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Changelog 2020-03-10

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Forum Thread

The Bazaar

The Bazaar is a new global feature to trade items with players.

Have you ever been looking for thousands of logs, diamonds or even lapis? Do you like going through hundreds of auctions, competing for bids and having to wait?

No more!

Commodities trading

The Bazaar is a special trading system for commodity items (like cobblestone, diamonds, wood...).

There are tons of products in the Bazaar, split typically by skill.

If you're looking for potatoes, you can pick Farming -> Potatoes and go for normal potatoes, enchanted potatoes or enchanted baked potatoes.

Then, you have 4 options:

Instantly buy potatoes at the current price

Instantly sell potatoes at the current price

Buy potatoes over time at the price you want

Sell potatoes over time at the price you want

If you want, you can completely ignore the two last options and instantly buy/sell thousands and thousands of potatoes.


The last two options in the bazaar are Buy Orders and Sell Offers.

Basically, everything in the Bazaar comes from orders created by players.

When you instantly buy, you're buying from someone's sell offer.

For example, if Dctr sells 3 summoning eyes for 617,200 coins each, it will show his offer like such:


If I buy 64 eyes (that's a lot of coins!), I will buy:

3 for 617.2k

43 for 618k, 14 for 619k

3 for 620k

1 for 625k.

3+43+14+3+1=64 eyes, for a total of 30.91 million.

Now, there's the inverse of this process if you're looking to sell instantly.

Players can create buy orders for all products and they're listed as such:

[IMG] ‚Äč So overall, the Bazaar lets you buy/sell items in bulk, buy/sell enchanted items and buy/sell items while you're asleep.


Q: Where is The Bazaar?

A: You can find him in the hub behind the Auction House at 33 71 -79.

Q: I don't understand.

A: Don't worry! Just go in game, find the Bazaar, and instantly buy a stack of cobblestone. You'll get a hang of the rest over time!

Q: Why is there a shop purchase limit?

A: Yes, there's now a limit to the number of each item you can buy from NPCs each day. In the game right now, the most profitable minion is clay. But no player wants clay - it is not really used for any special recipes.

We want players to trade with each others more. Players should farm items that are regularly used by the community, such as potatoes for the Hot Potato Book or wood logs for the Wooden Singularity.

As such, Having NPCs sell an infinite amount of items for a low coin cost basically made trading between players for high quantities of these items completely pointless.

By adding a purchase limit, a ton of new ways to make money just basically opened up, and the Bazaar is the most convenient way to do it. Supply and Demand will determine prices over time, and if you pay attention, you will make a lot of money with the Bazaar!

PS: Added 3 Fairy Souls in the hub and redecorated Bea's home.