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The Egg is a hard-to-collect item dropped by Chicken. They give +2 Farming experience when collected.


Chickens drop Eggs every 5-10 minutes, provided they live long enough. Since the animals at The Barn are often killed without surviving the first few minutes of their lives, it is advised to collect eggs on the Private Island.

Chickens can be either spawned through a Chicken Minion and then lured away with Seeds or a Lead, or they can randomly spawn on grass patches as long as there aren't many passive Mobs on the island already. The former being the more reliable way. Leaving the Private Island despawns any chickens spawned by a Chicken Minion so staying near them is advised.

After Raw Chicken Collection III has been achieved, the Chicken Head can be used to get more Eggs faster. The Enchanted Egg is a Chicken Minion Upgrade unlocked with Raw Chicken Collection VI that guarantees each Chicken dropping an Egg after they spawn.