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Crystals can create resources on Private Islands. Only crops or blocks that haven't been placed by a player count towards a collection and give skill experience. For example the Nether Wart Crystal can be used to farm Nether Warts if traveling to the Blazing Fortress is too tedious or deadly.

Only one Crystal of each type can be placed at once. If multiple crystals are acquired by placing an island, taking the crystal and placing another island, still only one of each type can be placed. If an Island is placed while the island's corresponding crystal is already on the Private Island, no Crystal will be spawned.

Desert Crystal

The Desert Crystal can be obtained from the Desert Island. It grows Cactus, and Sugar Cane on top of nearby Sand blocks and has an effective radius of 16.

Wheat Crystal

The Wheat Crystal can be obtained by placing a Farming Island. It grows Wheat on top of nearby tilled soil in a radius of 6 blocks.

Nether Wart Crystal

The Nether Wart Crystal can be obtained by placing a Nether Wart Island. It grows Nether Wart on top of nearby Soul Sand blocks in a radius of 5 blocks.

Fishing Crystal

The Fishing Crystal can be obtained by placing a Pond Island. It grants a chance of fishing Prismarine Shards and Prismarine Crystals in nearby water, with an effective radius of 15.

Dark Oak Crystal

The Dark Oak Crystal can be spawned by placing a Roofed Forest Island. This crystal can not be picked up as opposed to the other Crystals. It can only be removed from the island but is not obtainable as a placeable item.

It is the only way to spawn Bats which rarely drop the Bat Talisman. The Crystal also slowly regenerates the Dark Oak trees and Leaves around the island.