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Coins are the main form of currency in Skyblock to buy and sell items. Despite its name, it is possible to have decimal amounts of coins, although they are typically not obtained in this way.


Any coins collected by the player goes into the player's purse, which can be seen on the scoreboard to the right. Should the player not desire to hold some of these coins, they may be deposited in the Bank.


Selling items to a Merchant will exchange the selected item for a predetermined number of coins. Putting items in the Auction House may also give the player coins if someone bids in the item placed. These coins can be collected by talking to the Auction Master.

Upon leveling up in a Skill, a set number of coins are immediately awarded to the player. The number of coins given increases with the level.

Dropped coins from a player killing a Skeleton. The golden coin is worth more than the lighter coin.

Dropped coin items can be picked up by the player as a way to collect coins. Coins drop when the player kills a hostile mob, with more coins being awarded for higher level mobs. The Scavenger enchantment allows for additional coins to be dropped. Dropped coins also randomly spawn nearby a player with a Talisman of Coins.

The Bank awards 2% interest on all of the coins in the Bank, and only these coins, at the start of every new season (approximately every 31 hours).


Upon death to a hostile mob or falling into the void on a public island, the player will lose half of the coins in their purse, splitting coins into decimals rather than rounding. If the player dies in other ways, their purse will not be deducted. For example, a player who walks off the island will not lose any coins in the purse, but a player knocked off the island by a Zombie will lose coins, if they have any on them.


Coins can be used to buy items at a shop, or bid on items at the Auction House. If the player does not win a bid, they may reclaim their coins by talking to the Auction Master. It can also be used to make auctions of their own, allowing other players to bid on it and earn more coins.


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9 months ago
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5 months ago
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Any tips for moneymaking? Im pretty much a noob at this and my best rn is selling all the ingots and gems i get from minions (1.3k/d)

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4 months ago
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mad cuz bad
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