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A dragon fight

The Dragon is a tough Boss that can be fought in The End. There are 7 different types of dragons which all have varying speed, health, damage and special attacks.

Dragon Abilities

Dragon Health Abilities Chance
Young 7,500,000 Fast movement speed 16%
Protector 9,000,000 Reduced damage from all sources 16%
Old 16,000,000 Slow movement speed 16%
Unstable 9,000,000 Stronger lightning attacks, Sometimes randomly teleports 16%
Wise 9,000,000 More frequent fireball and lightning attacks 16%
Strong 9,000,000 More damage 16%
Superior 12,000,000 All dragon abilities 4%


8 Summoning Eyes which are dropped by Zealots are required to summon a Dragon. They have to be placed in the End Portal frames in the center of the Dragon's Nest.

Once the fight starts the Gate to the Dragon's Nest closes and prevents players outside from entering the fight.

The gate has a lot of health and must be destroyed before the players outside the gate can enter the nest and continue to fight the Dragon.

During the fight the Merchant named Gregory appears shortly behind the gate. He sells arrows and a Decent Bow for players who aren't prepared to fight the dragon.


Each Dragon has a chance to drop their respective Dragon Armor or Dragon Fragments which can be used to craft said Armor pieces or Armor Sets.

Besides the possible armor drops the Dragon also has a chance to drop the Aspect of the Dragons.

It also drops Ender Pearls and Enchanted Ender Pearls.

The loot each player gets depends on the damage dealt as well as the amount of Summoning Eyes placed to spawn the Dragon. Placing 2 or more eyes increases the chance of getting an armor piece. Placing 4 or more and dealing a high amount of damage increases the chance of getting an Aspect of the Dragons.

The Unstable dragon has a chance to drop a Travel Scroll to the Dragon's Nest.


  • The roof of the nest also will be covered in glass when a dragon fight is on.

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