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This page contains detailed patches and update logs for SkyBlock. All public changes are posted to the Hypixel forums either in the SkyBlock, SkyBlock Patch Notes or News and Announcements sub-forums.


Date Version Source Summary
2021-06-01 0.11.5 Forums A new Slayer boss, the Voidgloom Seraph.
2021-04-21 0.11.4 Forums Farming Island Revamp and Floor 6 Master Mode!
2021-04-20 Forums Backpacks Revamp
2021-03-30 0.11.3 Forums Master Mode, Balances, and More!
2021-03-12 Forums Bartender's brewery Changes and Revenant Horror V added.
2021-03-09 0.11.2 Forums New Spider's Den and Bestiary
2021-02-16 0.11.1 Forums New items in the Bits Shop
2021-01-15 0.11.0 Forums Dwarven Mines
2020-04-03 Forums New Bazaar Products
2020-03-12 Forums Dark Auction Upgrade
2020-03-11 Forums Bazaar tweaks
2020-03-10 0.7.7 Forums Bazaar
2020-02-28 Forums Plumber Joe & Bugs
2020-02-22 0.7.6 Forums Pets and Quality of Life
2020-01-25 Forums Bugfixes
2020-01-09 Forums Stacking patch
2020-01-08 Forums Multiple players hitting mobs
2019-12-21 Forums Winter Event changes
2019-12-17 0.7.5 Forums Winter Island & Balance Changes
2019-12-04 Forums Bugfixes, Teleport Pad Renames, Pooch Sword, Piggy Bank...
2019-11-18 Forums Crafting, Dummy and Quiver Fixes
2019-11-11 0.7.4 Forums Foraging Island Revamp, New Quests, General Changes
2019-10-24 0.7.3 Forums Spooky Event, Colosseum Changes, Balancing & Bug Fixes
2019-10-17 Forums Damage system fixes
2019-10-15 Forums More Slayer Changes
2019-10-14 Forums Small Slayer Fixes
2019-10-11 0.7.2 Forums Slayer Quests, Bank Upgrade, Balancing and Bug Fixes
2019-09-11 0.7.1 Forums Bug Fixes and QoL Changes
2019-09-10 Forums Profiles & Co-op Update
2019-08-15 Forums General Changes & Bug Fixes
2019-08-02 0.7 Forums The End, Carpentry, Runes, and more!
2019-07-21 Forums Bug Fixes
2019-07-19 Forums Bug Fixes
2019-07-15 Forums Bug Fixes
2019-07-12 Forums Bug Fixes
2019-07-11 Forums Bug Fixes
2019-07-09 0.6 Forums Guesting, Teleport Pads, and more!
2019-07-08 Forums Bug Fixes
2019-07-02 0.5 Forums Fishing, Achievements and more!
2019-06-29 Forums General Changes & Bug Fixes
2019-06-26 0.4 Forums Deliveries, General Changes & Bug Fixes
2019-06-20 0.3 Forums General Changes & Bug Fixes
2019-06-17 Forums General Changes & Bug Fixes
2019-06-13 0.2 Forums General Changes & Bug Fixes
2019-06-11 0.1 Forums New Prototype Game - Hypixel SkyBlock