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The Colosseum is a location in the Hub World in Skyblock. It primarily serves as a PvP arena for players on the server to use to fight against each other. It is located to the south-east of spawn, following the path around just before the Bank.


The Colosseum, from the front.

The Colosseum appears to be a large circular arena, built with the primary purpose of fighting within. It is mostly built of stone materials and spruce wood, with some stained clay also included.

An example of one of the staircases leading to the spectator platform.

The exterior features many large staircases, which lead up to a wooden viewing platform from which you can see PvP fights within the Colosseum happen. An invisible barrier has been placed between the platform and the arena floor to prevent spectators from being hit by arrows or projectiles launched from the fight.

The circular tunnels.

A set of stairs downwards leads into an underground set of tunnels. These wrap around the arena floor, and can be followed all the way around to get back to the entrance of the Colosseum. These also have small corridors leading off of them, which lead to a small ruined area covered in vines and flames. A Fairy Soul can be found in this area. This room then leads off again into another small ruined room, this time featuring collapsed supports made of fence, and a large cobblestone blockade. This acts as a one-way exit out of the ruined area, and back into the main Colosseum tunnels.

The arena floor and spectator platform, from above.

Finally, the arena floor itself is primarily comprised of dirt, with some stone in the middle. It features some fire for lighting, but is otherwise unremarkable. Players fighting will bed spawned on the east and west sides of this arena, leaving the north and west sides empty.


The main purpose of the Colosseum is for players to fight in a typical one-versus-one PvP scenario, using their Skyblock equipment. Players spawn on opposite ends of the arena floor, and will fight until either one player dies, or 5 minutes expire. The player that dies will not lose any money or items - unless enough damage is dealt in one swing to "kill" the player twice, at which point they will undergo the usual death punishment.

In order to enter a fight, you must speak to the Event Master. He is located just outside of the Colosseum entrance, at 61, 71, -55. The game will then start when at least two players are in the queue. To leave at this stage, simply walk away from the Event Master and outside of the Colosseum area, and you will automatically leave the queue.

Once two players are in the queue, you will be teleported into the arena. You will have to kill the other player through any means possible, although the placing of blocks within the arena is not permitted. Upon either killing the other player or dying, both players will be teleported just outside of the Colosseum entrance, where they can either rejoin the queue at the back or leave the area.

Fairy Souls

There are two Fairy Souls located in the Colosseum.

Number General Location Co-ordinates Screenshot
1 On top of the roof of the Colosseum, in a corner on the inner circle. 129, 99, -79
Colosseum Fairy Soul 1.png
2 In the underground ruined room with vines, on a leaf block in the corner. 145, 60, -43
Colosseum Fairy Soul 2.png