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Cobblestone is a Common item mostly used to expand the Private Island in the beginning, because it is easy to obtain.


Cobblestone can be obtained from Mining Stone found in the Coal Mine, Gold Mine or Deep Caverns or by the Cobblestone Minion.

Mining Cobblestone grants +1 Mining XP.


Cobblestone can either be smelted in a furnace, or mined with a pickaxe enchanted with Smelting Touch to get Stone.

Cobblestone can also be sold to any Merchant for 1 Coin per block.

Cobblestone can be crafted into:


Level Required Reward
I 50 Cobblestone Minion Recipes
II 100 Stone Platform Recipe
III 250 Auto Smelter Recipe
IV 1,000 Enchanted Cobblestone Recipe
V 2,500 Compactor Recipe
VI 5,000 Silverfish Pet Egg Recipe
VII 10,000 Miner's Outfit Armor Recipes
VIII 40,000 Haste Ring Recipe
IX 70,000 Super Compactor 3000 Recipe