Unlocked in Pumpkin Collection V This Training Dummy lets you choose any mob you want to test your weapons on, they have 5000 Health and once they die, they respawn back to full health.

Farming Boots

Unlocked in Pumpkin Collection IX Similar to the Lantern Helmet, those boots scale with your Farming Level, the higher it is, the more speed they give you. Useful when farming!

Spooky Village

The Villagers decided to decorate their houses during the Spooky Festival

Zealot Changes

The second balancing thread received a lot of positive feedback, so we decided to changes Zealots accordingly:

  • Added Portal Frames again in the hands of the special Zealots.
  • Zealots with Portal Frames are weaker, they deal less damage and have less Health than regular ones.
  • Instead of Zealots having a small chance of being special when players kill them, they has a small chance of spawning a Portal Frame Zealot close to them.
  • When a player "spawns" a Portal Frame Zealot, they get notified with a strange sound and chat message.
  • The player who "spawned" the Zealot has a few seconds of drop priority on the Summoning Eye, in case someone managed to snipe it just before them.
  • If a player needed more than 1 hit to kill their last regular Zealot, the spawn chances are buffed by 10%.
  • Special Zealots now drop Summoning Eyes when killed by non-direct damage (cleave effect, venomous, fire aspect etc).

Keep in mind that we absolutely need feedback on those changes, please test and let us know if it feels better than before.

We also added the changes to rare drops.

For any rare drop/spawn in the game (1% chance or below), if a player gets unlucky and goes beyond the threshold, the drop chances for that item will be doubled.

Colosseum Changes

SkyBlock isn't much about PvP, but we still want PvP to be a fun option for players.

The first step in that direction is to change the current Colosseum:

  • Damage and Healing now reduced by 75% inside the Colosseum
  • The Arena is now opened, and players can go inside to play FFA
  • 1v1 Duels are now in separate rooms
  • Players will not regenerate mana anymore during 1v1 matches
  • Bone Shield does not work against players anymore
  • Guardian Chestplate does not work against players anymore
  • Death messages are now only visible when inside the Colosseum
  • PVP in SkyBlock is still very experimental. Feel free to give us feedback on what you think is too good (or not good enough!).

The Bartender

This NPC located in the Bar finally got his shipment and can start selling useful beverages!

Basic Brews are potions you can use instead of Awkward potions. For example, the Decent Coffee would add +8 Speed to any potions crafted with it.

The Brewing stand UI now allows shift-clicking potions!

3 New Tunes!

SkyBlock now has 3 new Tunes that play in different locations of the map.

  • "Sky of Trees" will now play on Foraging islands
  • "Abstract Ringing" will now play in the Wilderness
  • "Hallow Hallow" is the theme of the Spooky Event

General Changes