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Hypixel SkyBlock is much more as only your Private Island. Therefore there exist many NPCs (non-player characters) guiding you through the Village and all Locations.

There are also Shops and Merchants from whom you can obtain useful items mostly paid with Coins.


NPCs are villagers that are scattered around the map. You can talk to them and some of them will have a quest for you. You can find most of them around the spawn point.

Name Location Coordinates
[X Y Z]
Quest(s) Rewards
Jerry Private island # # # Jerry helps you start on skyblock.
Leo Village -6 70 -89 Leo suggests to visit the Forest and tells you about the Oak Wood Collection.
Salesman Village 7 70 -94
Vex Village 12 70 86 Vex instructs you on how to trade with players and will trade anything for one Dead Bush.
Andrew Village 10 70 -64 Andrew reminds you to report any bugs or exploits on the Hypixel forums.
Jack Village 1 70 -67 Jack tells you about how to find personal stats (Health, Strength, Defense).
Tom Village -1564 70 -84 Tom tells how to find the recipe book and gives you the Promising Axe recipe.
Jamie Village -17 70 -68 Jamie tells you about how some items have special properties that use Mana and gives you the Rogue Sword.
Felix Village -15 70 -98 Felix tells you about how to store items in your personal Ender Chest.
Duke Village 2 70 -104 Duke suggests to visit the Farm or Coal Mine.
Lynn Village 12 70 -101 Lynn tells you how to open your Quest Log.
Stella Village 28 70 -116 Stella tells you about SkyBlock profiles and Co-ops.
Mayor Seraphine Village 4 70 -119 Mayor Seraphine tells you about the soon finished Community Center.
Ryu Village -6 70 -118 Ryu tells you about the Skills in Hypixel SkyBlock.