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Ores can be manually mined with Pickaxes or automatically generated and mined by the corresponding Mining Minion. Each Ore requires a minimum Pickaxe material to be mined.

Icon Name Rarity Sell price Locations
Coal Ore Coal Ore Common Coal Mine, Gold Mine, Gunpowder Mines
Iron Ore Iron Ore Common Gold Mine, Gunpowder Mines
Gold Ore Gold Ore Common Gold Mine, Gunpowder Mines
Lapis Lazuli Ore Lapis Lazuli Ore Uncommon Lapis Quarry
Redstone Ore Redstone Ore Uncommon Pigmen's Den
Emerald Ore Emerald Ore Uncommon Slimehill
Diamond Ore Diamond Ore Uncommon Diamond Reserve, Obsidian Sanctuary
Nether Quartz Ore Nether Quartz Ore Uncommon 6 Coins Blazing Fortress

Tool materials

The tool material of the pickaxes is important because only higher tier pickaxes can mine higher tier Ores. Golden tools mine faster than even Diamond tools, but can only break lower tier ores.

Tool material Mineable Ores
Wooden Coal Ore and Nether Quartz Ore
Golden same as above
Stone same as above, plus Lapis Lazuli Ore and Iron Ore
Iron same as above, plus all remaining Ores
Diamond same as above, plus Obsidian