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Changelog 2019-11-11

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Forums Thread

Foraging Island

The Foraging Islands were too small, players were struggling to gather wood, and the islands were overall not living up to our gameplay standards, however cute they were.

Like mentioned in a previous patch, one of our goals is to make all current skills interesting. This is the first step towards making Foraging fun, the second step will include a second tier of Foraging Island (one of our projects in 2020).

As per usual, we won't spoil what the Island contains, but you can expect interesting content for everyone.

There are 8 new NPCs on the Foraging island; we thought since we're remaking the island, we'd give everyone a good reason to explore it. As such, there is a rather large variety of fun new quests around it.

Let us know what you think!

New Furnitures

We added 26 new Furnitures in this update, those are all unlocked through Carpentry levels 11 to 25.

General Changes

Fairy Soul Tracker and Completed Quests

You can now see how many Fairy Souls you unlocked on each island, from your Quest Menu.

Fairy Soul Tracker

Also, all Completed Quests will now be stored in a new submenu, inside the Quest Menu

New Boomer NPC

You can now find Walter in the Gunpowder Mines, he sells a new item that will become very useful in the future!

New Village Shop

Tailoring isn't a feature just yet, but the shop now exists! It currently only sells classy suits. Not very useful...

Reaper Scythe changes

  • Abilities and enchantments won't target/damage Desecrated ("allied" mobs) when they shouldn't.
  • Desecrated will now target enemies damaged by their owner's projectiles.
  • Desecrated's damage output is multiplied by 1/5 (deal 20% of damage)

Other changes

  • Tarantula Minion 1 is now given on Spider Slayer 5.
  • Revived Heart is now wearable at Zombie Slayer 6, instead of 7.
  • Scorpion Bow is not affected by damage multipliers anymore.
  • The End Race (and similar races) now have particle effects showing the path.
  • Fixed a bug related to touchscreen mode.
  • Fixed an issue related to Training Dummies.
  • Fixed stealing barriers and end portal frames from rune pedestal.
  • Fixed Red Claw, Spider, Hunter, Zombie and Healing talisman reforges stacking with their upgraded versions.
  • Fixed the Pets Menu not showing up for those who unlocked a Skeleton Horse.
  • Fixed stat buffs for Wolf Slayer & LVL 8,9 of all slayers, works retroactively.
  • Fixed NPCs who were being impolite and didn't look at the player.
  • Fixed the mana regen buff for Manaflux and Overflux.
  • Reduced the shop click cooldown by a lot.
  • Your Jerries played Battle Royale and only 1 is left, the best one.