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Clay is a Common collection item you can find in game primarily through Fishing.


Clay can be obtained by Fishing with any Fishing Rod in the lake water outside of the Fisherman's Hut, near the Wilderness on the Hub World.

The player can also trade 12x Seeds for 1x Clay in the Trades menu of their Skyblock Menu.

It can also be obtained in larger quantities automatically by using a Clay Minion on the Private Island.


Clay has no direct overworld usage, being simply an ingredient for crafting. It can still be crafted into Clay Block as usual, as well as smelted in a furnace to get Bricks, as is the case in vanilla Minecraft.

In Crafting


Level Required Reward
I 50 Clay Minion Recipes
II 100 Enchanted Clay Recipe
III 250 Enchanted Book (Respiration I) Recipe
IV 1,000 Enchanted Book (Frail IV) Recipe
V 2,500 Farmer's Rod Recipe


  • The price Merchants buy Clay for got reduced from 3 to 2 Coins with Patch 0.7.1. The nerf got reverted on October 4th 2019 in an unannounced update.