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Changelog 2019-12-04

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Forum Thread

Elegant-tier Bug Fixes

  • Make aiming target at 70% of body height instead of always the feet
  • Changed the island minimum Y level from 2 to 0
  • Fixed looking up Enchanted Books on the Auction House using the search function
  • The Blacksmith no longer reforges item into the same reforge
  • Fixed Zombie Sword (and Ornate) not healing other players
  • Fixed Infinite Quiver stealing Scorpion and Mosquito bow shots
  • Waaay more precise duration on fuel items
  • Fixed Veteran bonus for Revenant mini-bosses
  • Show the proper skyblock item for potion ingredients in recipes (like Foul Flesh on stamina pots)
  • Fixed a bug where the player's item on their cursor would be deleted forever if dropping it with double-tap enabled and the player's inventory was full

Fancy-tier Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many many instances where "monsters" don't include all mobs, for example Raider Axe on wolves, Intimidation Talisman.... (many many cases)
  • Fixed Jamie failing to give the Rogue Sword
  • Fixed enderman dummy always turning into endermite
  • Stop Aiming enchant from targeting bat furniture and other non-collidables
  • Fixed the minimum bid amount in the Auction House for potion items and itemstacks with higher quantities than 1
  • Don't duplicate potion recipes in the alchemy recipe menu
  • Fixed losing potion modifiers from base brew (like viking's tear-filled combat xp bonus) on instance change
  • Fixed Fortunate achievement never triggering

Cheap-tier Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bunch of trees in The Park
  • Sped up the minion menu opening by about 150ms
  • Split the Guber races stat (on API)
  • Fixed a typo somewhere in /coopadd
  • Removed the % symbol from Strength potions descriptions
  • "Fixed" Runaan's description to say 40% instead of 40.0%
  • Fixed the true resistance description in the recipe menu

Piggy Bank

Here's a last bug fix: Fixed the Piggy Bank opening the full bank menu after depositing.

We realized this bug/feature has been live for a long time and players are used to it, so we decided to offer an alternative.

First, the Piggy Bank now has a new use.
You will not lose Coins from death if you have a Piggy Bank in your inventory.
On death, your Piggy Bank will break. You can repair it for 8 times cheaper than a new one. (it's about 5k coins of pork chops). On break/repair, you still keep the reforge on it.

Second, you can now upgrade the Personal Bank cooldown.
The Personal Bank is unlocked from Emerald Collection VI.
It used to always have a cooldown of 2 hours.
We added 3 upgrade tiers to it, with the top upgrade having a cooldown of.. 0 seconds.
Also, talking to the Banker in the hub resets the Personal Bank cooldown.

"Guy" in the hub (near the Colosseum) can upgrade your personal bank access time.

Item Pickup Settings

Some evil players found an epic gamer strategy to spam drop Boats and other "popular" items in the hub. This is the answer:

Player Drops Setting.png

Because this new setting didn't fit in the Settings menu, we re-organized the menu a bit.

Teleport Pad Names

You can now give cute names to your Teleport Pads on your island.

Teleport Pad Naming.png

Shady stuff going down

Some of you may know already, but the leader of the Dark Auction, Sirius, might not be a totally stand-up guy.

Two of his friends settled down in the tavern next to the dark auction building in the Wilderness.

Slayer Tweaks

  • Slayer boss drops will now guarantee dropping their respective "token" items (flesh, web, teeth). the other more rare drops and runes are on separate drop tables. If the stars align, you can get 3 different drops from a slayer boss.
  • Added slayer XP leaderboards icon (only shows to "veteran" players)
  • Inverted the LVL requirements for Mastiff and Pack Armor
  • Buffed Pack Armor to epic rarity
  • Added decent NPC sell prices for the ~20% drop rate slayer items
  • Foul Flesh is now a fuel for 90% during 5 hours, on top of ingredient for stamina pots.
  • Added Pooch Sword, a serious upgrade to Shaman Sword

Other general changes

  • Changed the price of Superboom TNT from 5k to 2.5k
  • Changed Maddox Batphone cooldown from 3 -> 1 minute
  • Reduced combat timer to 5 seconds if no enemies are within 12 blocks
  • One more thing, you can now kick inactive co-op members after 35 days of inactivity, even in a 2-players co-op.