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Editing Guidelines

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This page lists the guidelines that editors need to follow when editing across all hywiki wikis.

Editing Guide

See Editing in SkyBlock Wiki for a handy guide for editing on the skyblock wiki. See Wiki Editing for a guide to wiki editing

General Rules

  • No profanity or NSFW content
    • These are not tolerated at all as our wikis have a young audience and all content must remain SFW
  • No vandalism
    • This includes; mass text deletion, misinformation or unrelated content
  • No bias
    • There should be no biased information on the wiki. All pages should be entirely factual and not opinionated. Examples of this include: Guilds, players and content creators
    • Any quotes need to be backed up with a reference. A simple link to an official statement is sufficient
  • Stay on topic
    • Pages and content should only relate to the topic of the wiki
  • Don't create multiple of the same page
    • Make sure that a page doesn't exist before creating it. You can check if a page exists by trying to search for the page in the search bar

How you can be helpful

  • The following links are pages or files that need attention. It would be really useful to work on these:
    • Work In Progress pages - Pages that need more information added to them. To mark a page as Work in progress, please see Template:WIP
    • Wanted Pages - Pages that need to be created as they have been referenced in other pages on the wiki
    • Wanted Files - Files that need to be uploaded (see file uploading guidelines below)
    • TO-DO - A list of things that need to be done (feel free to add to this if you know anything that needs doing or suggest be added)

Useful Pages

File Uploading

Logo3.png The following article is still a work in progress.

Work-in-progress pages are automatically sorted into this category.



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