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Deep Caverns

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The Deep Caverns are a mining area which is accessed from the Gold Mine where you can collect mining resources as well as a few extra items. It unlocks when you have achieved Level 5 on your Mining skill. It can be accessed directly by a Deep Caverns Portal if a player has one placed down.


There are 6 Deep Cavern mines. When you locate each one, it unlocks in the Lift Operator NPC's menu as a quick warp to each mine.

Deep Caverns Entrance

Each mine has its own resources and its own hostile mobs, each increasing in difficulty as you progress further into the caverns. While possible, it is not recommended that players with low defense or health venture too deep into the caverns as they can easily be defeated in one hit by the hostile mobs.

Even with adequate defense, the diamond and obsidian levels can pose a challenge for players, especially if many mobs begin to attack the player.

In all levels, it is possible for mobs to spawn next to, or even above players, causing harm to the player with no chance to defend against the attack.


  • Gunpowder Mines's name were once changed to "the mine of hssssss" but was later changed back.
  • In the first few day of release,you can actually jump down from elevator to reach the next level.This was of course fixed and now the only way to get down is through the connecting tunnel.