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The Hypixel SkyBlock Minigame has a large amount of extensions to Vanilla Minecraft with new handlings, items and recipes. But there are also many things with similarities especially for a Wiki.


Every page has to be categorized in any of the category system. Many of the given Templates doing this automatically by setting special parameters, other pages need a handed category entry at the bottom of the page.

It is highly recommended to use the given Templates although not all are fully coded and others are still missing.

Mostly the Template:Recipe Type is helpful here, because all recipes can be displayed in a similar manner instead of uploading any type of screenshots.


Every Template page contains a Prototype: This code block can be copied to a new page at the top and filled in with the according data.

An overview of most commonly used Prototypes can be found here.

Please refer to the Templates for further information on how to fill special parameters.


The Extension DPL3 allows to create tables/lists automatically using template data from other pages. (Examples: User:Wikiminer/DPL or User:Cow/dpl). These possiblities are not yet coded here, but pages with tables like Collections or Armor can be automated then.

  • Every change, for example, in an item page using the Template:Item makes it unnecessary to edit such a table/list. The DPL command will catch the template parameters and creates the table on the fly.
  • There's no need to edit several pages holding the same data.
  • Update Changes in SkyBlock can easier included in this Wiki.
  • Templates lets pages looking likewise, information can be spotted easier, further links as Navboxes makes it easier to find related pages.

Further plans

  • Creating Coin costs of items when you can buy the basic items to create by recipe.


  • Before saving a page use the button "Show preview" first to spot errors in linking, because every edit of the page will save the whole text in the Wiki Database! Attempt to put several changes on a page into one save/edit.
  • Naming of items and any information of it should be gathered from the SkyBlock game directly not from any page in the net.
It is also recommended to name using templates: many templates use a parameter "title" to display the related image: the page "Coal" looks for an image named "Coal.png"!
To upload a new image there's a link underneath the image in the created infobox.
  • Every recipe of any item in this Wiki is given on only one page.
  • Updating is easier
  • The DPL3 command needs this for further lists
Example: The recipe of "Enchanted Coal" is given only on that page, and not on the page for "Coal" although it's made of it. The Coal Collection has a link to "Enchanted Coal" and that is good enough.
  • Every page has to be categorized, Category entry at the bottom of the page. Most templates do this automatically.
  • Before creating a new page you should figure out which template to use, mostly Template:Item and fill in all available parameters.
  • If any data or text is missing, fill in the Template:WIP at first on such a page. This will put the page in the special category Work in progress.
  • If any red link (page does not exist) appears, this can be sorted later but it's useful to have a look at it.