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Coal is a material that can be found in the Coal Mine, the Gold Mine, and the Gunpowder Mines.


Coal can be used as a crafting ingredient, as Minion Fuel and as a Brewing ingredient. Coal increases Minion produce speed by 5% for 30 minutes. Coal can be used to brew Haste Potions.

Crafting Recipes

Coal is used to craft

Brewing Recipe

Ingredient Result
Coal + Awkward Potion Haste I Potion (Increase mining speed by 20%)
Haste I Potion + Glowstone Powder Haste II Potion (Increase mining speed by 40%)
Haste I Potion + Enchanted Glowstone Powder Haste III Potion (Increase mining speed by 60%)
Haste I Potion + Enchanted Glowstone Haste IV Potion (Increase mining speed by 80%)


Level Required Reward
I 50 Coal Minion Recipes
II 100 Smelting Touch 1 Recipe
III 250 Haste Potion Recipe
IV 1,000 Enchanted Coal Recipe
V 2,500 Enchanted Charcoal Recipe, Small Mining Sack
VI 5,000 Diamond Refinery[upcoming]
VII 10,000 Enchanted Block of Coal Recipe, Medium Mining Sack
VIII 25,000 Enchanted Lava Bucket Recipe
IX 50,000 Wither Skeleton Pet Egg[upcoming], Large Mining Sack